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Links from "About.com - Adding some spice to Object Pascal"
1. Date manipulation: improve your code, let them type faster.
2. Routines for converting Int to Bin, Int to Hex, Intto Roman and vice versa.
3. Class procedures/functions.What they are and how to find a practicaluse for them.
4. Usingthe Enter key like a Tab key with Delphi controls.
5. How to handle errors and exceptions inDelphi.
6. Howto add a splash screen to your Delphi application.

Links from "About.com - Database related"
7. Working with the BDE aliases from Object Pascal code.
8. Searching for values/recordsin non-indexed fields. Incremental Searching Part 2
9. How to addincremental search to your (database) application.
10. Using Structured Query Languagein Delphi.
11. Data access using Microsoft's ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) with Delphi.

Links from "About.com - Delphi For Beginners"
12. Your guidewill try to explain exactly what is Delphi and what can it do for you.
13. An overview ofDelphi programming and a simpleapplication.
14. Anintroduction to Delphi VCL anda simple application.
15. Interface,Implementation, Initialization, Finalization, Uses and other "funny" words!
16. Examining the life cycle of a Form - the central element of development in Delphi. See what's happening behind events OnCreate,
17. Understandingand managing theProjectfile(dpr).
18. So, what is thatSender, Delphianers are talking about, anyway?
19. Getfamiliar with the OnKeyDown, OnKeyUp, and onKeyPress event procedures to respond tovariouskey actions or handle and proces
20. How to obtain, control and use information that mouse provides to Delphi.
21. Developingmy own, first Delphidatabase application, using Database Form Wizard.
22. Object Pascal Variable Scope: now you see me, now you don't.
23. How toimplement persistent valuesbetween functioncalls.
24. Repeating operations in Object Pascal inObject Pascal in Object Pascal in Object Pascal.
25. Making decisions in Object Pascal or NOT.
26. Creating user defined subroutinesin Object Pascal.
27. Extending Object Pascal functions and procedures withdefault parameters and method overloading.
28. The basic layoutof a Pascal/Delphi program.
29. Understanding and managing string data types in Delphi's Object Pascal.Learn aboutdifferences between Short, Long,Wideand nu
30. Extend Delphi's built-in types byconstructing your own types.
31. Understanding and using array data types in Delphi.
32. Learn about records, Delphi'sPascal datastructure thatcan mix any of Delphi's built in types including any types you havecre

Links from "About.com - Developing applications"
33. Adding menu support to MyNotepad. Part 3.
34. Improving MyNotepadwith Find and Replace dialog boxes. How to create my own Notepad using Delphi. Part 2.
35. Working with common dialog boxesOpen andSave. How to create my own Notepad using Delphi. Part 1.
36. Some useful routines when playing with floppydiskandDelphi.
37. Constructing "multiple document interface" application with Delphi. Examining MDI parent/child relationship, menus and some most
38. Creating amultiple document interface graphic file viewer.
39. See how tobuild a full-blown mp3 player with Delphi in justa few seconds. Even more: get the ID3 tag information from a mp3fi

Links from "About.com - Graphics programming"
40. Creating owner drawn Combo Boxes in Delphi. See how to code a graphical drop-down list -a combo box of colors; and a true true-
41. Owner Drawing - an excellent wayto improve the lookandfeel ofyour Delphi application by changing the control'sstandard appe
42. Acquire images from scanners, cameras and image capture devices using Delphi.
43. How to write application thatis able to zoom inportion of your desktop screen.

Links from "About.com - Reviews...tools, products, VCLs"
44. Quick Report ships with Delphi. Is it really enough for You? Come and see what ACE has to offer.
45. Review of TBackupFile, a small backupand restore component for Delphi.
46. Are you tired of BDE? Let's test some replacements.
47. Review of this very useful collectionof Delphi Experts & Wizards
48. Sourcecodegeneratordesigned to automatethe task of adding Paradox and DBase tablesmaintenance routines to Delphi desktop da

Links from "About.com - Using components"
49. How to enhance the functionality of a TDBgrid component using colors.
50. Let's create ActiveX form that can bedisplayed and run from within Web browsers.
51. MonitoringMouse Activity - Part 3/3. Handling dragand drop in Delphi.
52. Let us improve standard TLabel component, so that it acts like a link in a web page.

Links from "About.com - Windows programming"
53. No title bar! How can we drag such a window? It's easy and fun: let's make a Delphi form move by clicking (and dragging) in it's
54. Working with the WindowsClipboard from a Delphi application - basic operations: Cut, Copy andPaste
55. Extending the clipboard's flexibility and functionality from Delphi. Taking control over the Clipboard with custom formats.Codi
56. Let Windows work for you:implementingfunction callbackswith Delphi.
57. Some factson using Delphi and Windows Registry database.
58. Changing thedisplay mode settings (resolution and color depth) from Delphi code.
59. Handling Windows Messages the Delphi way!
60. More sophisticated techiques.OnMouseEnter, OnMouseLeave, Restrict movement, Set Position, etc.
61. How Delphiuses standard Windows-format resource files. Bitmaps, icons, cursors and more.
62. Howto passcommand-line parameters to your Delphi application and how to handlethem.
63. Creating astandard Windows shortcut file from Delphi.
64. Executing and running applications and files from Delphi.
65. Add, delete and change system menuitems fromDelphi.
66. Handling ASCII files from Object Pascalcode.
67. Using Delphi'sPascalto manage operations on untyped files - direct access to disk files regardless of type and structuring.
68. Working with binary files from Delphi. Use Object Pascal tomanage writing, reading and updating your own typesof files.
69. Custom shaped forms, a funny way to distinguish yourselffrom the others! Plus: custom shaped buttonsand various form enhanceme

Links from "Borland Delphi - Aticles"
568. HeadConv v. 4.20: Dr. Bob's C DLL header converter
569. The Life and Death ofTButton
570. UK-BUG Linux/KylixMaster Class
571. Kylix,CLX, and open source
572. Delphi Informant: Delphi helps American Skandia compete
573. Success Story: Delphi Application Powers Human Genome Database Analysis Tool
574. Bill Gates keynote and interview at Comdex
575. Delphi Informant: XSL Transformations
576. Onlineinterview with Dale Fuller
577. How to write unmaintainable code
578. Borland Community News - October 13, 2000
579. BorlandCommunity News - September 29, 2000
580. From numbers to letters
581. Delphi DebugExpert
582. The "official" Kylix information page
583. Preserving theform state
584. Borland on Tour inthe US and Canada
585. Writingan Infotip shell extension in Delphi
586. DelphiX game tutorial one
587. An OpenLetter to Our InterBase Customers
588. Download the UpdatedInterbase 6 Binaries
589. An Open Letter to the Delphi and C++Builder Community
590. Jedi Code Library
591. Archivformate -- Cabinet API
592. "Jedem fehlt doch mal ein Wort"
593. SystemObjects Provides AS/400 Solutions forBorland Delphi and C++Builder
594. The Impact ofSoftware Cloning
595. IBMdeveloperWorks: Enhydra -- a new model for collaboration
596. BoldSoft launches:New BoldforDelphiR2.5 /New Bold Temporal Database Extension
597. Show us how you use the VCL
598. Makean Impact, Takethe Delphi Survey
599. Creating Windows accounts in Delphi using the Microsoft Active Directory Services Interface
600. A Snake in the Temple: Embedding Python in Delphi by Tres Seaver
601. Delphi-relatedWeb Sites
602. Using the MIDAS ClientDataset asa replacement forcached updates
603. Borland/InpriseLogos
604. Inprise/Borland's InterBase ShipsWith Cobalt Networks' Next Generation Server Appliance
605. Many links to information and resources for XML
606. dbExpress (Inprise/Borland's new cross-platform data accesslayer) Draft Specification
607. Borland Developer Support Personnel Participatein a New World Record
608. .chronicle Wednesday edition
609. .chronicle Tuesday edition
610. .chronicle Monday edition
611. .chronicle weekend edition
612. Delphi threading by example
613. The Latest KylixScreen Shots
614. View the Entries for the March/April Web Programming Contest
615. Cross-platform Controls
616. Delphi and C++Entries for the March/April Fractal Generation Contest
617. COM, CORBA and EnterpriseJavaBeans: Elegant integration using Inprise Application Server 4.0
618. Living Apart Together (Delphi and C++ Builder)
619. A Delphi 5 CORBA Server
620. Extending InternetExpress with CustomComponents
621. Datasets without databases
622. IBM developerWorks talks with Mark Grand
623. DeveloperWorks: Everything tohide
624. On the Road Again
625. Linux World Tour: Bogota, Colombia
626. Chuck& Kylix: Straight Outta Scotts Valley
627. Excerpts fromthe Kylixnewsgroup regarding Troll Tech and Borland
628. Custom Internet Express Components
629. Linux World Tour: Argentina
630. LinuxWorld Tour: Green Bay, Wisconsin Stick It!Pictures
631. Linux World Tour: Peru
632. LinuxWorld Tour: Brasil
633. Building a Download Managerfor Your WebSite, Using ISAPI, ADO and - of course - Delphi 5
634. Announcing the Southern California Delphi Developers Conference
635. Dynamic COM Based DataSet Service
636. HostingCBuilder and Delphi Programs on the Web
637. Sets to Strings, and Back by Ray Lischner
638. Interfaces Revisited: Part II byCary Jensen, Ph.D.
639. Interfaces Revisited:Part I by Cary Jensen, Ph.D.
640. CORBA: Part II - CreatingDelphi Clients by Dennis P.Butler
641. CORBA - Part I- Creating a Delphi Server by Dennis P. Butler
642. WAP! Delphi Does Wireless by JaniJ?vinen
643. TChart Actions by Keith Wood
644. Parsing the Web by Richard Phillips
645. A Delphi Magazine for Developers Who Speak Spanish
646. Resolving Joins with MIDAS 3
647. Come See Kylix in Milwaukee, WI or Chicago, IL
648. Prepare for Kylix: The CompilerandRTL
649. Your Kylix Study Guide
650. Third Party Makes JBuilder AWT Available from Delphi
651. Is Linux Ready for Delphi?
652. Opening Doors:Getting Inside the IDE
653. Delphi 5 InternetExpress (with XML)
654. // I Have a Comment
655. Whendo I need to buy a MIDAS License?
656. Table-To-SQL Componentfor the BDE
657. Third-Party Data Module Issues with Delphi 5 Update Pack 1
658. Delphi 5 Update Pack Availablefor Download
659. How touse AutoInc fields with MIDAS
660. Stateless App Servers with MIDAS 3
661. Colorizing a TDBGrid
662. Setting the BDE Date Format froma Delphi Application
663. Delphi is Aliveand Well
664. Windows 2000 Support in Delphi 5 and C++Builder 5
665. Using Delphiwith VB
666. Thirteen ways toloathe VB
667. Corel ?Inprise/BorlandMerger to Create Linux Powerhouse

Links from "Borland Delphi - FAQs"
668. Dynamically changing the MainForm of an Application when it starts.
669. Help pages are coming upblank in Delphi.
670. How to move a string into a TMemoryStream or TFileStream.
671. Howto print an HTML document from inside of your application
672. Unable to install Delphi 5 after having theTrialedition fully uninstalled
673. Where is the filedsgnintf.pas?
674. Is Turbo Pascal available for free download?
675. Manually uninstalling Delphi
676. Delphi 5 is unable tostart due to problems with a missing export in a .BPL file.
677. Where are my components?
678. BDE Merge Module now available.
679. Finding all files (or files of a certain type) ina given directory
680. Auto Increment Fieldsin a ClientDataSet
681. Checking the BDE version progammatically.
682. How to access more than one table with the QuickRep component.
683. Passing nil to a variable parameter.
684. Using the requery method in place of the refresh method.
685. Variable alignment problemsin recordtype.
686. Error "Unable to write to registry" during Interbase 5.5 install.
687. "Invalid field type" database errorwith MSSQL server7
688. Can you drag and drop existing SQL structuresdirectly onto a form?
689. Howto send aresponse early in a web application action.
690. How to turn off ISAPI DLL caching on Windows 2000 and IIS5
691. Error:"Type mismatch"
692. Read only access to FoxPro is recommended.
693. WhenQuick Reportprinter settings are changedduring a previewat run time, they will have no affect.
694. How to assign the Delphi global printer object, tothe Quick Reports global printerobject.
695. Activating the clientdataset closes thequery.
696. With an inprocserver that uses Sharemem, the caller AV's onexit.
697. ChangingQuick ReportBandType at runtime.
698. A possible explanation for 'Name not Unique in thiscontext' errors
699. An EDatabase Exceptionis generated by a Delphior C++ Builder application
700. AnIntroduction to the TBatchMove Component in Delphiand C++ Builder
701. Automatically Generating Data toCreate Large Tables Using Delphi
702. Calling an IBstored procedureusing TStoredProc
703. Can I create storedprocedures via Delphi or C++ Builder?
704. Cana Delphi Application Connect to an InterBaseDatabase on Any Platform?
705. Connecting via ODBC using Delphi or C++ Builder
706. Converting Data in Paradox Tables to InterBase Using Delphi
707. Creating a BDE alias programmatically from Delphi
708. Creating a Worker Thread for Background Processing
709. Delphi Error Handling Techniques
710. DelphiTraining: Accepting User Input Using An Edit Box
711. Displaying 4 digit years in Delphi applications
712. Do I need Local InterBase on the client machines along with myBDE application?
713. Error installing from InterBase:String variable is notlargeenoughfor strin
714. Getting 'Error creating cursor handle'when using TStoredProc
715. Handling "General SQL error: violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint . .." error
716. Handling BDE Engine Errors
717. Handling the"Capability not supported"error
718. How to Set Up a C++ Builder or Delphi Form to View InterBase Data
719. Howdo Iuse theInterBase API security functionsto add, modify and delete users
720. How do I use the InterBase Express (IBX) SQL monitor?
721. Howto Use Delphior C++ Builder to Run a Query in a Text file
722. How to connect to an InterBasedatabase using theBDE API
723. Howto create SQL queries with SQL Builder
724. How to create anAbout Box in Delphi or C++ Builder
725. Howto insert an InterBaseBLOb in Delphi using LoadFromFile?
726. How to retrievean InterBase Blobin Delphi using SavetoFile?
727. I am getting permission denied errors when I run a Delphi or C++Builderdata-aware application.
728. Insufficientmemory to completeoperation
729. InterBase array datatype and the BDE
730. Is it possible to connect toInterBase froma Delphiapp without using the BDE?
731. Peep Show PictureViewer
732. Performance techniques when using BDEand Delphi TTables with InterBase
733. Purpose of the interbase Client32files
734. SQL Monitor
735. Setting the BDE DRIVER FLAGS parameter for individual aliases
736. Using BLOBs in Stored Procedures through the BDE
737. UsingControl Characters With Delphi
738. Using Form Wizard to QuicklyCreate a Delphi Form
739. UsingVariables & ForLoops in Delphi
740. Vendor Initialization Failederror when trying to start InterBase application
741. What are Delphi and C++ Builder ActionLists and how doI use them?
742. Wheninstalling BDE based products they overwrite IBv5 gds32.dll with v4.2.1 dl
743. Where are the Delphi 4 InterBase Certificate Keys andIDs located?
744. Why can't I display data in descending orderin Delphi?
745. Delphi 1 no longer available.
746. Auto-Increment fields in InterBase
747. Row-Level Locking in MSSQL 7
748. Delphi 5 on Windows 2000 and Windows ME
749. Non-TThread Threading inDelphi, Access Violation, Invalid Pointer Operation.
750. How to embed Adobe Acrobat intoyour application.
751. Howto use sets in code, such as adding to TDBGrid.Options, at runtime
752. Indices Vs. Keys
753. Settingdefault value for decimal places in the BDE.
754. What version of Delphi 5does theCode Explorer come with?
755. How to tell if a form has been created (or any object)?
756. Internal Error2140 with NT Service Applicationand ADO
757. BDE uses small packet sizes
758. Delphi 3 Midasapps not usable withBDE 5.1.1.
759. Loading Params forsomeStored Procs inOracle Packages causes AV
760. Oracle 8 problems introducedin BDE5.1.1.
761. A final prompt, asking user ifthey really want to exit.
762. Computer freezes at splash screen when Delphi is started.
763. Converting an integer intoa binary string
764. Initializing an arrayor record to null.
765. Why is my system freezing whenI start Delphi,just after closing the Just-in-time debugging dialog box?
766. Howdo I prevent my application’s mainwindow from showing when my application loads?
767. Getting"unmapped SQL error code 10038" whenconnecting toMS SQL.

Links from "Borland Delphi - Others"
768. chami.com is an excellent resource for web programming
769. Almanac: 21 December 2000
770. Almanac: 14 December2000
771. Dynamic Constraints in MIDAS
772. Almanac: 8 December2000
773. Almanac: 4 December 2000
774. Come see Kylix in Toronto
775. Almanac: 28 November 2000
776. Almanac: 27 November2000
777. Almanac: 24 November 2000
778. Almanac: 23 November2000
779. Almanac: 22 November 2000
780. Sip FromThe Firehose: November 22,2000- AtBorland, We Build More Than Just Software
781. Almanac: 21 November 2000
782. Kylix and JBuilder Notes from Linux Business Expo
783. Almanac: 20 November 2000
784. Almanac: 17 November2000
785. Dr.Bob Examines... Dynamic WebBroker Images
786. Almanac: 16 November 2000
787. Almanac: 15 November2000
788. Sip FromThe Firehose: November 15, 2000 - Inprise Corporation Plans to Change Its Name to Borland Software Corporation
789. Almanac: 14 November 2000
790. Almanac: 13 November2000
791. Almanac: 10 November 2000
792. Almanac: 9 November 2000
793. Almanac: 8 November2000
794. Almanac: 7 November 2000
795. Almanac: 6 November2000
796. Almanac: 3 November 2000
797. Almanac: 2 November2000
798. Almanac: 1 November 2000
799. Almanac: 31 October2000
800. Thou art a wretched swag-bellied pignut!
801. Kylix Watch: Impressions from the Annual Linux Showcase
802. Be a Speakerat BorCon 2001 inLongBeach, California
803. Almanac: 30 October 2000
804. More Geek Humor
805. Almanac: 27 October2000
806. Newsgroup Nuggets: Delphi Success Stories
807. Almanac: 26 October 2000
808. Almanac: 25 October2000
809. Almanac: 24 October 2000
810. Almanac: 23 October2000
811. Delphi and C++ Builder IDE Syntax-Highlighting Extensions Editor
812. Almanac: 20 October 2000
813. Almanac: 19 October2000
814. Determine the default browser
815. Intelligentlyreading a file one line at a time
816. Almanac: 18 October 2000
817. Almanac: 17 October2000
818. Almanac: 16 October 2000
819. The Euro is coming!
820. Almanac: 13 October 2000
821. Almanac: 12 October2000
822. Midas & COM Tips and Tricks
823. Almanac: 11 October 2000
824. How to change NET DIR programmatically soit persists
825. DelphiColoring Pages
826. Glyph Collections
827. Kylixat Linux Developers Seminar in BeNeLux
828. Simple collision detection for games
829. How tosend emailusing MAPI
830. Retrieve data from a URL
831. Checking if aURL is valid
832. Search CodeCentral from withinDelphi and C++ Builder
833. CryptImage lab report
834. Jedi Code Library (English-language version)
835. How to Write Unmaintainable Code
836. Humor:The Evolution of a programmer
837. Sip From The Firehose:August 25, 2000 - Calling All Visual Basic Luminaries
838. Tech Note: Manipulating pixels with Delphi's ScanLine property
839. Brush bitmaps lab report
840. Creating a real singleton class in Delphi 5
841. Sip From The Firehose: August 9,2000 - Do We Need Another Programming Language?
842. Detailed comparison ofParadoxand Microsoft Access
843. Here's to Good Friends and New Adventures
844. Winners of theMarch/April Programming Contest
845. Two down, one to go
846. TheState of XML
847. Sip From The Firehose: May 31, 2000 -Five Great Reasons to Attend the11th Annual Inprise/Borland Conference
848. A First Lookat Kylix (Delphi and C++ Builder for Linux)
849. Intermediate Level XML Parsing in Delphi 5
850. The Basics of Parsing XML in Delphi 5
851. Working with the InterBase Server
852. Announcing the March Programming Contest
853. Announcing February Programming Contest Winners!
854. Borland Community Offers Money for Technical Articles!
855. The Entries for the February Programming Contest are Now Available
856. Community TV: Delphi 5 InternetExpress with Jim Tierney
857. Community TV:BorlandTranslation Suite with JohnKhouri
858. Community TV: Delphi 5 Object Inspector Enhancements andthe new Data Module Designer with Eddie Churchill
859. Community TV:Delphi 5 ProjectManager Enhancements with Dave Wilhelm
860. Community TV: Team Source with Dave Scofield
861. Community TV:Delphi 5 IDEand VCL Enhancements withDannyThorpe
862. Community TV: Delphi frames withChuck Jazdzewski
863. Community TV:Delphi 5's ADOExpress with Mark Edington
864. Community TV: Delphi Open Tools API Interview with Allen Bauer
865. Community TV:New Debugging Featuresin Delphi 5 Interviewwith Chris Hesik
866. Community TV: What's New in Delphi 5 with JohnKaster and David I
867. Delphi 5 Product Review (Mainly Internet Features)

Links from "Borland Delphi - TIs"
868. Creating a Web Search Wizard using the OpenTools API.
869. Creating transparent windows
870. Writing Clean and Safe UDFs in Delphi
871. How to debug ISAPI DLL's onWindows 2000 with IIS5
872. Problems comparingfloating point numbers.
873. Oracle 7 and Muliple Threads.
874. Deploying a Delphi/VisiBroker Application
875. Accessing more than 15 files from your DOS app.
876. 'BLOB has beenmodified.', 'Index is out ofdate.' errors
877. Debugging an ISAPI DLL with Delphi under NT 4.0 for IIS version 4
878. Understanding the PARADOX.NET File
879. Redirecting HTTP requests to other locations and customresponsecodes
880. Adding TextCompletion to a TComboBox
881. How can I install Delphiona Micron computer?
882. Maintaining Statein Web Applications
883. Streaming images from Web Applications
884. MS SQL Server 7 Stored Procedure PRINT Statements with ADO
885. Changing BDE Driver Settings Programmatically
886. BDE and the Year 2000
887. Howdo Imap a network drive in Windows NT or '95?
888. BDE Error listing
889. Removing the Vertical Scroll Bar froma TDBGrid
890. TI2805C: Showing Deleted Recordsin a dBase Table
891. Writing a BufferDisk
892. Adding an IPersistPropertyBag to Active Controls
893. How toPrint in Windows
894. Howto debug ISAPI dll's on Windows 98 with Personal Web Server
895. How to register my program's file type with the Window's registry.
896. A Better Way ToPrint a Form
897. Adding ODBC Drivers inDelphiwith the BDE Administrator
898. Borland Assist for Delphi/400
899. Configuration of an ODBC Driver withBDE v3.5 and less
900. Connecting toa 32-bit Sybase server
901. Creating Groups for Borland Pascal
902. Creating LookupFields at Runtime
903. Creating a 32-Bit ScreenSaver in 32-bitDelphi
904. Creating atemporary stack.
905. Declaring an array on the heap
906. Delphi 3 file types with descriptions
907. Delphi/400: Activating your License Key
908. Description of Multi-Byte CharacterSupport in Delphi, BDE
909. Direct Commands to Printer - Passthrough/Escape
910. Handling Winsock errors
911. Hints on Overcoming Installation Problems
912. How to Circumvent the "index notfound" Exception.
913. Howto Validate ISBNs
914. Managing Data SegmentSize
915. Optimizing Oracle Connections with Windows 95
916. Printing in the DOS IDE underWindows 95
917. Printing the Run ofa Program
918. Redistributing the 16 bit Borland DatabaseEngine
919. ShortCut Keys For Delphi
920. Using procedural varialbles in Pascal
921. Dynamically Allocating Arrays
922. Implementing TCollection
923. Surfacing anEvent on an ActiveForm to a Container
924. Adding shortcuts to Win95/WinNT4 Desktop/StartMenu
925. Clean-Boot 32 bit Delphi Installation
926. Comparing connections toan AS/400 between Delphi/400 and ODBC
927. Creating Class Properties
928. DDE: A simple example
929. Detecting Windows Shutdown
930. Drag and Drop Selected Text in between Memo Components
931. EditControls that Align Under NT 4
932. Installing JPEG Components that Ship with Delphi 3
933. Installing and Using Delphi 3 Under NT4
934. Instructions for Running Delphi from CD-ROM
935. Passing MultidimensionalArrays as Parameters
936. Resolving Focus to a DBGrid AfterFocus Transfers
937. Setting the pixelsper inch property ofTPrinter
938. Troublerunning Delphiprograms from Delphi
939. Why a Network Install of Delphi 3 Isn't Supported
940. Working with cookies
941. BDE andDatabase Desktop LockingProtocol
942. Configuring theBorland Pascal icon in OS/2
943. Converting a BMP to a JPEG and vice-versa under Delphi 3
944. Displaying System Resources inWin 9x and NT 4
945. Dynamically creating a TTable & fields at runtime
946. Exposing a Font Property in an AutomationServer
947. Exposing a multi string objectin COM
948. Extracting a JPEG Resource from an EXE
949. Graying Out Enabled/Disabled Data Aware Controls
950. Handling Special Keys and Direct MemoryAccess
951. How to use a popup menu with a VBX.
952. Listing the field structuresofa table.
953. Making a help group for BorlandPascal
954. Makingyour Delphi apps show minimized.
955. Mouse Driver Compatibility
956. Passing a Variable to a ReportSmith Report
957. Printing graphics to a HP Laserjet
958. Printing in the TP/BP IDE
959. Recommended PIFSettings for Windows
960. Activation and Use of the CPUWindow in the IDE
961. An example of draganddropbetween DBGrids
962. BDE Callbacksto Provide Status on Operations
963. Booting clean -- tips for installing Turbo Pascal
964. Creating Protected Mode Apps with Borland Pascal
965. Database Toolbox suggestions/corrections
966. Delphi 1.02 Maintenance Release Information
967. Delphi2.0 Install Issues

Links from "Borland Delphi - White papers"
968. Legal Notices
969. Lost keys in the IE5 ActiveX controls
970. Delphi 4 - Fun with Delphi 4
971. Delphi4 - Making Every Application Development Project a Success with Delphi 4
972. Delphi 4 - Radically Simplifying Distributed Enterprise Development Using Delphi 4
973. Delphi3 - A Technical View of Delphi Enterprise and Entera
974. Delphi 3 - Delphi andMicrosoft Office: Automating Excel and Word
975. Delphi3 - Management Overview
976. Delphi 3 - Technology Overview
977. C++Builder, 1, Borland C++Builder White Paper: Application Development with C++Builder and Delphi
978. Delphi 2 - A Comparison of Client/Server Development Tools; PowerBuilder vs. Delphi
979. Delphi2 - A Survival Guideto Migrating Applications to Delphi 2.0
980. Delphi 2 - Battle ofthe Visual Masters
981. Delphi2 - Building Web enabledapps with Delphi 2.0
982. Delphi 2 - Delphi 2.0's VCL Architecture
983. Delphi2 - Delphi Client/Server Suite 2.0, OpenArchitecture
984. Delphi 2 - Developing For Multi-TierDistributed Computing Architectures withDelphi Client/Server Suite 2.0
985. Delphi2 - The WindowsAPI:An Example Of Use
986. Migrating from Visual Basicto Delphi
987. Other People'sObjects

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - 16/32 BIT CRC ROUTINES"
1196. 16 & 32 BIT CRC
1197. 16BIT CRC
1198. 16 Bit CRC
1199. 16BITCRC Routines
1200. 32 Bit CRC
1201. Another 16Bit CRC
1202. Calculate 32 bit CRC
1203. CheckSums inBASM
1204. Fast 16bit CRC
1205. FileCHECKSUM
1206. File CRC Routines
1207. FileChecksum
1208. File MODS With CRC Check
1209. Normalize CRC Calculation
1210. Quick CRC Methods
1211. Re: CRC check code
1212. RemoteAccess CRC Routine
1213. XORSUM CRC Method

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - ANYTHING NOT OTHERWISE CLASSIFIED"
1214. 'C' Printf
1216. 32-Bit ASM
1217. 32-BitRegisters
1218. A source code mangler
1219. AI Game Playing
1220. ANTI-Virus detection
1221. ARRAY Pointer in ASM
1222. ASM Calls andJumps
1223. Accessing DBASE3 Files
1224. Amortization Routine
1225. Another Device in TP
1226. AnotherPercentagebar
1227. Another Reboot
1228. Array in BASM
1229. BASM Bug
1230. BASMMin/Max
1231. BASM Value Returns
1232. BASMWrite Time Unit
1233. BBS Tagline Manager
1234. BP Bug
1237. Calculating Windchill
1238. Card Game of Spite & Malice
1239. Checkbook Number
1240. Code Optimization Techniques
1241. Compilation Dates- Preprocessor
1242. Compiler Directives
1243. Config File
1244. Convert C Header to Pascal
1245. ConvertREAL to INTEGER
1246. Convert STRINGto INTEGER
1247. Create BBS Bulletins
1248. Createa Character Pyramid
1249. Creating a Log Diary
1250. Credit Card check
1251. DBASE4.PRG
1252. DBase III Routines
1253. DOS +WorkGroups 3.11...
1254. Dealing Poker
1255. Debugger Trap
1256. Detect Float Error
1257. Detecting $G+ Compiler Directive
1258. Detecting Debug 2
1259. Determine is program is being debugged!
1260. Device Driver in TP
1261. Do Nothing Again!
1262. DoNothing!
1263. Doing a LONGJUMP in memory
1264. Doingthe Macarena
1265. EJect a CD-ROM
1266. EXE to binary Converter
1267. Earth Invaders Game
1268. EightQueens
1269. English NumberStrings
1270. Exampleof how to read Verison3.x SWAG
1271. Export data fromOBJ file
1272. Extract File Descriptions from BBS files
1273. FLC File Format
1274. FLIFile player
1275. Fast Anagrams
1276. Fields in BASM
1277. File at end of EXE
1278. FindingAnagrams
1279. Finding Pentium FDiv Error
1280. Frequency Analyzer
1281. Function Queues
1282. Fuzzy logic unit (German)
1283. GIF Comments Remover
1285. General Library Routines
1286. GeneralUseful Routines
1287. Generate RANDOM Number
1288. Get GREATER of Integers
1289. GetPrint Screen Status
1290. Get SMALLER of Integers
1291. Getthe active code page
1292. Going International
1293. HACKING in Pascal
1294. Hand Scanner Code
1295. Hebrew Text Processor
1296. Helpful Procedures and Functions
1297. Hexagonal Grid Info
1298. Hi Resolution Timer
1299. How to COPYRIGHT Software
1300. Howto pass functions as parameters
1301. How to read a Lotus 123file
1302. INIFile Handler
1303. INI files - Revised
1304. Inbound scanning utility
1305. Info onDBASE3 Files
1306. Intra-App Comm Area
1307. Is the CPU doing something?
1308. Jumblepuzzle solver
1309. Knights Tour
1310. Lawnmower Simulation Game
1311. Loan Amortization Tables
1312. Lou's Maze Algorithm
1314. MAXMIN Bytes/Integers
1315. MAZE.PAS
1317. MS Excel XLOPER Structure
1318. Maze Generator
1319. MazeGenerator I
1320. Maze Generator II
1321. Min/Max Longs in ASM
1322. Min/MaxWords or Integers
1323. Misc Utilities
1324. Modify EXE Constants
1325. ModifyEXE constants
1326. Multitasking
1327. Multitasking Unit
1328. National language support
1329. New Bp 7.0 Bugs
1330. Numberto Letters Converter
1331. OOP Paradox Interface
1332. OP Pick Lists
1335. POKER Again
1336. POKERAgain and Again
1337. Pascal Book List
1338. Pascalcode for the Skyline problem
1339. Patch TP's RuntimeLibrary
1340. Pentium FDIV Errors
1341. PentiumFloating Point Division Bug Code
1342. Percentage Bar
1343. Percentage Indicator
1344. Percentage Status Bar
1345. Pick Unit; SelectChoice
1346. Procedure Calls
1347. Produce DOS Error Message
1348. ProgramOrigin
1349. Progress Bar for TechnoJock Toolkit
1350. Queit Noisy programs
1352. RANDOMNumbers
1353. ROMAN numbers
1354. RacerSimulation
1355. Randmom Number Function
1356. Random Dice roller
1357. Re Anti-debugging...??
1358. Re:Registration Key unit
1359. Reading DOOM WAD Files
1360. Rebooting the CPU
1361. Reformat YourPascal Code!
1362. Registration Key Routine
1364. SWAG File HeaderLister
1365. Saving Help Contexts
1366. Scrolling or page down
1367. Showing hints in a program
1368. Simple Multi-Tasker
1369. Simulate Phone Ringing
1370. Smooth Thermobar display
1371. Sourceto tickertape
1372. Space Lords 7 Video Game - Great Graphic
1373. SpaceLords 7 Video Game - Part #2
1374. Spell a Number
1375. String Function Returns
1376. StringTiming Demo
1377. Stupid Aliens Game
1378. TOT Info
1379. TP example toChange Windows Wallpaper
1381. TRAP8087 Errors
1383. The Game of Frogger
1384. TheINFAMOUS Pentium Bug
1385. Trap Floating pointErrs
1386. Trapping Runtime Errors
1387. Trapping The Debugger 1
1388. Travling Salesman Problem
1389. True EXE Size
1390. UU Encode files
1392. UUDecode!
1394. UUEncode!
1395. UUencoding
1396. Using C And Pascal - Link
1397. UsingOfs in BASM
1398. Variety of Useful Routines
1399. VariousCool Routines
1400. Various Useful ASM Routines
1401. VariousUseful Routines
1402. Verify ISBN Numbers
1403. Very Quick Loan Amortizaton
1404. Wolf3D mapedit
1405. Word Puzzle program for TP
1406. Write BANNERS
1407. Writing Lotus .WKS Files
1408. WritingTo EXEFile
1409. Yet Another Reboot
1410. Yetmore 32-Bit ASM Programming
1412. approx phase of the moon
1413. dBase II File Structure
1414. dBaseManipulation
1415. hall of fame - my try

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - ARCHIVE HANDLING"
1416. ARJ File Viewer
1417. ARJPassword Cracker
1418. Arithmetic compression
1419. Checking for SFX headers
1420. Code for LZH.PAS
1421. Compression Signatures
1422. Compression using LHArc
1423. Dealing with RAR files
1424. Delete all filesEXCEPT ZIP
1425. Display Archive Files
1426. Diz file importing
1427. Extremely FAST LZH Compression algoritm
1428. Files Recompression
1429. Full LZH Huffman Encoding
1430. FullZip File Functions
1431. Get Archive ID
1432. Identify Archive Formats
1433. Is file is packed with WWPACK
1434. LZH Extract FrontEnd
1435. LZHFile Viewer
1436. LZSS compression library
1437. LZW Compression Unit
1438. Object OrientedArchive Viewers
1439. RDC Compression
1440. SHOW ARJ Archive Files
1441. SelfModify PKLITE files
1442. Show mountable drives in network
1443. String Compression
1444. Test String Compression
1445. Testfor LZH Code
1446. Testingfor PKLITE File
1447. Text to Binary Zip
1448. UNARC Unit
1449. View LZH File
1450. ZIP Text Viewer
1451. ZipComment Program
1452. Zip File Format
1453. ZipFile Viewer
1454. Zip Header
1455. ZipViewer
1456. Zrchive Signatures
1457. archivedetection
1458. arj files
1459. dizfile extractor...

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - BITWISE TRANSLATIONS ROUTINES"
1460. 32bit Random Numbers
1461. ASM Bit Functions
1462. Advanced Random Number Theory
1463. Another Bits example
1464. BCD Reals
1465. BITS1.PAS
1466. BITS2.PAS
1468. BIT_ROT1.PAS
1469. BIT_ROT3.PAS
1470. BP 6.0 Replacement Random Number
1474. Base Notation
1475. Binary To Hex FileConversion
1476. Binaryand Hexidecimal
1477. Binary to Integer
1478. Bit Handler
1479. BitManipulation
1480. Bits is Bits
1481. Bitwiseoperations
1482. Bytes to Strings in BASM
1483. Changing from Base 10 to Base 2
1484. Complex Numbers
1485. ConvertByte to Binary
1486. Convert Numberto HEX
1487. Convertword values to HEX
1488. DEC2BIN1.PAS
1489. DEC2BIN2.PAS
1490. Extended to Real Converter
1491. Get HIGH order of WORD
1492. GetLow Order of WORD
1493. HEX2BIN1.PAS
1496. HILO Bit Operators
1497. Handling Bitfields
1498. Handling Numbers in ASM
1499. Hex String to LONGINT
1500. Hexencode binary files
1501. Huge Numbers!
1502. Improved DecimalTo Binar
1503. Keyboard Latency as a Random Number
1504. LongInt to HEX
1505. LongIntto Hex inBASM
1506. MS to IEEE Numbers
1507. MSBINto IEEE
1508. More Get/Set Bits
1511. Numbers to HEX
1512. Numberswith upto 255 digits
1513. Numeric Converter
1514. Permutinf Words
1519. RIP
1520. RIP Mega Numbers
1521. ROMAN1.PAS
1522. ROMAN2.PAS
1523. Ramdon Integer
1524. RandomNumber Generator
1525. Random Numbers
1526. Re: Hex --> LongInt
1527. Readingon bit of an inte
1528. Rotate Bits LEFT/RIGHT
1531. Setting BITS
1532. SettingBit Flags in ASM
1533. Setting Bits/Swap Bytes
1534. Setting/Getting BITS
1536. Unit to handle bit operations
1537. Variblelength words
1538. Verify ISBN Numbers
1540. Word Permutes 2!
1541. re: Help WithBinary Bits
1542. writing bits..

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - DATA TYPE & COMPARE ROUTINES"
1543. Appending Types files onto Text Files
1547. Binary To Hunk - Hunking Routine
1549. Card Shuffling
1550. CardShuffling 2 + Display!
1551. Dealing with SETSin basm
1552. Double Words
1554. Encryption Theory
1556. FDIV Pentium Bug Fix in BP
1558. Fast Data Move
1559. Huffman BTree
1560. Huge 3-D Arrays
1561. Hunking Routines2
1562. InverseOrdinal Types
1563. LZH Compression
1564. LZHCompression II
1565. Large Arrays
1566. Life/Mutation Algorithms
1568. Moving NumberData
1569. Multi Format File
1570. RAR Archive File Format
1571. Re:SETS in basm
1572. SAUCE Record Format
1574. Secure Encryption
1579. Using Device Drivers for multiple Parame
1582. Variable Number Parameter

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - DATE & TIME ROUTINES"
1583. Another Day of the Week
1584. BASM DateFunctions
1585. BASMGet Date Routine
1586. Calculate Day Of Week
1587. Calculate Days between two Dates
1588. Clock & Timer Unit
1589. Clocks
1590. Computethe work week
1591. Converting a Unix TimeStamp
1592. DATE/TIME Procedures
1593. DATE1.PAS
1594. DATE2.PAS
1595. DATE3.PAS
1596. DATE4.PAS
1597. DATE5.PAS
1598. DATE6.PAS
1599. DATE7.PAS
1601. DATES Unit
1605. Dates -> PCBoardstyle
1606. Day Of Week
1607. Dayof the Week
1608. Days since1/1/1970
1609. Determine Day of week
1611. Fast and Useful Date routines
1612. FindDifference b/w 2Date Strings
1613. General Date Routines
1614. Get Native DOS Date/Time
1615. GetROM Bios Date
1616. Getting Date from BIOS
1617. Handling Leap Years
1618. Handy Date/Time Unit
1620. Julian Date Algorithms
1621. JulianDates
1623. Moonphase Algorithm?
1624. Natural display of time
1625. OOP Calendar Unit
1626. OneMonth Calendar
1628. RTC direct access...
1629. SetDate/Time Routine
1630. Show Date/Time
1632. TIME1.PAS
1633. TIME2.PAS
1634. TIME3.PAS
1637. Time & Date Stamp Generator
1638. Timeand Int28
1639. UNIX Date
1640. UnixLike time in ASM
1641. Various Date Routines
1642. VariousDate/Time routines
1643. What is NEXT day??

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - DELPHI"
1644. A Better Way To Print a Form
1645. ADrives handling unit
1646. AVI Player
1647. Accessing DOS Environment data from Delp
1648. Add menu items to the System Menu
1649. Addwallpaper to client area of a MDI fo
1650. Adding a Stringlist toa Combo Box
1651. Addingfields at run-time
1652. Adjust the speaker volume in code
1653. Allow word wrap inTStringGrid
1654. An Improved StringGrid Component
1655. Aninterface to the IDE's text buffer
1656. Animated Cursors???
1657. Another Win-G Inteface for DELPHI
1658. Array of Buttons
1659. Associate a string with a component
1660. Automatic sizing of WIN95Taskbar
1661. BDE: Writing Bufferto Disk
1662. Backgrounds on Delphiforms
1663. Bitmap on yourmenu item
1664. BmpToGif
1665. Buffered access tolines of file
1666. Buttons
1667. Byte Swapping
1668. CRT32
1669. Calculating Credit Cards
1670. Calling Internet Explorer
1671. CallingNetscape Navigator
1672. Center Windows on Desktop
1673. ChangeDefault Printer
1674. Change NETSCAPE preferences programatica
1675. Changecolor of specific cell in TString
1676. Change specific color cell in TStringGri
1677. Changing Wallpaper
1678. Check for Previous instance
1679. Checkif string exists in String List
1680. Checking Disk in Drive
1681. Checking a string in a Combo Box
1682. Checking for Drive Ready
1683. Click and drag in a TListbox?
1684. Closea file opened from a Delphi DLL in
1685. Code for 256 colorDIBS
1686. Collection Classes for DELPHI 2.0
1687. Com ports in Delphi 2.0
1688. Compensatingfor different screen resolu
1689. Completelistingof BDE Errors
1690. Component simulates aLuffing Switch
1691. Component to display while waiting
1692. Component togive access toApplication
1693. Component wraps the Win95 PageSetupDlg c
1694. Components: NewSpeedbutton
1695. Compression Component with LZH & LZRW1/K
1696. Convert Long File name to a 8.3 structur
1697. Convertyour colors to hexstrings
1698. Copy File Routine
1699. Copyan entire Directory
1700. Createa new file with the .wav extensio
1701. Creating a DataAware Control for Browsin
1702. Creating a WallpaperUsing Delphi
1703. Creating a function with multiple args
1704. Creating and Using Parameterized Queries
1705. D1 and printing without QuickReport
1706. DBGridthat shows images
1707. DELPHI CGI routines
1708. Dates for Delphi
1709. Datesunit for DELPHI
1710. Dealing with the Registry
1711. Delete Tree for DELPHI
1712. Deletefiles to recyle bin
1713. Delete files with theability to undo or
1714. Delphi2.0 Execute& Wait Routine
1715. Delphi Components Writing
1716. DelphiConfiguration Files
1717. Delphi: How to do Screensaver
1718. Design-time testing of CommonDialog comp
1719. Detect Windows System Version
1720. Detectwhether a driveexists or not?
1721. Determine Easter Date
1722. Determining the Cursor Position in Memo
1723. Direct Access I/O Ports
1724. Directaccess to aStream
1725. Direct writeto network printer
1726. Dividea file in to many 1440 Kbvolumes
1727. Double Linked Lists
1728. Drag AndDrop
1729. Drag'n'Drop from Delphito Win Explorer
1730. Dynamic Arrays like VB
1731. Dynamiccreation andcircularlylinking
1732. Dynamically Allocating Arrays
1733. Dynamically calling functions in DLLs
1734. Dynamically change your DNS address
1735. ENTER key instead of TAB
1736. Effective case insensitive "Pos" functio
1737. Encrypt
1738. Everthing about using DragDrop with DELP
1739. Example of dealing with Windows Messages
1740. Execute& Wait for Delphi 2.0
1741. Execute DELPHI
1742. Executea MS-DOS program in Delphi
1743. Execute a program to link to another pro
1744. Executing a file from Delphi
1745. Expand a path toTOutlineNode
1746. Extended TIniFile Component
1747. Extended compressed Bitmap object
1748. Extract WIN95 animated Cursors
1749. Extracting ICONS from DLL
1750. Extracting IndexData from a Table
1751. FLI ScreenSave for Delphi1.0
1752. Fast case insensitive search engine
1753. FileLocking with Delphi
1754. Find the NetworkUsername
1755. Floating toolbar with no title bar
1756. GIF Image Component
1757. GetLong Files names
1758. Get a file's date andtime stamp
1759. Getthe windows and DOS versions
1760. Getting rid oftitle bar
1761. Gettingthe date andtime stamp of a dat
1762. Global Message handler
1763. Globalexception handler
1764. HelpCommand andSound
1765. Hiding the taskbar
1766. Hook into the WINCRT unit
1767. Horizontal Scrollbarin List box
1768. How to Populate a TDBComboBox OrTDBList
1769. Howto automate logon for paradox tables
1770. How to create a console mode program
1771. Howto customizecolumn names in DBGrid?
1772. How to detect if diskexists
1773. Howto determine the current record numb
1774. How to disable Start menu
1775. Howto get current Network user name
1776. How to set a max and min form size
1777. Howto tell what kindof drive is used
1778. How to use a popup menu witha VBX
1779. Howto use array ofconst
1780. Icon on the notify area of the taskbar
1781. Indespensible Components for DELPHI
1782. Interface into the wizunzip dll
1783. Is Previous Instance running?
1784. Iterate Fields of a Table
1785. LCDControl forDelphi 2.0
1786. LED Paint Unit
1787. Lars Koudal
1788. Limit application's instances to just on
1789. List all files on disk in DELPHI
1790. Listof all network drive mappings
1791. Loading Bitmaps and Cursors from RES Fil
1792. Log off
1793. Look for and handlecommand line paramet
1794. Making Your Delphi 2.0 Applications "Sin
1795. Makingyour Delphi appsshow minimized
1796. Making your own hotkeys
1797. ManageProgram Icons
1798. Marquee PanelFor Delphi
1799. Mergesort doubleand singlelinked lists
1800. MessageDlg--Changing font
1801. Miscellaneous Routines to enhance your 3
1802. Mixed fonts in TMEMO
1803. More on using TStream/TFileStream
1804. Multi-line Caption TButton
1805. Multicolors in stringgrid
1806. Multiple instance prevention
1807. Navigating a Multiselected Listbox
1808. Network Interface for DELPHI
1809. New Styles in COMCTL32.DLL
1810. Nice Handlingof Keyboard keys
1811. NicePrinter Control Object
1812. Nice Various ButtonComponents
1813. Niceimplementation of a DELPHI Calculat
1814. Number of Days in a month
1815. Obtaining TCP/IP address of a PC
1816. Only One Instance ComponentFor Delphi
1817. Padding a numericwith zeros
1818. Panel with moving Star background
1819. ParseCommandline
1820. Password
1821. Playing WAV Files
1822. Preventing a Form fromResizing
1823. Print directto printer
1824. Printfrom WinWord with DDE
1825. Process WM_ENDSESSION
1826. Programmatically run programs on Windows
1827. Query By Form for DbGrid components in D
1828. RAS API Function Calls
1829. Ragged Paint Blotter like SK Windows
1830. Re: Add mostrecent files to menu
1831. Re:Array Indexes
1832. Re: Calculating Credit Cards
1833. Re:D1: Printer Resolution
1835. Re:Delphi Cut/Paste
1836. Re: Delphi DDE Link withWP Win 6
1837. Re:Delphi: Scrolling
1838. Re: EmptyTable Generic procedure
1839. Re:Find previous instance
1840. Re: Find the row/col in TMemo objects
1841. Re:GetVolumeInformationparameters
1842. Re: Getting an environment
1843. Re:How do I get the Disk Serials?
1844. Re: IShellLink Example
1845. Re:Mem
1846. Re: OLE Automation with EXCEL
1847. Re:Popup Menus at runtime
1848. Re: RTF -> plain text
1849. Re:Reading INI Files
1850. Re: Registry Editing
1851. Re:Rotating Text
1852. Re: Search the Hard Disk
1853. Re:Splitter Component
1854. Re: StretchBlt with D2
1855. Re:System Commands
1856. Re: TEdit and numbers
1857. Re:TMemo Help>> Setting Margins
1858. Re: That annoying Beep in TEdit
1859. Re:Windows APIs
1860. Re: tMemo co-ordinates
1861. Reading/Writing Ports in DELPHI
1862. Real Containersfor tObject descendants
1863. Realmode in windows
1864. Recently Used Files List
1865. Records
1866. Register OLE components
1867. Registry - Add/Change Setting
1868. Remove title bar in MDI child form
1869. Replace QuickReport's PreviewForm
1870. Replacement for QuickReport's Preview Fo
1871. Resizable control at runtime
1872. Resource Expert: What It Is and How to I
1873. Reversing ShortStrings Revisited
1874. SQL: Embedded Spaces in Field/Column Nam
1875. Save/RetrieveFontstyle/Fontcolor in INI
1876. Scan disks for files
1877. Scroll your form with pgUP and pgDn
1878. Scrollable LabelComponent
1879. Search window list for allWindows title
1880. Selectable Form without the main form
1881. Send Tabs when Enter ispressed
1882. Set printer options in DELPHI
1883. SetBounds() in DELPHI
1884. Setting Windows wallpaper revisited
1885. Settingproperties of all components
1886. Shadowed Label Component
1887. ShellExecute in Delphi2/NT
1888. Size form tofitWIN95 client area
1889. Sizing of WIN95 Taskbar
1890. SkewedColors when stretching bitmaps
1891. Smooth PaintBlotter like SK Windows
1892. Some general methods to control Windows
1893. Splash Screens
1894. StatusBar Component
1895. String Parsing
1896. StringPattern matching
1897. TArrowButton
1898. TDBGrid Derivative exposes Col
1899. TDropButton Component - Drag/Drop Button
1900. TEdit Component with Alignment property
1901. TEditComponent with ChgPos Property
1902. THashtable unit forDELPHI 1.0
1903. TMemo Componentwith ChgPos Property
1904. TPanel component that allows Drag/Drop
1905. TTokenList is a general tokenizer
1906. TXT to RTF format
1907. TabbedList Box Component
1908. The virtual key values
1909. Timer
1910. Toolbar Registering Example
1911. Transparent Form - solution
1912. Traversing DIRS inDELPHI
1913. UnixTimeDate Conversion (Delphi)
1914. Using MS Internet Explorer 3.0 in Delphi
1915. UsingTStream/TWrite
1916. Using TStream/TWriter/TReader
1917. VERY Fast Text Sort Example
1918. VK_ Constants
1919. View your codein assembly
1920. Volume and the serial number of aharddi
1921. When was that file last accessed?
1922. Win95 PageSetupDlgcommon dialog API fun
1923. Win95Registry Calls
1924. WinG Interface
1925. Windows directory
1926. WorkingWith Auto-increment Field Types
1927. Your own "runtime" object inspector
1928. [D2]-Single Instance of Application
1929. a define to check for Delphi 1
1930. stream for a bufferedline byline acces
1931. tRichButton Component
1932. tToolButton Control for Delphi
1933. vk_numlock Tip

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - DISK DRIVE HANDLING ROUTINES"
1934. A complete drives unit for DOS & Win95
1935. ASM Drive Valid Function
1936. Absolute Disk Sectors
1937. Another CDRomInterface
1938. AnotherIS DRIVE READY
1939. Another VOL_Serial
1940. AnotherVolume Label
1941. Ask for insertion of diskette
1942. Available Drive Lister
1943. Available Drives
1944. Boot Sectors and MBR's
1945. Bytes per sectoron disk
1946. CD-ROM Dectection
1947. CD-ROMDetection
1948. CD-ROM Disksize
1949. CD-ROMRoutines
1950. CD-ROM driver (BP7)
1951. ChangeDefaultDrive
1952. Changing & Detecting Drvs
1953. Check for diskettes
1954. Checking Drive Ready
1955. DISK Light
1957. DOS Files Info
1958. DPMI Read/Write Sectors
1959. Default Boot Drive
1960. Detailed Drive Info
1961. Detect Active DOS Drives
1962. DetectDisk Protected Tab
1963. Detect Non-DOS drives
1964. Detecting CD-ROM
1965. Detecting CDROM Drives
1966. Detecting RAM Disks
1967. Disk Drive Library
1968. DiskLabels/Volumes
1969. Disk Parking
1970. DiskReady Function
1971. Disk Serial Number in ASM
1972. DiskSerial Numbers
1973. Disk Structure/FAT Table?
1974. Diskfree space
1975. Disk transfers - DMA Controller
1976. Disk-detectingroutine
1977. Does HD Exist
1978. Drive Detection
1979. DriveID
1980. Drive Info
1981. DriveLocking
1982. Drive Serial Number
1983. DriveTypes
1984. Drive Types Unit
1985. DriveVOL-Serial
1986. Drive Volume ID
1987. Drivetype/letter ID
1988. Drives TRUE name
1989. Drivesunit
1990. EXISTDD Update
1991. Edit Disk Serial Number
1992. Editing the BOOTSector
1993. Excellent Disk Drive Unit
1994. Extends GetDriveTypeFunction
1995. FCBLABELS - Disk Serial
1998. File Allocation Unit Size
1999. FindLASTDRIVE in ASM
2000. Find if Floopy has been changed
2001. FindingAll Directories
2002. Finding the Default Drive
2003. GIG Drive Size/Free
2004. GetCurrent Drive Number
2005. Get DOS Drives
2006. GetDevice Type
2007. Get Disk Verify State
2008. GetDrive ID
2009. Get Drive ID & Labels
2010. GetDrive Parameters
2011. Get Installed diskettes
2012. GetNumber of CD-ROMS
2013. Get Valid DOS Drives
2014. Getfirst CD-ROM Drive
2015. Get number of fixed disks
2016. Getthe BOOT Drive
2017. Get the serial of adisk
2018. GettingBIG Drive Size
2019. Getting Device Names
2020. GettingDisk Type
2021. Getting Drive INFO
2022. HD Test
2023. Hard Disk Search
2024. HardDrive Report
2025. How can I detect a CD drive?
2026. IDEHDD Parameters?
2027. IDE Hard Drive Specs
2028. IDEHard Drive Specs 2
2029. Is DISKReady ??
2030. IsDrive Valid
2031. Last Drive
2032. Listfree space a selected drives
2033. Locking Hard Drives
2034. Media ID
2035. Network Drives
2036. Re: IDEHDD Parameters?
2037. Read/Write Sectors/Boot Records
2038. Read/Write Transfer Speed
2039. Reading Boot Sectors
2040. ReadingDevice Names 2
2041. Return Letterof CDROM drive
2042. Set Current Drive Number
2043. Setthe current Drive
2044. Show SUBST drives
2046. TrueName equivalent
2047. UNIX style dir listing program
2048. Unitto access CDROM
2049. VOL Label Functions
2050. VOLUME LABEL Program
2051. Valid Drives
2052. Very Complete CDROM unit
2053. Volume Labels
2054. VolumeSerial Number
2055. Yet Another Volume Label

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - DOS & ENVIRONMENT ROUTINES"
2056. 4DOS File Descriptions
2058. Additions to ENHDOS
2059. Another Warm/Cold BOOT
2060. Assign New Environment
2061. BOOT Source
2062. Batch Error Level
2063. CheckDOSPath
2064. Cold Boot in BASM
2065. Cold/Warm Boot
2066. Console IO in BP7 ( Windows Bin )
2067. Creating a SYS filein PASCAL
2068. Critical ErrorHandler
2069. Customizing Run-Time!
2070. DOS Critical Errors
2071. DOSEnvironment Unit
2072. DOS Environment handling
2073. DOSFlush function
2074. DOS ICA Put/Get Routine
2075. DOSRedirection of text
2076. DOS Shell Example
2077. DOSVolume Labels
2078. DOS Wildcards
2079. DPMI File Extender
2080. Dealing with File Share
2081. Demostrates EXEC Proc
2082. Detect OS2
2083. Detecting SHARE
2084. Detecting Share (BASM)
2085. Detection of WILDCARDS
2086. Direct DOS File Functions
2087. Disk Ready?
2088. Dos EnvironmentUnit
2089. DosIPCA
2090. Dos Prompt
2091. DosRedirection
2093. Edit DOS Environment
2094. Enhanced DOS Interface
2095. Environment Settings
2096. Environment detection
2097. Error Messages
2098. Errorto file
2099. Execute& Redirection
2100. Expand DOS File Handles
2101. Expanded DOS Library
2102. Extend DOS to 255 Files
2103. Extended SearchRec
2104. FASTEST File Exist (BASM)
2106. File Attribute (BASM)
2107. FileThere ??
2108. Get CMOS Values
2109. GetFilesize/Filetime
2110. Get the Country Code
2111. Getthe program Name
2112. Get/Set DOS Serial NUmber
2113. Get/Setenvironmentvars
2114. Getting the DOS version
2115. IOResult Codes
2116. Increasing filehandles
2117. Is there 4DOS installed
2118. Kill DIR Routine
2119. Loading Overlays in XMS
2120. Lockup!
2121. Long Filename unit (updated)
2122. MakeCOM and EXE file
2123. Max File Handles
2124. More REBOOT
2125. National Language Support
2126. No DOS Shell
2127. Opening Many Files at a time
2128. Pascal Environment
2129. Put copywrite messageinan EXE file
2130. Quarterdeck Approved Reboot Method
2131. Quickly Change DIRS
2132. Re: DOSINI File unit
2133. Re:Detecting devices
2134. Read Environment
2135. ReadEnvironment String
2136. Reading The DOSEnvironment
2137. Real Mode BIOS example
2138. Reboot System Warm/Cold
2139. Rebootwith cache flush
2140. Rebooting
2141. Redirect DOS I/O
2142. Redirection
2143. Redirection with Output Var
2144. Relative paths
2145. Runtime Error Messages
2147. SETENV Unit
2148. SHARE Unit in ASM
2149. Self-modifying Batch File
2150. Setting DOS Prompt
2151. SeveralReboot Routines
2152. Share Multi-Tasking
2153. Sharing Files
2154. Simple Multitasker
2155. SystemReboot
2157. Time Slices
2158. TrapDOS Error
2159. Valid DOS Characters
2160. ValidDOS Filename
2161. WAIT Procedure
2162. Warmand Cold Boot
2163. Warm/Cold Boot
2164. Where is DOS
2165. WhichCompiler
2166. Wild cards
2167. Wildcard unit
2168. Windows Clipboard
2169. WritingDevice Drivers
2170. Yes/No in Batch files

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - EXECUTION ROUTINES"
2171. Anti-Debug unit
2172. Appending to EXE Files
2173. Change constantsin EXE files
2174. Changethe MASTER Env
2175. Checking loaded files
2176. Compile all units in DIR
2177. DOS Exec with full memory
2178. DOSRedirection
2179. DOS Shell
2180. DOSWindowed Ouput
2181. Demonstrates DOS Exec
2182. Display all infoin EXE header
2183. EXE File Format
2184. EXEFile Format Header
2185. EXE Menu System
2186. EXEC DOS in a Window
2189. Easy Prompt Changing in Shells
2190. Error Code Library
2191. ErrorRuntime Unit
2192. Example of calling One program from anot
2193. Exec with Memory Shrink
2194. Execute PKZIP
2195. Executea file inthe path
2196. Executing DOSPrograms
2197. Execution in a DOS Window
2199. Finding the end ofEXE
2200. Get info about EXE file
2201. Heap Management Tools
2202. Hiding EXEC commands
2203. Menu System
2204. Multiple DOS Calls
2205. Nice DOS Shell Unit
2206. Operating Modes
2207. Overlay Library
2209. Patching an EXE file
2210. RE: Overlay Unit
2211. RealMode code to modify EXE.
2212. Redirecting to aFile
2213. Redirection inDOS
2214. Return the size of the exe file
2215. SearchExecute
2216. Self-Modifying EXEFiles
2217. Shell to DOS with PROMPT
2218. Trap RuntimeErrors
2219. Trapping INT29 Output
2220. Using your EXEas a resource file
2221. Yet Another WindowShell

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - FILE & ENCRYPTION ROUTINES"
2222. 32 bit encryption code
2223. A small encryption unit
2224. An Encoder for passwords
2225. Base64 coding (RFC 1521)
2228. Criptation code
2229. Data Encription
2236. Encode/Decode w/ Password
2237. Encrypt Message in EXE
2238. Encryption Routine
2239. Encryption/Decryption
2240. Encryption/Decryption Engine
2241. Fast BASM encryption
2242. FastFile Encryption
2243. File Encoder/Decoder
2244. Filedecoding
2245. File encrypting with password
2246. HASH.PAS
2250. RSA Encryption
2252. Small UUE Encoder
2253. StoreHidden Text
2254. Unpdated Encryption unit
2255. XOR Encryption Code
2257. Xor Encryption/Decryption
2258. uuencoder

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - FILE COPY/MOVE ROUTINES"
2260. Copy File #1
2261. CopyFile #2
2262. Copy File #3
2263. CopyFile #4
2264. Copy File #5
2265. CopyFile #6
2266. Copy File from ECO-LIB
2267. CopyFile with Display
2268. Copy file in EMS
2269. Copy/Move Files Anywhere
2270. FAST Copy File
2271. FastFile Copy
2272. Fastest copy for the media
2273. File Copy Routine
2274. MoveFile #1
2275. Move File #2
2276. MoveFile FAST
2277. Move File with Rename
2278. Rename File #1
2279. RenameFile #2
2280. Simple File Copy

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS/TUTORIALS"
2281. Accessing locals in BASM
2282. An Introduction to Boolean Arithmetic
2283. Anti Debuggin Tricks
2284. Arrays in BASM
2285. Assembler tutorial
2286. BASM Function Returns
2287. BASMTutoral #1
2288. BINARY~1.FAQ
2290. BORLAND- MAC Pascal QA
2293. BORLAND Mixed Lang QA
2295. BORLAND QA for TPW
2297. BP7 Help file format
2299. DOS Proramming FAQ
2300. DosProgrammingFAQ
2301. Electronics Programming
2302. FAQ - Modems
2303. Format of MOD
2304. GIF File format
2305. General PASCAL FAQ
2306. Good Pascal Books
2307. Graphics - FAQ
2308. How Much Memory
2309. Insand Outs of Compress
2310. MIDI Information
2311. MODE-X Information
2312. Modem Reference
2313. More MIDI Information
2314. Networks FAQ
2316. On Pascal ...
2317. Programming the Adlib/Sound Blaster
2318. Protected Mode FAQ
2319. Re: Programming the SB/Adlib
2320. Re:RAR Archives
2321. Reading Array from REGS
2329. Strings, Compiler,Output
2330. Tone generator tutorial
2331. Vintage PascalFAQ
2332. WIN95 API Calls
2333. Windows API FAQ
2334. WindowsTools FAQ
2335. XMS Memory Specification

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - HARDWARE DETECTION"
2336. 286/8088 code
2338. AMI BIOS Turbo Mode
2339. AMIPassword finder
2340. AT Extended BIOS ??
2341. Activate TURBO Speed
2342. Another Which CPU
2343. CMOS 64Byte Map Information
2344. CMOSData
2345. CMOS Utility
2346. CMOSreading
2347. CPU Info
2348. CPUSpeed
2349. CPU-ID.PAS
2350. CPU/FPU processor type
2351. Check Installation of Drivers and others
2352. ColorMonitor
2353. Complete BIOS Table
2354. Cpu & Speed
2355. Detect a 286-Able machine
2356. Detecting 486s
2357. Determine CPU Speed
2358. Determine CPUType
2359. Determine Cluster Size
2360. Determining CPU Speed
2361. Disable Password from CMOS
2362. Disabling PrtScr
2363. Dosemu detection codefor Linux
2364. Even more CMOS Info
2366. Get CPU Type
2367. HD Type
2368. Hardware Detection
2369. ISA/VL/PCIbus detection
2370. Inline code to warm boot
2372. Machine Model Byte
2373. Math Co-Processor Speed
2374. New CPU Type withPentium Detection
2375. PORTS Info
2376. Parallel Port Input
2377. Port Addresses
2378. PortInfo
2379. Print yourCMOS setup to printer
2380. Processor Speed Independe
2381. Quick Reset andBOOT
2382. Re Cpu-intensive Routine
2383. Reading Sectors Directly
2384. Rebooting PC
2387. Sending Data tothe Parallel Ports
2388. Set theTURBOspeed
2389. Various Hardware Config Routines
2390. Which BIOS
2391. Writeto TWO Monitors
2392. device Driver Lists

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - MAIL/QWK/HUDSON FILE ROUTINES"
2393. Add signature to messages
2394. Bluewave MailPacket File Format
2395. Convert SWAG2QWK
2396. ConvertUSENET to QWK format
2397. Decode MIME (Base64)Files
2398. FIDO Message Numbers
2399. FIDONodelist
2400. FIDONET *.MSG format
2401. FIDONETTraffic
2402. FidoNet Messages
2403. Fidomsg.pas
2404. Handle QWKREP Files
2405. Handling FIDOMessages
2406. JAM Message Base Unit
2410. Making a FIDO Message
2411. MkMsg Bugs
2412. New Squish List
2413. Numbers inQWK packets
2414. PKT File Format
2415. QWKConf Member listing
2416. QWK File Format
2417. QWKFile format
2418. QWK Mail Reader
2419. QWKpacketsto text
2421. Re: QWK & Turbo Pascal 7
2422. Read SWG or QWKFiles
2423. Reading MSG Header
2424. ReadingQWKFiles
2425. Reading-Writing Fidonet PKT type
2426. RemoteAccess Security Edit
2427. RemoteAccessUser Viewer
2428. Sort FIDO Node Numbers
2429. Writing JAM Base Messages

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - MATH ROUTINES"
2430. 32Bit unsigned integers
2432. A definiteIntegral
2433. ASM Array Min/Max Finder
2434. BASE of a Number
2435. BASE36 Conversion
2436. BCD Add & Subtract functions
2439. Calculate PI
2440. Calculate TRIG funcitons
2441. Calculate a formula using recursion
2442. Calculate a quadratic equation
2443. Calculating Interest Rates?
2444. Calculating a Factorusing Gamma
2445. Calculation PI
2446. Change Number Base
2447. Coefficients:Levinson-Durbin
2448. Complex Math
2449. ComplexMath Unit
2450. Complex Number Component
2451. ComplexNumber Manipulation
2452. Compute Angles
2453. Computer POWER of Number
2454. Computing Perfect(prime) Numbers
2455. Conversion to Base 36
2456. Convert REAL to Float
2457. Converttrue fractons to floating point
2458. Dealing with Matrix Inversion
2459. Derive PI inPascal
2460. Dividing Fixed Integers
2462. EQUATION parser
2463. EXTENDED Extended MATH
2464. Euler's Indice toPrime Numbers
2465. Even faster Primenumbers!!!
2466. Expression Evaluator
2467. Extended Math Unit
2468. FFT Algorithmin Pascal
2469. FFTalgorithm
2471. Factoral Program
2472. Factoring Program
2473. Fast Primes
2474. Fastest Pi Calculator Yet!
2475. Fibonacci for longints and comps
2476. Financial Calulations
2477. Financial functions
2478. Finding a Percent.
2479. Fixed Point Math Unit
2480. Fixedpoint conversions
2481. Fourier Transformations
2483. GCD Algorithm in BASM
2484. GCD.PAS
2485. Gausian algorithm for matrix conversion
2486. Gaussian Distribution
2487. Getting Big Pi!
2488. Gettinga Square Root
2489. Gravity
2490. Handling Massive Number functions
2491. High Precision BCD Math
2493. Latitude/Longitude
2494. Lot of Math Code
2496. Math Conversion Unit
2497. MathEvaluations
2498. Math Expression Evaluatio
2499. MathFactor Code
2500. Math Parsing Unit
2501. MathUnit
2502. Matrix Algebra Unit
2503. MatrixMath
2504. More Prime Numbers
2505. MorePrimes Yet !!
2506. More on PERCENT.
2507. Multilist implementation of a digraph
2508. Nice Expression Parser
2516. PI1.PAS
2517. PI2.PAS
2521. Pascal Reals toFloat
2522. PascalTriangle
2523. Pentium-Optimized Permutations
2524. Percentages
2525. Perspective
2526. Prime Number funciton
2527. PrimeNumbers
2528. Pythagorean Triples
2529. Pythagorean triples
2530. Random Gaussian Variables
2531. Re: Formula forpayments
2532. Re:Pascal's triangle
2533. Re: Trunc() and Frac()
2534. Real Calculations
2535. Roman-Decimal Conversion
2536. Roots
2537. SQRT.PAS
2538. Sierpinski's Gasket...
2539. Simplex Method
2540. Simpson's Approximation
2541. Sparse Linear Systems Solver
2542. Staircase Problem
2543. Still More Primes
2544. SuperFast Pi
2545. Test of CALCULUS Unit
2546. TextFormula Parser
2547. Trapping 8087 Errors
2548. Triangular Fractal
2549. Trig & Calc Functions
2550. Trig& hyperbolic functio
2551. Type Really Big Number
2552. Vector manipulation
2553. Virtual Coords

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - PARSING/TOKENIZING ROUTINES"
2554. Check for CmdLine switch
2555. Command Line Parsing
2556. CommandParamaters
2557. Copying a linked list
2558. Data Dictionary using a BTree
2559. Infix to Postfix expression parser
2560. Infixto Postfix expression parser #2
2563. Parse out tokens
2564. Parsing A String
2565. ParsingSubStrings
2566. Pattern Matching and checking

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - PASCAL TUTORS"
2567. Applications Development
2568. Arrays and Their Usage
2569. BinaryTrees
2570. Binary files; units,overlays, and inc
2571. Chained or Linked lists, the sort
2572. Concepts of Sorting Arrays
2573. Contents Listing ofTurbo Pascal Tutor
2574. DOS File functions (special topic 1)
2575. Data representation; reading specsheets
2576. Finale
2577. How to Register
2578. IF statements and FOR Loops
2580. License
2581. Misc Topics
2582. Primary Concepts of Pointers
2583. Readingand Writing to Text Files
2584. Records usage & Math Concepts
2585. Recursion; system unit commands
2586. Revsion History
2587. Searching an array
2588. Stacks and Queues
2589. Starting Out
2590. Table of Contents
2591. The CRT unit
2592. Useof the BGI
2593. Whileand Repeat Loops;Case Statements
2594. Writing Procedures & Functions

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - POINTERS, LINKING, LISTS, TREES"
2595. AVL Binary Trees
2596. Array Of Pointers
2597. Avl Tree Tally
2598. BTREE Unit
2599. Binary Tree - Linked List
2600. BinaryTree Example
2601. Binary Tree module
2602. BredthFirst traversal algorithm
2603. Buffer Streams
2604. Complete Link Lists
2606. Displaying Pointer Values on Screen
2607. Double Linked Lists
2608. Duplicate File/String
2609. Dynamic Arrays
2610. Dynamically Sized List Unit
2611. Example of LINKEDRecords
2612. GenericLinked List
2613. Help dealing with pointers
2614. How can I create a big array(>64K RAM)
2618. Link List Handling
2619. Linked List Managementunit
2620. LinkedList Queues
2621. Linked List Routine
2622. LinkedList of Text
2623. Linked Lists in EMS
2624. Linkedlists in Expanded Memory
2625. Match Strings in Array
2626. Nth array item in BASM
2627. OOPLinked Lists
2629. Ordered List Unitwith Key
2632. Pointers
2633. Queue in an Array
2634. Re: String Queues
2635. Returns segment and offset of hex
2636. Sets with up to500000 elements
2637. Sorting Linked Lists
2638. Stacks
2639. Standard ArrayObject using EFLIB
2641. Very Large 2d arrays

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - RECORD RELATED ROUTINES"
2642. Another Delete Routine
2645. Delete Record Routine
2646. Fast Delete Typed Records
2647. Finding Records
2648. GettingRecord Offsets
2653. Records in ASM

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - SEARCH/FIND/REPLACE ROUTINES"
2659. Boyer-Moore Search Unit
2660. CHGE.PAS
2661. Compares Search strings
2665. Fast Boyer-Moore Search
2668. Position Search
2675. VERY FAST Boyer-Moore

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - SORTING ROUTINES"
2676. 8 Different Sorting Methods
2679. Alpha Sort of charsin strings
2680. AlphaSorting
2681. Alphabetical Order
2682. Anangram Sort
2685. COMB1.PAS
2686. COUNT1.PAS
2687. COUNT2.PAS
2688. Classic QSORT Routine
2689. ClassicQuicksort
2690. Comb Sort Routine
2691. Combsort with wrapper
2692. Complete Collection of Sorting units
2693. Complete Sorting Unit
2694. Demo QUICKSORT
2696. Elevator Sort
2697. Fast File RecordSorting
2698. Fullfeatured Sort Unit
2699. Generic QSort
2701. Linked list sort
2703. Merge Sort for Linked Lists
2705. Pointer Sort
2706. QSort Methods
2708. QUICK1.PAS
2709. QUICK2.PAS
2710. QUICK4.PAS
2711. QUICK5.PAS
2712. Quick Sort
2713. QuickSort using LINK
2714. RADIX1.PAS
2715. RADIX2.PAS
2717. Radix Sort
2718. Re: Sorting an Array of
2719. SHELL1.PAS
2726. Shell Sorting
2727. Sort Object
2728. Sorta data file on disk
2729. Sort an Array of Record
2730. Sorting
2731. Sorting Arrays FAST
2732. SortingaText File
2734. TV Sorting unit
2735. Turbovison Text Sort
2736. UltraSort
2737. Various SORT Methods
2738. Very FAST Shell Sort

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - STREAM HANDLING ROUTINES"
2739. A streaming method for EXE's
2740. Finding the Numberof Entries in a Strea
2744. Simple STREAM Example
2745. StreamStorageUnit
2746. TEMSStream.Done Bug

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - STRING HANDLING ROUTINES"
2747. "IF" Boolean processing
2748. A Complete String Library
2749. ASM Readln with Max Size Limit
2750. ASMUppercase
2751. Adding Commas To Format
2752. AddingStringstogether
2753. Another FAST Uppercase
2754. AsciiZ Strings
2755. Asm String Manipulation
2756. Assembler to get String Length
2757. BASIC StringFunctions
2758. BASM Right Pad
2759. BASMRight Padded String
2760. BOOLEAN String Function
2761. Basic-like Strings
2762. Basm routines
2763. Basmstring routines
2764. Boolean String Search
2765. Byte string w/lead zero
2768. Case Translation unit
2769. Change/Replace Characters
2770. Clean String
2771. Compare Strings
2772. Complete Set of Strings
2773. Complete StringUnit
2774. Convert ASCIIZ to Turbo
2775. ConvertINTEGERto string
2776. Convert Long to HEX Str
2777. ConvertNumbers to STRING
2778. Convert REAL to STRING
2779. Convertbyte to hex
2780. Convert to LOWER case
2781. Copy SubString
2782. Dec to Hex and Back
2783. Determine empty string
2785. Excellent Strings Unit for TP
2786. FAST Delete String Procedure
2787. FASTUpper/Justify String
2788. FASTEST Uppercase
2791. Fast Add String function
2792. FastCase Translations
2793. Fast Char Deletion
2794. FastSearching for a String
2795. Fast String Add Functions
2796. FastString Contenation
2797. Fast Upper/Lower Case
2798. Fastest UPPERCASE
2799. Flipping a String
2800. Format Number Strings
2801. FormatStrings
2802. Formatting Integers
2803. Formatting Numbers
2804. General String Library
2805. Get File Extension String
2807. Get LEFT part of STRING
2808. GetMASK from path/mask
2809. Get Path from path/mask
2810. GetRIGHT partof STRING
2812. GetnameMINUS EXT
2813. Get number STRINGw/ZEROS
2814. Getting Initials
2815. Good String Unit
2816. HEX Strings
2817. HEXWRITE Strings
2818. Inline String Routines
2819. Integer to string w/comma
2820. Knuth-Morris-Pratt substring algorithm
2821. LONG String Arrays
2822. LTRIM & assembler
2823. Locate String in SUB-Str
2824. LocateSubStr at Right
2825. Longints in Pascal
2826. MS-DOS Contry-Specific UpperCase
2827. Misc. String Functions
2828. More String case functions
2829. NeatPercentage Compare
2830. Null terminated string functions
2832. Pad STRING to RIGHT
2833. PadSTRING to the LEFT
2834. Pos() in asm
2835. PosIn()
2836. RPos in BASM
2837. Re: Convert numbers toletters
2838. Removing Spaces
2839. Replace portion of STRING
2840. Replicate CHAR in STRING
2841. Return commandline string
2842. Russian Uppercase fuction
2844. ST-CASE1.PAS
2845. ST-CASE2.PAS
2846. ST-CASE3.PAS
2847. ST-CASE4.PAS
2848. ST-CASE6.PAS
2851. Show HEX Byte as string
2852. SoundEx String Routine
2853. SoundexSearching in Strings
2854. Speedy Strings
2855. StringA in String B
2856. String Arrays
2857. StringCentering
2858. String Comparision
2859. StringConcatenation Functions
2860. String Conversions
2861. StringDumps
2862. String Input/Output
2863. StringMatching Routines
2864. Strip CHARS from STRING
2865. Strnig Patterns
2866. Stuff SUB in STRING
2867. SuperFAST upcase
2869. TRANSLAT Upper/Lower Case
2870. Text-Device with PChars
2871. Three ways to Uppercase
2872. Trim LEFT side of STRING
2873. TrimSTRING on theRIGHT
2874. Trim Strings
2875. Trimspaces from string
2876. Upper/Lower Strings
2877. Uppercase STRING
2878. Very complete STRING unit
2881. Word Strings-64K
2882. commas in longint
2883. numberconversion

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - TEXT FILE MANAGEMENT ROUTINES"
2884. Accessing Large Text Files
2886. Another Text File Viewer
2887. BLOCKREAD/WRITE Text file
2888. Binary Text File Access
2889. Cleaning a Text file
2890. Convert tabs tospaces in text files
2891. Converting Text Filesto EXE's
2892. Converting strings in Text files
2893. Converts Text to UnitSource
2894. Create a Dictionary of Unique Words
2895. DOS More Clone
2897. Delete Dups from text file
2898. Deletedupe lines
2899. Display a Text File with Scrollback
2900. Dump File in HEX and BCD
2901. Example of reading afile backwards
2902. Expanding Tabs
2903. Fast Disk File Text Reading
2904. FastText IO
2905. Fast Text filelister
2906. Faster READLN
2907. File Browser Package
2908. Formatting
2909. Generalized Text handling
2910. Good file Viewer
2911. Handling sequential files
2912. High content Text Viewer
2913. LISTER program
2914. LONGLINES in Text
2915. Line counter
2916. Linking text file w/com..
2917. Measures # of lines in textfiles
2918. Nice INI FileUnit
2920. Parse file by words
2921. Pascal Poetry
2922. PolishTextfile Reader
2923. Positioning Text File
2926. Re: Random Number Generator
2927. Reading Backwards
2928. ReadingFile Backwards
2929. Reading Text Backwards
2930. ReadingTextFiles in Binary with BlockRe
2931. Reading a Text File
2933. SConvert Upgrade
2934. Seek and FilePos for file of type Text
2935. Seeking a TEXT line
2936. Seekinga text file
2937. Shared TextFiles
2938. SmoothViewer
2939. Smoother Viewer
2940. Sorting a Text file
2941. Speeding up text files
2943. TEXTOBJS Unit
2945. Text File Browser
2946. TextFile Changer
2947. Text File Management
2948. TextFile Objects
2949. Text File Paginator
2950. TextFile Parser
2951. Text File Positions
2952. TextFile Viewer
2953. Text Search in Files
2954. Textfile position
2955. Text files in pascal.
2956. Textto COM File
2957. Text to EXE Conversion
2958. UnitforLarge Text Files
2960. Word Wrapping
2961. Yet another Smoother Viewer

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - TEXT WINDOWING ROUTINES"
2962. Virutal Screen Unit

Links from "Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase - WINDOWS & OS2 STUFF"
2963. "About" box in Windows
2964. 32bit Protected Mode
2965. 4 GB Data - 32 Bit! / Windows
2966. 64k TPW/OWL 64k Edit Control
2967. A color windowsunit for TP WIN
2968. Access Long Filename
2969. Allocating Large MemoryIn Windows
2970. Another Long filename unit
2971. BPW: how to use ReadComm
2972. Bitmap Loading In Windows
2973. BitmapStartup
2974. Booting under Windows
2975. Bulk Windows Processing
2976. CTL3D And BORDLG mix
2977. CTL3DVersion 2.0Unit
2978. Center Dialog
2979. Changing Static Text Item Colors
2980. Complete Icon FormatExplanation
2981. Complete Metafile Discussion
2982. Copying to the Clipboard
2983. Creating Custom Controls
2985. DIB Bitmaps
2986. DOSin OS2
2987. DebugWindows Dump
2988. Detect Windows Long Filenames
2989. Detecting DeskView/OS2/Windows
2990. Detection for WIN 3.X
2991. Display Differentdialogs in one
2992. Drag Bitmap
2993. Dynamic Menus
2994. Exampleof Editor Control
2995. Expanding Tabs
2996. Extended GetDriveType
2997. File Copying in Windows
2998. FontUnit forOWL
2999. HUGE Objects unit
3000. Helpcode forWINSOCK for PASCAL
3001. Hook WINCrt
3002. HugeMemory Allocation Unit / Windows
3003. Icons Manipulation
3004. Lineplay Screen Saver
3005. Load Bitmaps
3006. Loading .BMP
3007. MDI Apps in Windows
3008. MDITemplate
3010. NO multiple instances
3011. New EXE Headers
3012. OS/2 COMM Dumb Terminal
3014. OWL Owner-Drawn List Boxe
3015. Offscreen Bitmaps-Windows
3016. Only ONE copy of EXE
3017. Pascal WinG Unit
3018. Positioning Carets in EditControls
3019. Printer Controls
3020. Printing a TEditWindow
3021. Printing in TPW
3022. Protected Mode BIOS Example
3023. Set WINDOWS Wallpaper
3024. Simple Termianl emulator for WINDOWS
3025. TPW1.5Huge memory stream
3026. Test for drive accessibility
3027. TimeSlices in Win/OS2/DesqView/TopView
3028. Towers of Hanoi
3029. Using VER.DLL
3030. Usinglzexpand.dll
3031. Version information from a Windows app
3032. View Windows BMP Files
3033. WIN VER & MODE
3035. WINDOWS Error Collection
3037. WINSOCK for Pascal
3038. WinG Pascal Import Unit
3039. Window Fonts
3040. WindowMemory Stream
3041. Window painting
3042. Windows 3-D frames
3043. WindowsDelay
3044. Windows Detection
3045. WindowsDouble Click
3046. Windows File Copy
3047. WindowsFile Manager Exte
3048. Windows Huge MemoryTypes
3049. WindowsPrinting
3050. Windows SOUND routines
3051. WindowsScreenSaver
3052. Windows Shell!
3053. WindowsSockets Unit
3054. Windows Statusline Unit
3055. WindowsToolbar with TIP
3056. Windows Trap Ctrl/Alt/Del
3057. Word Wrapping In Windows
3058. horizontal scroll bar for a list box
3059. objects > 64K

Links from "Delphi Central - Articles"
3060. Dynamically Loading DLL's
3061. Adding forms to a DLL
3062. An Icon Extractorand Viewer (Updated)
3063. A Beginers Guide to Recursion
3064. Monitoring the Clipboard
3065. Using Drag andDrop in Delphi
3066. Creating Arrays ofObjects at Design time
3067. Implementing Callback Procedures
3068. How to Move Controls and Save theirPositions
3069. Creating Controls atRun Time
3070. Adding an onEnterEvent
3071. AddingAdditonal Functionalityto TButton
3072. Implementing a Splash Screen
3073. Enumerating Windows in Delphi
3074. Copying large amounts of Text to the Clipboard
3075. How to place images in aComboBox
3076. A Cooland Easy Method for Resizing and Moving Controls at Run Time
3077. Intercepting keystrokes
3078. How to Implement Weird Shaped Windows
3079. Using the SerialPorts in Delphi 2.0
3080. The Easyway to Cut Copy and Paste
3081. Retrieving loaded modules with the Toolhelp functions
3082. Setting Minimum and Maximum windowsizes in Delphi
3083. Writinga URL Label

Links from "Delphi Central - Hints and Tips"
3084. Displaying the Find Files Dialog
3085. Getting rid ofthe highlighted cell in a TStringGrid
3086. Implementing a Sleep procedure
3087. Checking forBig fonts
3088. How to Create Shortcuts
3089. Avoiding the Beep in an EditBox
3090. How to show the CPU Debug Window
3091. Hidingthe TaskBar in Windows 95
3092. Waiting for a process to finish
3093. Adding a Horizontal ScrollBar to aListBox

Links from "Delphi Pages - Articles"
3113. Review of WPTools 3.7
3114. Picture Motion--Avoid The Flicker
3115. Displaying MacromediaFlash .SWF files in your Delphi Application!
3116. How to do simple HTML parsing and painting
3117. Working with ListBoxes
3118. Workingwith Strings
3119. Installation : send it to theworld
3120. Move your form- What is the best method?
3121. Controlling CD MusicFiles
3122. Going multi-tier
3123. Compression. Shrink or die !
3124. Privacy! Thesimple answer - encryption
3125. 16-bit Thunking With 32-bitDelphi
3126. Help writing : what do you need ?
3127. Actions thatlive inDelphi.
3128. Forcinga Reboot from a Delphi App
3129. A new ACE in the reporting game
3130. CodeSite - Anew site for Debugging
3131. Review of Diamond Access1.35
3132. First impressionsof Diamond Access
3133. Oh where, oh where has my little report gone to?
3134. The ACE behind ACEReporter
3135. Is it time to junk the BDE ?
3136. Win32Development Lessons Learned

Links from "Delphi Pages - Tips"
3137. Closing all Internet Explorer Windows ()
3138. Send Keys procedure and example: ()
3139. Sleep() for Dephi 1(revised) ()
3140. Create a hole in any applicationrunning ()
3141. Getting a ScreenCapture ()
3142. How to put an image (e.g sort arrow) ona listview column header ()
3143. Howto activate/deactivate thescreensaverimmediately ()
3144. How to disable/enable task switch functions ()
3145. Howto access the registry on a network computer ()
3146. How to get the serial numberofan AudioCD ()
3147. Text to GIF ()
3148. Sendinga string via windows messages ()
3149. How to move file torecycle bin ()
3150. Howto change a property for all components of aspecial type ()
3151. Moving, resizing, etc at runtime. ()
3152. How to drag a window using any control other than the titlebar!()
3153. Execute & Wait ()
3154. DefaultValues for Procedures and Functions ()
3155. How to Changethe Windows Wallpaper ()
3156. Detecting Softice in W9xand NT (W2K - dunno) ()
3157. How can I disablethenetworkcardin a Win9x ? ()
3158. Implementing BrowseForFolder Dialogin easy and simpleway.(working!) ()
3159. Gradient Filled Forms! (Easier way) ()
3160. Emulating Button Presswithout clicking on it (#2) ()
3161. How to cancel showing of a form ()
3162. Runa program and regain controlv2.0 ()
3163. Empty RecycleBin()
3164. Sleep() for Delphi 1 ()
3165. Checking a Tape Drive from NT 4.0 ()
3166. Play a sound onmouse enter()
3167. TTreeView easy way to add item :)()
3168. How to Print aTStringGrid!!! ()
3169. another tip for gradient fills on forms ()
3170. How to set the screen resolution.()
3171. SQLandQuick Reports in combining fields. ()
3172. Implementing BrowseForFolder Dialog in easy and simple way. ()
3173. Making Transparent forms ()
3174. Extracting / Matching text from a string (TServerSocket) ()
3175. Hide the TaskBar ()
3176. How to put a monitor into stand-by mode ()
3177. Hide Titlebar ()
3178. Button in Caption ()
3179. Get Audio Volume,Set Audio Volume.()
3180. Howto detect if yourprogram is already running ()
3181. Getting W95 Task list in Delphi ()
3182. Get a letter in a String()
3183. Runa programandregain control ()
3184. Winamp style window Drag ()
3185. Program to start onstartup but not in Startup Folder ()
3186. How to put program on Start Menu and Desktop ()
3187. Notshowing Icon onTaskBar and Hidingyour forms ()
3188. How you NOT show your form onStartup ()
3189. Howto disable ALT-F4 or only allow one way to exit ()
3190. how to debug programs by delphi ()
3191. Gradient Filled Forms! ()
3192. Adding an AVI in your EXE File.()
3193. Disable, Enable Ctl-Alt-Delete and Alt-Tab, Ctl-Esc ()
3194. Emulating Button Press withoutclicking on it. ()
3195. Disable and Enable Alt-Tab and Ctrl-Esc Keys ()
3196. How to Avoid a Beep on Enter KeyPress ()
3197. Getting a Horizontal Scrollbar on a ListBox ()
3198. How to Include .Wav Files intoyour .EXE File ()
3199. Howto check for NumericalValues only ()
3200. How to create aSplash Screen ()
3201. Howto Hide, Enable, or Disable the Start Button in Windows ()
3202. how to Enable the CPU window in delphi 3()
3203. Using One Event for many Components ()
3204. How to get Delphi to recognize a CD-ROM Drive. ()
3205. Howto make subforms ()
3206. Setting Properties ()
3207. Mimizing, Maximizing, Closing components at run time ()
3208. How to create a floating control ()
3209. CreateScroll Box with Image Background ()
3210. A Control that HighLights when mouse moves overit ()

Links from "Delphi Tips: Tips - Bugs"
3211. nIconIndex bug in Delphi 5

Links from "Delphi Tips"

Links from "Delphi32.com - FAQs (1)"
3277. Problems with preview and paper size in Quick Reports.
3278. Unidirectional property not supported for allDatabases
3279. BDE Error 000F
3280. Help | About for BDE Admin version 5.1 says version 5.1
3281. Blobs are not supported asparams for StoredProc
3282. How do I makea TQuery not use memoryas scrolls forward
3283. Opening TQueryresultsin Operation Not Applicable Error
3284. Oracle 8.0.5 client is not supported
3285. Procedures and Functions in Oracle Packages not listed
3286. Different types of dBASEUnique style indexes
3287. Table is Full withParadox Tables
3288. TIBQuery.RecordCount doesn't return count of all records
3289. Use GetResults to get outputparams from MSSQL and Sybase
3290. Executing Oracle functions
3291. How to query dates using Day-Month-Yearusing local SQL
3292. MS SQLServer7: "Could not find object" or blank fields.
3293. Non-blob column in table required to perform operation with Oracle
3294. How do I add a system menu item for the "right click" of the application's task bar icon?
3295. Howto handleexceptions in TThread objects
3296. Delphi doesn't run after installing using a Read-Write CD drive
3297. IBX DataSet's RecordCount property returns an inaccurate value.
3298. 'General SQL Error -2147221164 Table: Alias:'
3299. Application ServerForms
3300. 'Syntax error in query. Incomplete query clause'
3301. Re-executing export From Table
3302. 'Can't delete or change record. Since related record exists in table ='xxx'
3303. Files necessary to run Application Server
3304. Alternate securitydatabases
3305. Single and multiple application server instances
3306. Other non-BDE file needed to access Microsoft Accessdatabases
3307. Locating the servers available in the registry
3308. MSACCESS driver and multi-threaded apps
3309. Logging in to the remote datamodule
3310. CurrentMSACCESS driver limitations
3311. Database login for multiple clients
3312. BLObs as SQL inputparameters
3313. Comparison of Sockets, DCOM, OLE Enterprise
3314. files that need to be included with applications using MSACCESS
3315. Minimizing Connections
3316. 'Cannot Load IDAPI Service Library'error
3317. Accessing InterBase thru an AT service
3318. Multiple Transports
3319. 'Translate error, value outof bounds' error
3320. Moving the application serverto another machine
3321. Paradox slow on some computers and not on others
3322. Using Date as aFieldName
3323. UsingMultipleServers
3324. Paradox table version level
3325. Accessing Server Methods from Client
3326. BDEAdmin:InvalidFilenamefor Oracle ServerName

Links from "Delphi32.com - FAQs (2-20)"
3327. Server Termination
3328. Un-registering a server
3329. BDE network installation
3330. Dataset event handlers not fired
3331. BDE configuration utility
3332. Dataset event handlers
3333. FoxPro support: capabilities
3335. Microsoft Access; capabilities
3336. Modifying application server SQL from the client.
3337. SQL Parameter binding
3338. Displaying a bitmap on the client area ofan MDI parent form.
3339. New functions
3340. ServerName property(TMidasConnection or TRemoteServer)
3341. ODBC Support
3342. Avoiding server side locking (includingDEADLOCK)
3343. Sorting on Calculated fields
3344. TClientDataSet, auto-increment fields
3345. MS SQL error '17824 Unable to write to ListenOn connection ...
3346. TClientDataSet.Dataproperty
3347. Performance with two or more queries
3348. 'Memo too large'error with MSSQL
3349. TCP/IP: TMidasConnection, Socket Server
3350. TCP/IP:DCOM Dependency?
3351. 'Vendor initialization failure: ORANT71.DLL' error.
3352. TCP/IP:Load balancing,OLE Enterprise
3353. 'External Exception C0000008' or 'Access Violation'
3354. TCP/IP: Retrieving Client IP andHost Name
3355. error: SYB-12403 ctsend(): user api layer: external error
3356. Error:"Application is not licensed to run this feature"
3357. 'ct_cursor(CLOSE);user api layer: external error
3358. Error: 'Interface notsupported'
3359. 'External Exception C0000008' error on application exit
3360. Error: "Could not find IDataBroker in type library"
3361. DAO necessities
3362. Error: "Cannot load IDAPI service library"
3363. Hetergenious joins
3364. Error: "DAXError -Name not unique in this context"
3365. File Extensions for dBASE and Paradoxtables
3366. Error: "DAX Error class not registered."
3367. Unsupported Expression Indexes
3368. Error: "EOleSysError :Error loading type library/DLL"
3369. 'Insufficient memoryfor this operation' error
3370. Error: 'Missing Data Provider or Data Packet'
3371. SybaseSQL Anywhere update mode
3372. Error: 'Name Conflicting'
3373. Error connecting to an Oracle 7.x server using the Oracle 8 client and BDE 5.
3374. Error: 'RPC Server is unavailable'
3375. ALTER TABLE statment on Paradox tables removespasswords
3376. Error: 'Trying to append data to a non-partial dataset'
3377. 'Interface mismatch. Engine version different'
3378. Access violation when calling a non-delphi VCL created DLL
3379. 'Insufficient memory to complete operation' error
3380. Error: 'Windows Socket Error: (10060), on API 'connect?'
3381. Accessto PDOXUSRS.NET slow with Novellclient
3382. Connection Checklist
3383. 'Invalid BLOb handle'error
3384. Displaying a list of constrainterror messages
3385. Checking forNULL in OnUpdateData handler
3386. Benefits of the ConstraintBroker
3387. Getting the Win95 Desktop ListView Handle
3388. Deploying Midas
3389. Table data subsetthrough IProvider
3390. TProvider Component vs. Provider Property
3391. How do I make changes to the VCLcode?
3392. Providing lookup capability
3393. Reading the autoincrement value of Paradox table
3394. MasterSource/MasterFieldsbehavior
3395. The ordinal 237 could not be located ..
3396. ODBC Constraints
3397. Problem using Oracle 8 driver(sqlora8.dll)with Oracle 7.x servers
3398. Resource Usage
3399. How much does MTS improve connect times?
3400. Sending a file via DCOM
3401. Phantonrecordsappear on post
3402. Error: 'DAX Error - Name not unique in this context'
3403. Error:'DAX Error class not registered.'
3404. Vendor Init withOracle
3405. Error:'EOleSysError : Error loading type library/DLL'
3406. Error: 'General SQLError : Connection does not exist' in threaded application
3407. General SQL Error, Can'tload MSJTER32.DLL
3408. Error: 'Interface not supported'
3409. SingleTier Applications
3410. Preventing windows task switching
3411. Using Stored Procedures
3412. Testing IDispatch Descendants
3413. Where to get TUpdateSQLProvider component
3414. Drag and Drop with Files
3415. Getting a handle on your files
3416. TSocketDispatcher
3417. How to use the TUpdateSQLProvider.OnUpdateRecord method
3418. About Deploying DBClient in a Web Application
3419. Retrieving a long file namefrom the command line.
3420. Getting the localinternet machine name and IP address.
3421. Using global values in your application.
3422. What is Delphi/400 Client Server Suite?
3423. Hiding your application from theWindows Taskbar.
3424. Using an animated cursor.
3425. More Info on Delphi/400 Client Server Suite
3426. Retrieving ausers loginname.
3427. Changing the papersize of a print job.
3428. Purchasing Delphi/400 Client Server Suite
3429. Creating a rotated font.
3430. Converting from Long to Short file names and paths
3431. Making text background transparent
3432. Getting user name and company info from Windows.
3433. Gettingthe serialnumber of a disk.
3434. Executing a program from my application
3435. Writing a raw string of data to the printer.
3436. Multi-Threaded ISAPIDLLs
3437. InterBase access from a web server application
3438. Where can I findevaluation copies of Delphi/400 Client Server Suite?
3439. Upgrade to Delphi/400 for Delphi Developer users
3440. Technical Support forDelphi/400
3441. Benefits to AS/400 developers and users
3442. How does Delphi/400 complement and add to Borland's strategy?
3443. Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements
3444. Displaying the selected row of a DBGrid in a different color
3445. inserting contents of afileat current position in TMemo
3446. Returning an imagefrom a Web Server Application
3447. Using the LzExpand functionsin yourapplications
3448. Changing the display mode settings in code.
3449. How many colors willmy display mode support
3450. Generating a Windows Console Application
3451. Opening an explorer window to a given folder
3452. Preventthe TEdit componentfrom beeping when invalid
3453. Parameter value not in allowedrange
3454. Maping a DLL into another process
3455. Deleting a directory and all the directories files
3456. Changing the defaultwidth/heightof the editor
3457. Getting a list of the available driveson a system
3458. Adding a documentto the Windows95 Start Button's documents
3459. Retrieving the program that is associated with agiven extension
3460. Using Ampersands inside Delphi.
3461. "Error reading symbol file." error
3462. Executing a '.LNK' file
3463. How can I change the drive that MediaPlayer uses to play Audio
3464. Creating a delaywithout a timer.
3465. Converting a color to itsVCL string value
3466. Using escapecodes with the format()function
3467. Aligning maximized forms
3468. Working with Floating Point, Double, Single, Real, Extended types
3469. 'Tried to search marked block but isinvalid'error
3470. Displaying the first frame ofan AVI File
3471. How can I retrieve alist of assigned properties
3472. Save and load metafiles in a BLOB field without using DBImage
3473. How can I test if a given string contains a valid number?
3474. Creating a palette with more than one entry
3475. How can I easily move aWindow controlat runtime?
3476. Detecting what direction a printer willrotate fora portrait
3477. Removinga forms caption bar?
3478. Determining if a given printer is capable of printing a PostScript file
3479. How can I createa dynamic array of TPoints to draw a polygon?
3480. Howcan I prevent the userfrom moving or sizing my form?
3481. Detecting if thePrintScreen key has been pressed
3482. Setting the MaxPage property ofthe PrintDialog component
3483. Trap scrolling messages for the ScrollBars of a TScrollBox
3484. Embedding a page break in the Rich Edit control
3485. How can I disable the Delphi / Borland C++ Builder splash screen
3486. adjusting the tablocation ina TMemo component
3487. The TDateTimecomponent commonly ignores key input
3488. Color reduction techniques for graphics.
3489. Changing the font style ofa dbgrid row
3490. Get a count and list all the controls on a TNoteBook
3491. Changing the background color of Text
3492. Displaying a24 bit TrueColor bitmap image on a 256 color display
3493. Data segment too large error.
3494. Turning an low power compliant monitor off?
3495. Intercepting the Ctrl-V key ina TMemo
3496. Subclass thewindow procedure for a TForm
3497. Does Delphi have an equivalent forthe VB function DoEvents?
3498. How can I capture an image from a video source?
3499. ControlPanel Applets
3500. Auto increment Build Number
3501. Avoiding an Application Error when using EM_POSFROMCHAR
3502. Can I use the AssignPrnmethodto write directly to a port?
3503. CopyCursor
3504. Selection rectangle
3505. Draw on frame
3506. Object Inspector and Enter Key
3507. EnumFontFamilies()
3508. How can I assign a file variable in aRecord?
3509. Creating a flashing icon
3510. Getting the Printerdriver and port name from TPrinter's
3511. Gettingthe printing margin ofthe page
3512. Retrieving the linenumber that amemo's cursor is on.
3513. How can I avoid an accessviolation when usingthemove procedure
3514. Using Resident Font
3515. Printing in Delphi without using the TPrinter Unit
3516. Arrow and FunctionKeys
3517. How can I convert a .dfm file totextand vise versa.
3518. Gettingthe time anddate in Universal Time
3519. Adjusting form size to accommodate arequiredclient size
3520. Querying the Audio Cd Autorun feature of Win32
3521. Testing/setting the CD autorun optionunder Win32
3522. Storing/Playingan .AVIfile in a database
3523. Setting comm portconfiguration programmatically under Win95
3524. Changing comport config via Win95 CommConfig Dialog
3525. Creating a bitmap from a pixel array
3526. Sending an image to the printer
3527. Using TClientDataSet with local data
3528. 'Duplicate resource'error
3529. Adding hint windows to applications
3530. Using InvalidateRect()to repaint the entire form
3531. Usingmouse_event() to similate mouseevents
3532. Painting a rainbowcolor spectrum onto a form
3533. Notifying applications that the registry has changed
3534. Turning the screen saver off?
3535. Stopping TScrollbar button fromblinking
3536. Where is SYNCOBJS.pas unit?
3537. Creating temporary canvas
3538. TTimer not firing at correct interval
3539. Error Setting Exception Debug Hook
3540. Working with objects and functions in other units
3541. Programmatically closinganother application
3542. Formatting a drive under Win32
3543. Disabling the Win95 start button
3544. Determining minor versionnumber
3545. Inserting a file at the cursor
3546. Indenting a block of code
3547. Controlling shortcutkeystrokes in a string grid
3548. Disabling ALT-F4 to prevent form closing
3549. Prevent window update
3550. Preventing multiple application instances
3551. Programatically installing printer driver
3552. Simultaneous printing to multiple printers
3553. Stack Overflow, Runtime error 202;
3554. Closing popup menu in system tray application
3555. Keepinga glyph's transparentarea transparent.
3556. Transparent property to work fora CoolBar backgroundbitmap
3557. How can I determining if a given machine has a math coprocessor.
3558. Howcan I dial out through the modem under Win32?
3559. Retrieving BDE system information
3560. What does the error 'Token not found'
3561. How can I usea trueDWORD valuepassed to my Delphi application?
3562. Going to the next compiler error
3563. Changing theinputcaret
3564. Is there any way to recorda keyboardmacro in the IDE?
3565. How can I tell in code if my application is running on Windows NT
3566. Howcan I detect if a given key was pressed during application during startup?
3567. Duplicate resourceerrors
3568. How can I detect if a non-menukey has beenpressed?
3569. Changing the default project directory
3570. Getting bin names from your printer
3571. Changing the portof a printer
3572. Getting the actual size of a TComboBox
3573. Converting a number from onebase to another
3574. Getting printer capabilities
3575. Changing the location of the objectrepository
3576. Getting property information
3577. Moving controls at runtime
3578. re-mark a Delphi 16-Bit executable to be a Windows 4.0 application
3579. Does Delphi havean equivalent to the Visual Basic SendKeys function?
3580. Using Tapi
3581. Setting custom tabstops in a ListBox.
3582. CompileError: Too many filesopen
3583. How can I create a transparent form?
3584. Using WM_COPYDATA.
3585. Selecting a cell in a DBGrid
3586. Trapping non clientareas
3587. Changing theprinter setup between pages
3588. Text in Windows metafiles
3589. How canI get the serial number ofan Audio CD?
3590. Error: 'Mismatchin datapacket'
3591. Accessing new interfaces in a RemoteDataModule
3592. Newsrc file format
3593. Reassigning events at runtime
3594. Showing two forms allowing the first to retain focus
3595. Disabling close button of a window
3596. Creating a Resource only DLL
3597. Deleting an executable while it is running
3598. Windows Dialer dials out when Iam already connected to theinternet
3599. displaying an application associated icons
3600. getting DLL function parameter listings
3601. Loadinga locale fileinto the THTML component
3602. Printing a web page using the HTMLcontrol
3603. Illegal Operation, Windows Lockup, IDE
3604. doing work while application is Idle
3605. passing functions/procedure to other functions/procedures
3606. printing a TStringGrid or aTDBGrid
3607. printing in color
3608. rotating a Metafile
3609. saving TFont information
3610. Colored texton a TStatusBar
3611. Typecasting
3612. IDE highlightingthe incorrect line
3613. Determining the version/release of Delphi 3
3614. Component Palette Corruption Problems
3615. Runtime Error 255
3616. Doing acomplete reinstallation of Delphi 3
3617. Callsto the abort method fail to compile
3618. Changing the mainform ofan app. at runtime
3619. Showing dbgrid is disabled
3620. Detecting the full path/filename of a DLL
3621. Programmatically dropping down amenu
3622. Executing the explorer find file dialog
3623. Radiogroups and focus
3624. Trapping the Windows systemkey 'PrintScreen'
3625. Accessing HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE under NT without Admin. rights
3626. Detecting how many jobs are in theprint spooler
3627. Bitwise AND evaluates different under Delphi 3
3628. Dialogsdisplaying 'Noto all' button instead of mbHelp
3629. '$2109 Cannot initalizethe BDE' error when deploying InstallShield application
3630. Raize components: 'Can't Load Package' error
3631. LocalInterBase: 'Internal Error; Near:query shellmgr' error
3632. Cannot write EXE or DLL to disk.
3633. How can I have aTBitBtncomponent that has aword wrapped caption?
3634. Bitmapsand captions on TBitBtn
3635. Detecting print errors
3636. Disabling system menu in code
3637. Avoiding flickeron DrawCell
3638. How can I determine the names ofthe installed comm ports?
3639. Extracting Icons
3640. Adjusting number and with of columns in a TFileListBox
3641. Notifying forms of globalchanges
3642. How can I activatedifferent hints for each cell in a grid
3643. Dynamically drawing a transparentimage
3644. which rows have been selected in a TDBGrid
3645. Porting stringsfrom 16 to 32-bit
3646. Distributing IDAPI with your EXE
3647. Overwrite inTMemo and TEdit
3648. Small bitmaps in a TPopUpMenu
3649. Refreshing the windows desktop
3650. Explaination of rounding
3651. StretchDraw on an icon
3652. How can I determine the week number of a given dayinthe year?
3653. Howdo Ichange a specific IDAPI configuration setting?
3654. Sending a message to allcontrols on a form
3655. Resizing an array
3656. How can I place a string that ispadded with spaces intoa
3657. Timed beeps from the PC speaker
3658. TQuery, error 'CreatingCursor handle'
3659. How canI place a bitmap in a Metafile?
3660. What are IDAPI and SQLlinks
3661. Images conflicts between different versionsof IE
3662. Informix Support
3663. Debugging into the VCL source code
3664. Big-endian andlittle-endian formated integers
3665. Displaying documents in thedefault browser
3666. Mask edit for TDBEdit controls
3667. Disabling Full WindowDrag
3668. Packing dBase tables
3669. MaxLength property of a DBEdit is not automatically set
3670. How can I assign aNull value to anumeric field in atable?
3671. Howcan I get thedefault Windowsfolders
3672. Getting current record from a TDBGrid
3673. Changing the font in ahint window
3674. Converting aTColor value to a HTML Colorstring
3675. What is the equivalent in BCBto a Pdox TCursor
3676. Using JPEGs from resourcefiles
3677. errorIndex out of range with TTable FindNearest or FindKey
3678. System Modal Windows onWinNT
3679. error initializing Database engine
3680. Playing MPEG filesin Delphiapps
3681. Runningapps on Windows startup
3682. Alloting CPU time
3683. Yielding cycles to other applications
3684. creatingindexeswith the TTable create function
3685. Reducing the resource requirements ofTNotebook and TTabbedNotebook
3686. Accessing MSAccess data with BCB
3687. Changing the root key
3688. Is there a programmaticway to add an alias to the IDAPI.CFG
3689. Show a AVI clip in full screen zoom mode
3690. Max Fields for dBase & ParadoxTables
3691. Play an AVI file that has sound, silently
3692. Error warnings too long
3693. TTable AddIndex() with ixUnique and Paradox tables
3694. Flush binary filefrom disk cache todisk
3695. How do I do a locate on a non-indexed field?
3696. Determine thelast access time of a given file
3697. using return instead of tab or mouse to move off a control
3698. Formatting and displaying integers withcommas
3699. Create hints for Menu items
3700. NativeAccessdriver and ISAPI/NSAPI
3701. Problems with MS Access
3702. Clearing the window in a console application
3703. Changing theowner of acomponent at runtime
3704. Accessing a grid's column/row by name
3705. Converting ASCII files to Paradox tables
3706. Reducing flickeron component redraw
3707. Assigning a comp type to an integer
3708. Testing if you are connected to the internet
3709. Rebuilding ParadoxIndex files
3710. Seting the number of fixed columns in a TDbGrid
3711. Changing the defaultform size
3712. Getting the handle of a Window containing a DOS box
3713. Refreshing the TDriveComboBox drive list
3714. Removing drives listed in a TDriveComboBox
3715. Determining if you have Delphi v3.02 installed
3716. Defining PRIMARYLANGID(), SUBLANGID(), and MAKELANGID() macros
3717. Forcing edit mode in a TListView via akeypress
3718. Differences between Create(Self)and Create(Application)
3719. Using the Shell APIfunction SHBrowseForFolder()
3720. Adding accelerator characters to TTabsheets
3721. Limiting the amount of text entered in a TEdit
3722. Detecting ifthe systemtime has beenchanged
3723. Trapping for when a user is done resizing a window
3724. Using the WIN APIhigh resolutionperformancecounter
3725. Keyboard shortcut to a component that has no caption
3726. Getting modem statusunder Win32
3727. BDE 4.51 causes Application Error
3728. Disabling a radio button ina TRadioGroup
3729. Click a speed button in code
3730. What isthe tag propertyuseful for?
3731. Using an instance of TPrinter
3732. Customizing TTrackBar
3733. Detecting tab key press
3734. adding systemmenuitems to a form
3735. Resizing StringGrid Columns
3736. Endless looping with the TMediaPlayer
3737. Frame count of an AVI
3738. drawing transparent textonto a TBitmap
3739. displaying seconds,minutes, tracks of an AVI
3740. Clearing the contents of a Canvas
3741. Shift, Ctrl,Alt key checking
3742. makinga Delphi DLL with as little in theuses clause as possible
3743. Moving a form by clicking in its client area
3744. Keeping an application minimized
3745. Clearing the recent Documents from the Start Menu
3746. Changing RichEdit Font styleswith HotKey combinations
3747. using the Lookup method to returnvalues from multiple columns
3748. Copying files using theStandard WindowsCopy file dialog box
3749. Using an Iconas theGlyph in a TSpeedButton
3750. Getting stronger type checking
3751. Gettinga string representation of a Windowserrorcode
3752. Getting the path to the directorywhere Windows was installed from
3753. responding when theuserminimizes or maximizes a Form
3754. Creating a custom word break procedure
3755. Creating a Lookupfieldat runtime
3756. 'Object not found' with STANDARD database
3757. Sharingdata dictionaries
3758. 'Your application is not enabledfor use with this driver' error
3759. open or create a projectusing the TReport component
3760. Specifya DefaultExpression for a TField object
3761. Getting values in a TDBGrid before theyare posted
3762. Invalidclass string' error during connect
3763. 'Cannot loadIDAPI service library' error during connect
3764. Remote datasets for multiple clients
3765. Error reading Database1.SessionName
3766. Errorreading Session1.SessionName
3767. Client application hang
3768. 'Provider name wasnot recognized by the server'error
3769. 'Could not find interface IDataBroker in type library' error
3770. Blank form at design or run time
3771. Saving a QuickReportcustom preview totext
3772. TQRExpr does not recognizeDisplyFormat settings
3773. Automating Word 7
3774. How to use Access97 drivers with BDE 4.51
3775. Newmethods not showing in code insight window
3776. 'EOleSys..operation unavailable' error
3777. Access violations with VC++ created OCX controls
3778. 'Errorsaving I(Interface)'
3779. 'Error 0: RLINK32 error opening file (TypeLibrary).tlb' error
3780. ActiveForms not displaying in Internet Explorer
3781. Keeping the Local IBServerfrom starting up automatically
3782. How canI get serial number of my drive
3783. 'TActiveFormX declaration missing or incorrect' error
3784. Missing ProviderName in TClientDataSet
3785. Propagating constraintsfrom middle-tier to client
3786. 'DAX Error: Unexpected failure.' error
3787. Determining Drive Type
3788. Client launching
3789. 'DAX Error: Server execution failed' error
3790. 'DAXError: Access is denied'error
3791. Old ActiveForm information displayed
3792. What directoryis the ActiveForm in
3793. How do I launch the Control Panel (and its applets)
3794. 'Invalid filename' error
3795. 'Invalid configuration parameter for alias
3796. Conditional defines for all Delphi versions
3797. Launching a web browser
3798. TClientSocket and TServerSocket
3799. Installing old Delphi 2 components
3800. Rebuilding components
3801. Using Visual Basic arrays in Delphi
3802. Specify an overlayimage for a node in a treeview
3803. Openingan application'shelpfile
3804. TToolBar and TSpeedButton misaligned
3805. Intel's Lan Desk management Suite causes lockup
3806. Where is CERTINST.DOC ?
3807. Declaring a SafeArrayin thetype library editor
3808. Setting a transparent background color for TImageList
3809. DBGrid fixed leftmostcolumn
3810. Component palette shown incorrectly - Matrox Millenium card
3811. Using FindFirst to search for files.
3812. Getting an handle to a windowin another application.
3813. Using an AVI filewith TAnimate
3814. Migrating a project from Delphi1 or 2 to Delphi 3
3815. Checking drive ready status.
3816. External function failure when passing boolean parms.
3817. No default printer selected error message.
3818. Creating a non-VCLconsole project.
3819. Printing to file.
3820. Getting the longfilename from a file.
3821. Gettingthe filename and path ofa local table.
3822. Temporarily turningoff rangechecking.
3823. Getting the taskbar handle.
3824. Why am I having trouble displaying and/or printing a very large bitmap?
3825. Copying a information from one memo fieldto another usingTBlobStream
3826. Broadcasting a message.
3827. Registering a file extension and context menu operations
3828. Custom InPlace Editor in StringGrid
3829. Delphistarup failure.
3830. Creating Non-Visual Components Without Icons
3831. Compiler options.
3832. Turning on Screen saver with code.
3833. Returning application'sexit code.
3834. Extracting an icon from a .exe or .dll.
3835. Determining if Delphi Running.
3836. Checking if TrueType fonts are available.
3837. Why Delphi drawing functions draw one pixel short.
3838. Recompiling complib.
3839. KeyStrokes: Opening files inDelphi editor.
3840. Getting the Windowsversion in code?
3841. How do I create a power function?
3842. Local InterbaseStartup Configuration.
3843. Preventing Components from Resizing
3844. Embedding a quite in a string.
3845. How do I restart Windows in code.
3846. Implementing theVB TwipsPerPixel in Delphi
3847. Converting 16bit resource to 32bit.
3848. Creating resource files.
3849. Using the WinApi GetObject to get a bitmap.
3850. calling windows Beep() function
3851. Performing undoon an edit control.
3852. Embedding a copyright symbol in a string?
3853. Adding TrueType fontsto windowsincode.
3854. Converting resources from 16bit to 32bit.
3855. TDateTime does not set the field out of 1900
3856. Copying contents of a control tothe clipboard.
3857. Checkingavailable disk space on large drives.
3858. Dropping a combobox's list in code.
3859. Setting a form's maxwidth in code.
3860. Gettingthe windows directory.
3861. Getting the size of the desktop.
3862. Hiding the windows taskbar.
3863. Keeping an application in a minimizedstate?
3864. Gettingthe current line number of a TMemo?
3865. Calling DeleteFilefunction
3866. Using far pointers.
3867. String Trim functions.
3868. Virtual key constants.
3869. Changing the Windows wallpaperin code?
3870. Passing TPrinter handle to GetDeviceCaps()
3871. Memo Input and line breaks.
3872. Changing windows default printer in code.
3873. Raster operations.
3874. How doI create a Resource only DLL?
3875. Using GetTimeZoneInformation()function?
3876. Trying to delete a running .exe?
3877. Determining is acanvas is a Metafile Canvas?
3878. Access97 ODBC with BDE4.51
3879. Disabling autodialwhen using internet controls.
3880. Displaying a file's associated icon.
3881. Can I get function params froma dll.
3882. Loading a local html filein theHTML control
3883. Printing a WEB page with the HTML control?
3884. Preventing system lockupin Win95.
3885. Using the Application's OnIdle Event.
3886. EHNRTRW.DLL not found
3887. 'Index List' error
3888. Passing a function to aprocedure or vice versa.
3889. How do I Print a TStringGrid / TDBGrid?
3890. Howdo I print incolor?
3891. Saving a TFont Object.
3892. Listbox selected property
3893. Gettinga list ofvalid time zones from windows.
3894. What types ofRouters are able tobe used?
3895. Deploying the BDE: InstallShield can't find BDE drivers
3896. BCD Number Truncateto only 4 Decimal Places
3897. Requirements for running CO400INS
3898. Changing font color on standard win controls.
3899. Typecasting aPChar to a longint.
3900. How do I use PathsandGeometric Pens?
3901. Howdo I convert a color to a shade of gray?
3902. Overcomming Stream readerror.
3903. Drawing in scale without using Windows Mapping Modes?
3904. How canI eject aCD-ROM in code?
3905. Extracting RGBcomponents of a color.
3906. How do I create an icon from a bitmap?
3907. Howdo I create a bitmapfrom anicon?
3908. Does myCD-ROM Drive containan Audio CD?
3909. How can I tell if the mouse is overmy form?
3910. Is my machine connected to thenetwork.
3911. Storing iconsin your application for use at runtime?
3912. How do I draw using LoEnglish Mapping Modes?
3913. NonVCLBitmap buffering
3914. Positioning the caret in an edit control.
3915. Color problems in 256color mode.
3916. How do I recurse sub directories?
3917. Sending a file to the Windows Recycle Bin?
3918. Justifying edit text.
3919. Read and BlockRead file function failure in 32bit.
3920. Record alignment in 32bit pascal.
3921. Calling windows RegisterClass function.
3922. Sendingkeystroke #255 to a windows control.
3923. TQuery RequestLive resultsin error"Table/View does not exist."
3924. Freeing an object stored in a list.
3925. StrPCopy and longstrings
3926. How can Idraw directly on theWindows Desktop?
3927. Copyinga 400 table to a different type of table.
3928. CO400 and AnyNet
3929. Making ini file changespermanent.
3930. Nestedfields inDBGrid
3931. Covert string of (zeros and ones) to binary.
3932. Bad PCFirst porton line1
3933. Finding the version info for OS/400
3934. Linkingan animated cursor toa resource file.
3935. DataSetFields don't display in Nested Table
3936. External Exception EEFFACE when connecting
3937. Adding install to Win95 Add/Remove programs.
3938. Query with a string does not work properly
3939. CO400INS library created, not CO400
3940. PtInRegion pixelfunction
3941. F004 Error
3942. How can I close the CD Tray in code?
3943. Settingbreak onexception inDelphi 4
3944. Where is "View | ProjectSource"
3945. Creating a file association for my application?
3946. How to move Client Objects to adifferent AS/400
3947. Simulating a mousemove in code.
3948. Viewing currently loaded DLLs/Modules from within Delphi 4
3949. Delphi .dcu format
3950. 'Setupcannot find any system', using SNA Server
3951. Detecting displaychanges.
3952. Executing and application by extention.
3953. Handling command line paramswith spaces
3954. Transfer initialization (1) =error 55
3955. Creating new constructors
3956. Reading dos environment variables
3957. Not authorized to use RSTLIB command
3958. Protection Error
3959. Getting the Lowest common denominator.
3960. Delphi/400 requires QSECOFR login
3961. Placing multiple copies of a component on a form.
3962. How do I launch a control panel applet?
3963. APPC Allocate Error No retry
3964. Integer to 'Binary String'
3965. Detecting PlugNPlay hardware changes?
3966. Launching your default browser on a URL.
3967. Creating a Win95 Shellicon application.
3968. Making sure changes survive a power failure
3969. Calculating a pointusing angles anddistance
3970. Calculating an angle from two points
3971. Changing delphi default directory
3972. Changing the printer port in code.
3973. TCombobox drop down size.
3974. Finding distance between twopoints.
3975. Determining if an objectsupports a property.
3976. Determining ifa combobox is in dropped state.
3977. How do I plot aline?
3978. Movinga control at runtime with the mouse.
3979. Debugging CORBAclients andservers
3980. Placing a grid in editmode programatically.
3982. Trapping messages in non client area of a form.
3983. Creating a PolyPolygon using a pointarray.
3984. Converting a RGB colorto a CMYK color
3985. Metafile fonts and the VCL
3986. "APPC MEMORY ALLOCATION ERROR" with Delphi 400
3987. Connecting to a remote CORBA server
3988. Error 'There are no fonts installed'.
3989. Can'tcreate local description file
3990. Making the drop-down list appear faster
3991. Why isn't a network install of Delphi 3 supported?
3992. Getting the summaryfunctionto work
3993. Adding sums of fields
3994. Is there a TQRDBMemo?
3995. Switching between different data sources
3996. Improving performance
3997. Printing Delphi controls using QuickReports
3998. Using additional data sets in expressions
3999. Stretching memos
4000. Setting the caption of thepreview window
4001. Printing to anotherprinter than the default one
4002. Printing calculated text
4003. Cannot find A2E table
4004. A sum(if(...,...,0)) always returns0
4005. Font problems on NT 4.0
4006. Printing a footer on only the last page
4007. Getting AddPrintableto work
4008. No default printer selected when using Quickreports
4009. The Count function
4010. Using a TQRExpr component at run-time
4011. Detecting if there's a disk in a drive
4012. Converting strings to dates
4013. Where is the 40COMUPDfile
4014. Cannot find 'CO40032.DLL'
4015. Cannotcreate local descriptionfile
4016. Object Activation
4017. Protection Error, Runtime version
4018. 'Record not found' or 'End Of File'
4019. Signal IO error
4020. SQL open error
4021. Unknown Field Name
4022. Findingthe RepositoryId ofa CORBA Server
4023. IDAPI Service Library not Found
4024. Delphi/400 Crash in Fields Editor
4025. Preventing changingpages in a page control
4026. Crash in lookup field ordblookuplist
4027. Delphi/400 : Queries against *LIBL
4028. Composite key with blank field inside
4029. Opening a file with manyindexes is slow
4030. Only one connectionis availableviaSna/Server router
4031. Delphi 3/400: Record blocking doesn't work
4032. If thelast value of key is blank, findKey doesn't find any record
4033. Client DataSet doesn't work with Delphi3/400
4034. Update, AppendUpdate Modes for BatchMove don't work
4035. Low Speed AS/400 with TCP/IP desyncronises
4036. Delphi 3/400: 2 TQueries on the Same Form
4037. TQuerywith NULLvalues causes hang
4038. Delphi 3/400: OnFilterRecordcauses hang
4039. Canceldoes not unlock locked record
4040. Cannot write more than 223 characters in a dataarea
4041. Not all fields allowedwithDecision Cube
4042. Delphi 3/400: Invalid Parameter with BDEAdmin
4043. Delphi3/400: Delphi pads out stringswith nulls
4044. Delphi 3/400:4 Digit integers are not SmallInt
4045. Delphi3/400: Modifiying Memo fields
4046. Delph 3/400:Float fields arerounded
4047. Delphi 3/300:Closing TQuery results in a GPF
4048. Delphi3/400:Table list displays only 499tables
4049. Delphi 3/400: ApplyUpdates doesn't work
4050. Getting a cool menu in your app
4051. Running16-bit Delphi on Windows NT4
4052. Installing Delphi froma hard drive.
4054. Creating Delphi4 Style Toolbars/Menus
4055. Merging the configuration file has failed
4056. Sybase and "record has been modified by another user" problems when using datetime fields
4057. Oracle8 and returning the REF CURSORfrom a stored procedure
4058. UnknownInternal OperatingSystem Error
4059. Creating NonMaintained or .NDX indexes on dBASE Tables
4060. Registering service applications underNT
4061. Automating Word 8 (word97)
4062. Error: Too manyfields in table create
4063. Detecting if a mouse hasa wheel
4064. Oracle's Oracle 7.x ODBC drivers, VARCHAR2 >255
4065. IBM CAE 5 PTF 3and 4 forDB2 Universal server and client
4066. Informix SE, errors while working with Borland Informix SQL Links
4067. Microsoft SQL Server "Unexpected EOF from SQL Server"
4068. Microsoft SQL Server error 17824 Unable to write to ListenOn connection
4069. Sybase DBLIB, Access Violation inKERNEL32.DLL
4070. SybaseCTLIB, multiple stored procedure result sets
4071. DB2 Win3.1 and Win95/WinNT combined installation.
4072. IBMDB2 CLI driver errors SQL0551N and SQL0805N
4073. BDE >=4.0, Intersolve ODBC 3.0, TQuery CachedUpdates, TUpdateSql, ApplyUpdates, null/blank string
4074. Oracle Integer to BDEor Delphi float, ENABLE INTEGER
4075. SQL LINKS >=4.0 BLOB SIZE parameter
4076. SQLExplorer reports Oracle 8 databaseas Oracle 7 database
4077. Access Violation when opening BDE Object in DataModule of DLL
4078. Sybase/"record has been modified by anotheruser" errorwith datetime fields
4079. Delphi4, Oracle 7.x stored procedures with multiple parameters withone being a REF Cursor
4080. Sybase 11.5 server causes problems for SQLExplorer
4081. Preventing changing to a page in apagecontrol
4082. Installing Delphi 4From a Network Location
4083. Vendor Init when using Oracle 7.2with Delphi4/BDE5
4084. Oracle8 and writing Data to aLOB (blob/clob) field.
4085. Date Field Precision ForBorland Database Formats
4086. SQL against Access tables with special characters in field names, suchas #
4087. Vendor INIT error when connecting to DB2 Version 5
4088. SQL Error returnserrorwhen tryingto get TableList for DB2
4089. Interbase, cached updates and Blob not found error
4090. MS Access and tryingto detectNull blobs using TBlobField.IsNull method
4091. Installation error -113
4092. Installationerror -117
4093. Missing DATAPUMP.EXE error when deploying BDEwith ISExpress
4094. Missingcomponent palette under NT
4095. Random access violationsin theIDE
4096. Installation error "_ins5176" at end of installation
4097. Multiple splash screens keep poppingup
4098. "ICON IMAGE IS NOT VALID" error when installing
4099. Blob have limit of1000000bytes when connecting via ODBC
4100. IDCO400.DLL andIDCO400.CFG notmarked as sharedDLLs.
4101. Non-Blob column in table required toperform operation with MSSQL
4102. Cannot Load IDAPI Service librarywhen connecting to Access
4103. VendorINIT failederror when connecting via Delphi/400
4104. How to prevent closingof anundocked ToolBar
4105. Error:"BORDBK40.DLL is missing or not registered"
4106. Paradox errors whenusing SQL servers and cached updates
4107. '#$(*(#' is not a valid identifier.
4108. In Memory Tables use System LanguageDriver
4109. Deleting all recordsfrom dBASE table may work differently between 16 bitand 32bit.
4110. AS/400 DataBasename setting inBDE alias.
4111. The beta version ofthe NetManage InterNet Controls has expired
4112. Oracle fields oftype MLSLABEL are not supported
4113. BatchMove of Time field from Paradox to Oracle resultsin timestamp in the year 3000.
4114. How can I generate an error for SELECT statements that divide by zero?
4115. What isa good BDE Alternative?
4116. Delphi is notbrought to the front whenbreakpointsare hit in Windows 98
4117. GPF inmodule MACXW4.DRV
4118. "Socket subsystem error" during install of InterBase
4119. Updating your AS/400 OS releasedoes noteffect your Delphi/400 install
4120. Error: APPC AllocateError Security Not Valid
4121. Error:Nested TransactionsNot supported
4122. DbiOpenTableList does not list Informix views
4123. Access CrossTab queries queries
4124. Incorrect Application Icon
4125. Creating a custom TInplaceEdit for TDBGrid
4126. Delphi 3/400 and Delphi 4/400 installed on the same machine
4127. Generating auxilary tables for Local SQL
4128. Live Queries do notsupportTO_-Date function
4129. curNATIVEHNDL, dbNATIVEHNDL, stmtNATIVEHNDL nor supported forAccess
4130. 0 Dates and Informix
4131. Live query against ADT's arenot supported
4132. Filters are not supported against ADTs.
4133. BLOBs and CLOBsnot supported in REF child table
4134. IN Not supported for Live Queries againstSQL Databases
4135. Creating Floats in AccessTable results in integers being created
4136. Fieldtypes thatgettranslated to BCD
4137. Default values not imported to Data Dictionary forAccess
4138. Can't Create Data Dictionariesfor ODBC connections to Access and Oracle
4139. Oracle 8 RAWfields are limited to255 bytes
4140. Delphi/400 deployment fails ifBDE partial install is deployed
4141. ODBC and DB2 don't doPrepare's
4142. Row Level locking not supported in drivers other than Paradox, dBASE and FoxPro
4143. DbiGetSysVersion doesnot reportminor releases
4144. Oracle 8 BLOB / CLOB ORA-22275 ORA-00932 ORA-01461
4145. Sybase/ MSSQL ARITHABORT ON and "Divideby zero occurred." error.
4146. Informix Online and ROW LEVEL LOCKING (LOCK MODE ROW)
4147. Oracle databaselink, cursor, ORA-03106: fatal two-task communicationprotocol error
4148. Raising MSSQL and Sybase errors with a severity
4149. New InterbaseSQL Links support in BDE 5.01 (SQLINT32.DLL v5.01.24)
4150. MSSQL SQL Links driverand the LANGDRIVER setting
4151. BDE 12550 Invalid configuration parameter error
4152. "lock timeout" error, TIMEOUT and MAX QUERY TIME parameters.
4153. Oracle user functions, ORA-06553 expressionof ofwrong type
4154. MSSQL 7 SQL Links (v5.01.23) feature support,MS DBLIB(NTWDBLIB.DLL)
4155. SQL Explorer leftpane cannotbe resized.
4156. Computer freezes at splash screen when Delphi is started.
4157. Computer freezeswhen Delphi is startedunder Windows 98
4158. Safe Mode and VGA mode.
4159. Starting in Safe Mode or VGA mode.
4160. Delphi 4 runningslowly.
4161. Error "Can't find PVCS" wheninstalling Delphi Professional.
4162. Creating a lookupfield in a TDBGrid for Builder
4163. SET NOCOUNT ON causes "Couldn't performthe edit because another user changedthe record" error
4164. FoxPro IDX files
4165. How doI get the version information for a file?
4166. Access and QuickReports
4167. How doI set the Wallpaper on Windows98/2000 when ActiveDesktop is turned on?
4168. "Invalid Row ID" when migrating from Oracle7 to Oracle 8
4169. MSACCESS Tables with System Databaseon a CDROM
4170. General SQL error # 2147221164
4171. SQL Anywhere and Blobs>32K when RequestLive=False
4172. Invalid Field Type when creating ODBC DataSource
4173. Oracle 7 faster than Oracle 8
4174. SharedMemory Conflict error
4175. Unable to resolve records. Tablename not found
4176. "invalid field type" database error withMSSQL server 7
4177. Oracle wrappedstoredprocedureand the Oracle SQL Links driver.
4178. Database Desktop and the number of displayed digits after the decimal point.
4179. Obtaining a listof available BDE language drivers
4180. Unrecognized Database Formaterror when opening Access table
4181. $2B05 "Permission denied." MS Terminal Server, application using theBorland Database Engine
4182. Maximum number of DBPROCESSES already allocated
4183. NT Authentication/Integrated security
4184. Nosuch method error on BOA_init()
4185. ODBC Connections via Microsoft ODBC Text driver
4186. Unable to use IDE tools to access and/orupdate tables in Informixdatabase
4187. External Exception EEFFACEunder Winnt 4.0
4188. Editing record generates BDE Error 10259 ($2813)
4189. Character fields from AccessODBC connection are reportedas being double their true size
4190. BatchMove from TEXT doesn't create Time or TimeStamp fields.
4191. Oracle MSLABELfields
4192. Dates with single digit years operate differently with a leadingzero
4193. How to avoid "Random" Exceptions being raised when usingTJPEGImage or the JPEG unit.
4194. SystemResource Capacities in Windows 95
4195. Expected type... error usingADO to access numbers in Oracle Table
4196. Hidden or missing IDE
4197. How doI execute astored procedure with TIBSQL?
4198. Garbageadded toend of Memo field with ODBC connection
4199. "Cannot loadan IDAPI service library"errorwith a message of"SQLORA8.DLL"
4200. TeamSource Error(4):Invalid extension, in file'...\\Archives\root.tsdata'
4201. Conflict between InteliMouse driver v2.2dand TDBLookupComboBox
4202. BDE Administrator not responding.
4203. "Could not perform corba dispatch, no interface repository found" error.
4204. The integrated debugger and NT
4205. Parameters to Access Long Text fieldslimited to255 characters
4206. Versions of Oracle Supported
4207. Versions of DB2 supported by BDE 5.10
4208. Parameter "ParamName" NotFound error when using anADOQuery and Parameters
4209. Why are my Data Access components not showing?
4210. Interpreting Cryptic Jpeg Error Number's
4211. How to enable the cut andcopy operations for the TWebBrowser component in Delphi 5.
4212. Howdo I Debugan In-Proc COM Server?
4213. GeneralSQL Error when accessing a memo fieldin MS SQL 6.5.
4214. Master/Detail relationships with data-aware controls.
4215. How SQL Linksdetermines if an MSSQL table can refreshed.
4216. Stored Procedures not workingin MS-SQL 7
4217. What version of PVCS doesTeamSource require?
4218. How do I changean ISAPI DLL projectto a CGI project, or vice-versa?
4219. Loading an ISAPI DLL with Informix results in Error.
4220. ISAPI DLL when connectingto Informix givessql.iem error
4221. Delphi 5 trialedition premature expiration
4222. "Operation not applicable" whenopening ClientDataSet.
4223. How do I set the desktop icon color incode, or make the text behind them transparent?
4224. Customizing the time/date display of the TDateTimePicker
4225. Does the BDE use Client side or server side cursors for MSSQL?
4226. How to obtain IDAPI32.LIB and IDAPI.H
4227. Versions of the BDE that support MSSQL7
4228. Access Violation when opening any Access Table
4229. Missing icons for theoffice components on the Server tab.
4230. Why can’t I connect to an Access databaseusing the BDE and native MSACCESS driver?
4231. Howdo I prevent my application’smain window from showing when my application loads?
4232. How to capture theURL and title of the current webpage being viewed.
4233. Items disappearing from the Uses tab in the Type Library editor.
4234. How do I get a list of CDROM drives on a computer?
4235. NewInterbasedriver configuration parameter COMMIT RETAIN.
4236. Converting an integer into a binary string
4237. RichEdit in aCOM server isnot beingcorrectly created
4238. Getting "unmapped SQL error code 10038" whenconnecting to MS SQL.
4239. Initializing an arrayor record to null.
4240. Why is my system freezing whenI start Delphi, just after closing the Just-in-time debugging dialog box?
4241. A final prompt, asking user if they really want toexit.
4242. Clearing a console window screen
4243. Oracle 8 problems introduced in BDE5.1.1.
4244. Loading Params for some Stored Procs in Packages causes AV
4245. Closingand reopening a prepared query with Oracle 8 causes memory leak.
4246. Logging in with an incorrect login resultsin different errors with Oracle 7 and 8
4247. GeneralSQL Error when connecting to MSSQL
4248. Application Taskbar Button
4249. TTable.Edit always executes SELECT statement
4250. Delphi 3 Midas apps not usable with BDE 5.1.1.
4251. Read only access toFoxPro is recommended.
4252. BDE uses small packet sizes
4253. User Authentication with Oracle 8 not supported.
4254. How to tell if a form has been created (or any object)?
4255. Internal Error2140 with NT Service Applicationand ADO
4256. What version of Delphi 5 does the Code Explorer come with?
4257. How to embedAdobe Acrobat into your application.
4258. Indices Vs. Keys
4259. How to use sets in code, such as adding to TDBGrid.Options, at runtime
4260. Setting defaultvalue fordecimal places in the BDE.
4261. Non-TThread Threading in Delphi, Access Violation, Invalid Pointer Operation.
4262. Delphi 5 on Windows 2000
4263. Auto-Increment fields in InterBase
4264. Row-Level Locking in MSSQL 7
4265. Delphi one no longeravailable.

Links from "Delphi32.com - Tips n Tricks"
4266. Process Walking and ID's
4267. Get Windows Directory
4268. GetWindows Version
4269. Minimize to System Tray
4270. Get Time-Zone Info
4271. Call ExternalProgram (WinExec)
4272. Count Words in a String
4273. CountWords in a String (Another Routine - Perhaps a little better.)
4274. Determine whichlabel was clicked
4275. MS Office applications
4276. Reverting a record
4277. Save Settings w/TIni File
4278. Guarding against VB Viruses
5467. How to convert C++ to Delphi - English Help file with many types how to convert C++ to Delphi.
5468. Installing Applications With Wise
5470. Creating Synergistic Components with Delphi
5489. DAX FAQs
5492. helicon software development- Translator for Delphi 3- FAQ
5494. Programming Fax Modems under
5497. Richey's Delphi FAQ
5502. BDE/SQL LinksUpdates
5504. SQLStandards web page.
5505. Delphi MathFunctions
5512. Delphi Frequently Asked Questions
5514. Shareware ActiveX & OCX FAQ

Links from "Swiss Delphi Center - ActiveX"

Links from "Swiss Delphi Center - Database"
6205. undelete a dBASE record ?
6206. open a password-saved paradox database without knowing the password ?
6207. packa Table ?
6208. show deleted records ?
6209. BDE Error list
6210. adda password to a paradox table ?
6211. select a random datarecord?
6212. get the table version ?

Links from "Swiss Delphi Center - Files"
6213. display a long path as 'c:\...\path\file.txt' ?
6214. check if a file is Ascii ?
6215. get the free disk space ?
6216. getthe pathes of the windows special folders ?
6217. check if a file exists ?
6218. checkif a file can be opened?
6219. set file date ?
6220. write and read in text files ?
6221. show the "Openwith..."dialog?
6222. display file properties dialog ?
6223. find the size of a file?
6224. use INI files? (*.ini)
6225. search for files recursively ?
6226. copy /move / delete whole directory ?
6227. extract an icon from application ?
6228. get directory size ?
6229. getfile date ?
6230. get program directory ?
6231. getthe current directory ?
6232. definebinary exe type ?
6233. delete program after it finishing ?
6234. get the mp3 ID3-Tag ?
6235. check if a file is in use ?
6236. use file shortcuts?
6237. copy files ?
6238. makea directory ?
6239. read and write textfiles ?
6240. patch files ?
6241. convert Short in Long filenames ?
6242. read the versionof a file ?
6243. use to copy file theshellfunction ?
6244. adda file to thedocument menu ?
6245. get the lastaccess from a file ?
6246. move a file in therecyclebin ?
6247. check if a path exists ?
6248. show the selectdirectory dialog ?
6249. convert long filenames in shortfilenames ?

Links from "Swiss Delphi Center - Forms"
6250. get a pixel color of the desktop ?
6251. find classes registered by a form class ?
6252. prevent formmoving ?
6253. close an application with the escape key ?
6254. create ascrolled form caption?
6255. show apopupmenu in the task notificationarea ?
6256. Showthe print dialog and print text files ?
6257. using MessageDlg ?
6258. get Col and Row fromTRichedit ?
6259. print aform ?
6260. make an animated application icon ?
6261. makea desktop screenshot ?
6262. use system icons ?
6263. make a gradient filled form ?
6264. opena form animated ?
6265. get and set mouse position ?
6266. move window controls at runtime ?
6267. change the display timeof the Hints ?
6268. use help files (*.hlp) ?
6269. empty a TImage?
6270. make anedit field onlyfornummeric inputs ?
6271. passthe focus to the next control?
6272. make a windowalways minimized ?
6273. minimize controls on the form?
6274. press a button bycode ?
6275. make a 2 line hint ?
6276. changethe Hint Font ?
6277. utilize animated cursors?
6278. make a child form without MDI ?
6279. makea form alwayson top ?
6280. hide the main form ?
6281. makerounded windows ?
6282. DragDrop with the windows explorer ?
6283. make a UNDO function for mem fields ?
6284. hidethe caption bar ?
6285. enable and disable the animation ofwindows ?
6286. move windows without acaption bar ?
6287. makea windowborderless when dragging ?

Links from "Swiss Delphi Center - Graphic"
6288. draw a bitmap to desktop ?
6289. changescreen resolution ?
6290. tile an image ?
6291. get current screen resolution ?
6292. mirror a bitmap ?
6293. get informations about bmp files ?
6294. print a canvas ?
6295. draw multiple text lines ?
6296. change the graphicmode ?
6297. convert BMP to JPG ?
6298. draw anicon ona TImage?
6299. convert jpg to bmp ?
6300. know the height/width of a character ?
6301. convert icons to bmp ?
6302. convertwmf tobmp?
6303. convert bmp to wmf ?

Links from "Swiss Delphi Center - Internet"
6304. get the kind of internet connection ?
6305. getthe URL fromcurrent active webbrowser ?
6306. get Internet Explorer favourites ?
6307. obtain the computer name from IPaddress ?
6308. find out my own IP Address ?
6309. obtain the pathto the defaultwebbrowser?
6310. send an e-mail ?
6311. calldefault emailprogram to send an email ?
6312. open url in default webbrowser ?
6313. check if I am connected to theinternet ?

Links from "Swiss Delphi Center - Misc"
6314. check a string for a valid email address ?
6315. convertTColor to HTML color ?
6316. split text into words?
6317. set decimal separator systemwide?
6318. change the date format ?
6319. get the week number ofa date ?
6320. useBitmaps from resource (*.res) ?
6321. check for validamount ?
6322. get the difference between 2 dates ?
6323. convertHex codes ?
6324. use the autorun function (CD-ROM) ?
6325. read values from string resource (*.res)?
6326. create binary resource files (*.res) ?
6327. createstring resource files (*.res) ?
6328. check if a disk is ready ?
6329. refresh the desktop ?
6330. make the dektop icon text transparent ?
6331. change the mouse buttons ?
6332. hide the desktopicons ?
6333. manage desktop icons ?
6334. check if a disk is in drive ?
6335. load only one instanzof a program ?
6336. encrypt a password ?
6337. check if delphi isrunning?
6338. delete duplicate items in a stringlist ?
6339. reverse a string?
6340. use a pascal delay in delphi ?
6341. checkif a String is numeric ?

Links from "Swiss Delphi Center - Multimedia"
6342. set the soundcard volume ?
6343. check if CD-ROM is open ?
6344. record wave files (*.wav) ?
6345. open an close thecd-drive?
6346. enable and disable system beep ?
6347. check if a soundcard is installed ?

Links from "Swiss Delphi Center - Objects / ActiveX"
6348. display an alternating color for each TListBox row ?
6349. move cursor in TRichEdit to a definedposition ?
6350. highlight TListBox itemson mouse move ?
6351. drag&drop with a TListBox ?
6352. automatic scrollin a TMemo ?
6353. save and load a TTreeView ?
6354. drawbitmaps in a TComboBox ?
6355. delete a row in a TStringGrid ?
6356. changewith enter to the next field ina DBGrid?
6357. create a component at runtime ?
6358. include a progressbarinto a statusbar ?
6359. use theautocomplete featurein a combobox ?
6360. OLEwith Excel ?
6361. move items ina listbox ?
6362. OLE with the internet explorer ?
6363. ..OLE with word ?

Links from "Swiss Delphi Center - System"
6364. show the functions which will exported by a DLL ?
6365. get the current username?
6366. start the screensaver ?
6367. ..format a Win32 drive ?
6368. minimize all windows ?
6369. disable / enable / hide / show taskbar?
6370. simulate the pressing of keyboard keys ?
6371. get associated icon of afile shortcut ?
6372. create a multimediatimer ?
6373. changethe caption of other applications ?
6374. get if logged in as administrator ? (NT/2000 only)
6375. getthecomputer name?
6376. register own file types ?
6377. empty recycle bin?
6378. shutdown / reboot / logoff WIndows 9x / NT /Me / 2000 ?
6379. get names of available comm ports ?
6380. send a windows messagewith SendMessage ?
6381. get startmenu directory ?
6382. getvolume name ?
6383. create a systemwide hotkey?
6384. get windows and system directory ?
6385. getWindows uptime ?
6386. get handle and class name from the currentmouse pos ?
6387. check if Softice is loaded ?
6388. format date and time for usingas string ?
6389. execute an other program?
6390. use program parameters ?
6391. hide the application from tasklist (Ctrl+Alt+Del) ?
6392. start a program and wait while it is loading ?
6393. find out total and available memory ?
6394. get the drive type?
6395. open the start menu ?
6396. change the system time ?
6397. detectsystem fontsize ?
6398. play system sounds ?
6399. determinate in whitchway windows isstarted ?
6400. stop Windows from displaying critical error messages ?
6401. prevent Alt+F4 ?
6402. suspendthe PC ?
6403. prevent Ctrl + Alt + DEl. ?
6404. hide the startbutton?
6405. turnoff the monitor ?
6406. hide a program in the taskbar ?
6407. readthe harddisk serial number ?
6408. set thestate of Num Scroll andCaps Lock ?
6409. delete an item fromthe systemmenu ?
6410. get the windows language ?
6411. addan item to the systemmenu ?
6412. convert ASCIIto ANSI ?
6413. show the formatdialog ?
6414. decode a TDate typ ?
6415. use the registry ?
6416. getthe current user name ?
6417. check if taskbar autohide featureis enabled?
6418. set process priority ?
6419. getthe windows version ?
6420. enableand disable CD autorun ?
6421. change the desktop wallpaper?
6422. open an applet from the control panel ?

Links from "Tribute to Delphi - Internet"
6531. Getting Info about MS IE
6532. MS IE Automation Demo

Links from "Tribute to Delphi - Multimedia API"
6533. Play .AVI file in TPanel
6534. Mixer Info
6535. AudioVolume Control
6536. Test Predefined Animated AVIs

Links from "Tribute to Delphi - OLE"

Links from "Tribute to Delphi - Short Articles"
6537. Using Registry (with Samples)
6538. Console Applicationsin Delphi
6539. Forthcoming - Networking Functions

Links from "Tribute to Delphi - VCL"
6540. How to clear the entire form
6541. Howto get the size of the window
6542. OwnerDraw Status Panels
6543. OnHint Event Handler
6544. How touse Metafiles
6545. CheckListBox Demo
6546. DirOutline Demo
6547. Gauge Demo
6548. OnHelp Event Handler Demo
6549. ListBox FontDemo
6550. TreeView Usage Demo
6551. SpinButton Custom Bitmaps

Links from "Tribute to Delphi - Win32 API"
6552. How to get Windows Version
6553. Getting Window Class Name
6554. How to Obtain SystemInfo
6555. Virtual Memory Info
6556. How to get Environment Vars
6557. Howto Reboot the Computer
6558. How to enumeratevideo modes
6559. Howto change video modes
6560. File System Info-1
6561. FileSystem Info-2
6562. Font Rotation Demo
6563. Module List Demo
6564. MemoryMapped Files - Client
6565. Memory Mapped Files - Server
6566. Keyboard Switching
6567. How to get Locales Info
6568. Setting Help Window Size
6569. How to Open HTML File
6570. Clear the contents of Documents Menu
6571. How to Add File toDocuments Menu
6572. SHBrowseForFolder Demo
6573. SHFileOperation Demo
6574. How to Create Shell Link
6575. Shell Read
6576. OLE Storage Demo
6577. Howto create toolbar window
6578. How to Read Version Resource
6579. Printer API Functions Demo

Links from "Visualbuilder.com - Delphi Articles"

Links from "Advanced Delphi Programming"
6657. Shell Extension and Namespace Information
6658. Adding and removingshell extensions in Delphi
6659. Context Menus for Files and Folders
6660. Displaying the Properties Page for a file, folder or drive.
6661. Getting the PIDL or Item ID List fora Fileor Folder
6662. Using SHFileOperation tocopy files inDelphi
6663. Waiting for an application to finish running

Links from "Alexey Dynnikov's Delphi pages - Demos"
6664. New example
6665. Newexample
6666. How to get the CPU usage
6667. Advanced interactive service example
6668. Process Listexample
6669. DDE Server in Service
6670. Windows NT Secretstorage
6671. SID stuff
6672. ACLEditor
6673. Simple NT Service application
6674. An advanced NTServiceapplication
6675. AnInteractiveService
6676. DCOM Server in NT Service
6677. DCOMServer withEventsupport
6678. PerfInfo sample application
6679. TaskView example
6680. PerfExplorer Example
6681. Get the nameof interactive user

Links from "Building ActiveX Controls Using"
6748. What's new in Delphi4's ActiveX framework
6749. Using ActiveForms with InternetExplorer 4.01
6750. WebTurd example
6751. BorlandConferencepaper
6752. sample code
6753. How can I convert a Delphi form to an ActiveForm?
6754. I have problems getting myActiveX control or ActiveForm to download to other machines. How can I diagnose what's going on?
6755. How doI override an interface method that's already implemented in asuperclass with a staticmethod?
6756. Howdo Iknow if my ActiveX control isin design or run mode? (Thisis a good exampleofretrieving ambient properties.)
6757. How do I retrieveproperties from an HTML page?
6758. Howdo I obtain my control'ssite?
6759. How do I mark a control as "safe for scripting"/"safe for initializing"? What does that mean?
6760. I wantto use myfavoriteActiveX control, but it seems not to work in Delphi 3. What interfaces arerequired for my co
6761. How does theActiveX Control wizard control convert properties? Which properties are converted and which aren't? How
6762. I've built an ActiveX control thatcan be put in the Internet Explorer. How do Icause it to send the browser to another URL
6763. Legal notices

Links from "Calling Dr. Marteens - Tricks and tips"
6764. Religion Wars in Lilliput
6765. Using pseudo-indexes
6766. When two are one and one is two...
6767. Lifeafter death
6768. Are all TStringsequal?
6769. Refreshing only one row from a dataset
6770. Optimizing Lastmethod call forInterBase tables
6771. How can we get SQLCODE from a database operation
6772. Gettingthe Paradox user list
6773. Some common problems when installing aSQL database server
6774. Unique indexes in dBase 7
6775. Tips about component creation
6776. Collections and persistence
6777. Writing on a window's caption
6778. Using const with string parameters
6779. Bitmaps, MDI windows and subclassing
6780. Sequences inOracle
6781. Things to avoid in C++ Builder
6782. Enhancing Locate'ssecurity
6783. Modifying BDE parameters at runtime
6784. First steps with the OpenTools API
6785. Adding properties toa custom form
6786. Back to the Spanish page

Links from "chami.com/tips"
6787. Is Windows taskbar's auto hide feature enabled?
6788. Calling ControlPanel applets from your programs and scripts
6789. bin2hex- script to convert data files into source code arrays
6790. Compilers andinterpreters for computer languages
6791. Displaying local HTMLfiles using the THTMLcomponent orother browser
6792. Windows services-Getting alist of installed services
6793. Windowsservices - Converting between key and display names
6794. Windows services - Starting and stopping
6795. Windowsservices - Checking status
6796. Making your source codewith arrays easierto read
6797. Life cycle ofa form
6798. What's the name of the Window at x,y?
6799. How tobring upthe network connections dialog using Win32 API
6800. Getting user input the easy way
6801. Handy littleWrite() equivalent for Windows programs
6802. Differences between TButton, TBitBtn, and TSpeedButton
6803. Dynamically changing TCP/IP DNS addresses
6804. How to find the starting and the ending element positions of an array
6805. Warning: HintandWarning messages are turned off!
6806. How to declare and initializestatic arrays
6807. AddmorecolorstoDelphi's syntax highlighter
6808. What exactly can theRich Edit Control do anyway?
6809. How do I knowifIhave Delphi 2.01?
6810. If youonly knew the format ofthat file...
6811. When was thatfilelast accessed?
6812. Resizing huge strings
6813. Go back to yourparent...
6814. Your own object inspector
6815. Quick way toretrieve current screen resolution
6816. How to reverse strings
6817. Using Format()toformat your code
6818. Say no to programclosings!
6819. Delphi, C++Builder and JBuilder components heaven
6820. Make iteasier to read source code
6821. Printers
6822. View your code in assembly
6823. Hello, word!
6824. Globalexception handler
6825. Rich labels
6826. How tostop Windows from displayingcritical error messages
6827. Howto get current user name
6828. Dynamically calling functions in DLLs
6829. How to retrieve environment variables
6830. Howto changeNetscape preferences fromyour program(and access multiple email accounts)
6831. Everyone take note please - I changed the registry!
6832. What did I justright click on?
6833. Is that a bitmap I see onyourmenu item?
6834. Why notcall itbyitsname?
6835. Whyalways drag awindowby its title bar?
6836. How to installfonts
6837. Searchand replace...
6838. Shuffle strings...
6839. SettingWindows wallpaper revisited(with new tricks!)
6840. Moving to the next tab stop
6841. Control AutoPlay (dynamically) fromyourprogram
6842. Search for help...
6843. Do youhave HotKeys?
6844. Detecting CD-ROM disc and other disk change using serial numbers
6845. GlobalMemoryStatus() to the rescue
6846. Splash windows for allyour special occations
6847. Count your words
6848. Writeyour next C++ program using Delphi components
6849. Calling CreateProcess() the easy way
6850. Better way todisplay [error] messages
6851. Can your video handle 16, 256,32768, 16777216, ormore colors?
6852. Howto add database aliases toBDE at run time
6853. How to comment outlarge amount of source code
6854. So you're moving from Visual Basic to Delphi...
6855. Bookmark your source code
6856. Registeryourselfin theregistry
6857. How to save clipboard data to a file
6858. No screen savers for me please
6859. Invisible titles
6860. Log off,shutdown,restart,or reboot
6861. Easy way to find out which properties should be set when creatingcomponentsat run time
6862. CMPLIB32.DCLproblems
6863. How to maximize without maximizing
6864. Twofunctions with the same name in two units
6865. Show your IDbefore changing thesystem time
6866. Easyway to avoid adding duplicate items to string lists
6867. Add documentsto "Start | Documents" menu
6868. Deletefiles with the ability to undo or recycle
6869. How to printinahurry
6870. Createyour own hints
6871. Function to listallthe network drive mappings
6872. How to programmatically make your programs runon Windowsstartup
6873. Howto createfunctions that can accept variable number of parameters such as Format()
6874. Convert font attributes to a string and vise versa
6875. Find out if theCAPSLOCK is on
6876. How to put a delay
6877. To addor nottoadd
6878. Add animated cursors toyour program
6879. Convert yourTColorsto hex strings
6880. How to add components to forms at runtime
6881. Howto look forandhandle command line parameters
6882. How to access ports
6883. ChangeWindowswallpaper from yourprogram
6884. How to create a console mode program
6885. Find out where your program isrunning from
6886. Explore your documents, programs andURLs
6887. Batch build multiple projects
6888. Let them drag and drop files on your program
6889. Windows, webpages,multimedia programs,allhave backgrounds. How comeyour Delphiformdoesn't?
6890. Are you looking for a practical extraction and report language? Try PERL!
6891. Is it 'C:\Program Files'or 'C:\PROGRA~1'
6892. Make or break your WORDs
6893. Takeanother lookat yourform...
6894. Hint, Hint, Hint; Hint, Hint
6895. Surprise!
6896. How to call Internet Explorerfrom Delphi
6897. Twoways to change the default project options
6898. How to clearmultiple edit controls without having to refer to them one byone
6899. Addpersonality to your good old MkDir() function...
6900. How to tell NetscapeNavigatorwhich web pages to load from your Delphi program
6901. Easy way to compare dates
6902. How to display your web site logo ontheaddress bar andin the favorites list
6903. Does your sitehave a privacy statement?
6904. How to make InternetExplorer or Netscape Navigatoryour default browser
6905. Creating anactive drop down list usingCGI
6906. Using multiple submit buttons on a single form
6907. How todisableand enable cookies
6908. Creating and handling a form with multiple submit buttonswith images
6909. Describing tables using theSUMMARYattribute in TABLE tags
6910. How to upgradeIIS 3.x to log extendedinformation
6911. InstantMessagesover AOL, CompuServe and the Internet
6912. What canyou do whenweb robots are hammeringyour site
6913. Creating questions and answers forms for your web pages
6914. Introductionto mailing lists
6915. Award yourself
6916. CGI? What is it? Can I do CGI?
6917. Reducing the sizeofyour JPEG (JPG) images
6918. Retrieving filesfrom server-sidescripts using ActiveXcomponents
6919. Why doesn'tthis Java applet play my sound file?
6920. Creategreat effects for your web pages in seconds using colorized text
6921. Easy way to submityourweb page URL to multiple search engines
6922. Checking thestatusof the information superhighway using pingand traceroute gateways
6923. How to start Netscape Communicator with a specific user profile
6924. Addingpage breaks to your web pages
6925. Have you heard about META tags?
6926. How to curelong and hard-to-remember URL bluesusing a redirecting service
6927. Howto install Perl scripts on Internet Information Server
6928. Web rings - focused categories and traffic for your pages
6929. Howto create text links in multiple colors
6930. Font embedding forweb pages
6931. How to specifyfont stylesfor text inside tables, the easy way
6932. Readingweb server response
6933. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthdaydear surfer,Happybirthday to you!
6934. Make iteasiertoidentify cells using titles in your tables
6935. Freeweb spacefor your home page
6936. Linkingto chami.com/tips/
6937. Validate your HTML pages
6938. 411 on the web-how to find local phone numbers online
6939. HTML special character reference
6940. Web page color table - safe colors for yourimages
6941. Commonly used Internet related filetypes
6942. Java applets and applications heaven
6943. Improving your browser using plug-ins
6944. Your own version of theNavigator
6945. Easier way tomanipulate favorites on-the-spot
6946. Find out your computer'sIP address
6947. Shifting Netscape 4's Java startup delay
6948. Changing your counter's face - where to find counter digit styles
6949. How to display thelast modified date
6950. Addhotkeys to your forms
6951. Redirecting your visitors to the preferred form of your URL using JavaScript
6952. robots.txt file related security issues
6953. How to make your links glow
6954. Howto make Internet Explorer automatically search for tips from the address bar
6955. How to change yourbrowser's start page
6956. Counters, trackers and log analyzers for your web page
6957. How to insert custom HTML tags on to yourweb page
6958. Howto disableorenable JavaScript
6959. How to findout the brand and the version of web browser you're using
6960. Howto clear browser cache
6961. Creating links without underlines
6962. How to describe your links using pop-up hintswindows
6963. Keepingrobots, spiders and wanderers away from your site using robots.txt, metatagsand other methods
6964. Don't let call waitingcut into your onlineconnection
6965. How to get your own domain name
6966. Howto get a list of people on theIRC who are using your ISP
6967. How to find out if anyone fromyour neighborhood is online and ready to chat
6968. When using images isn't fast or good enough, add pop-up hint windows
6969. Searching? Don't forget about CTRL+F
6970. How to disableand enable Java
6971. Learn how tobake cookies
6972. All about United States Income taxes...
6973. Sitback andwatch thehits toyour site increasein real time using a live counter
6974. Readingand posting news articles withouta news server orclient
6975. How to reallyreload
6976. Howto hide JavaScript code from non-JavaScriptenabledbrowsers
6977. How to create active drop down lists without using CGI
6978. Howto searchforanewsgroup
6979. Custom web graphics on the fly...
6980. Who's using thatJavaapplet?
6981. Retrieving CompuServe email using Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook
6982. Let the framesfloat...
6983. Howto print your bookmarks file
6984. Let them search engine robots knowwhat your page is really about using DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS meta tags
6985. When you're in a hurryto send email,use "mailto:"
6986. Implementingmulti-columns the easyway
6987. Tables can havebackground images too
6988. How totranslatewebpages into other languages
6989. Compile your firstJava applet in minutes
6990. Let your visitors choose colors for your pages
6991. Back and forward
6992. Why shouldn'tyouwrap your pages with tables?
6993. Place your own bitmap on Internet Explorer's toolbar
6994. Clearyour history...
6995. Plugin without pluggingout...
6996. What class should my TCP/IP network be?
6997. Creating newdomain names (for personal use)
6998. Make browsingyour site a smoother experience by building a minicache for yourweb pages
6999. Aboutabouts
7000. Netscape's best and biggestview
7001. How to createaform and make it email its content to your mailbox (no CGIrequired!)
7002. When you can't find a calculator...
7003. Savebandwidthbyavoiding attachments whenever possible
7004. Has your cache overgrown?
7005. Pop-up windows (with a little help fromJavaScript)
7006. FREE advertising for your site
7007. To quote or not toquote...
7008. Blink text blink...
7009. Create your own HTML pages the old fashioned way
7010. What isLightweight Directory Access Protocolor LDAP ?
7011. Marquees everywhere...
7012. Animated buttons without Java - thanks to OnMouseOver and OnMouseOut
7013. Choose your colors carefully
7014. How tologin tomultiple online services usingone modem (at the same time!)
7015. Pocket size web browsers arehere!
7016. CompuServe users: forgetthe numbers and get with therealworld!
7017. Change the location where your Internet Mail and News is stored
7018. Activate yourweb pages [from the server side]!
7019. Fill your framesby dropping linkson them
7020. Automate yourFTP sessions
7021. Explorations shouldn't be limited to remote resources
7022. TAB through your links
7023. Giveyour fontsa face
7024. Be careful aboutwhat youclick on!
7025. Add a search engine to your site
7026. Easy way toupdate your address book
7027. How to access those government documents
7028. Plug into plugins
7029. Ready for Integrated Services Digital Network?
7030. Is there a localinternet provider in your area?
7031. Speed up the loading of HTML files with images
7032. Sending emailto CompuServeaddresses
7033. Play music for your visitors
7034. Do you reallywantothers to know where you'vebeen?
7035. How toget an emailnotification when your favorite webpages getupdated
7036. BTW, R U New2Internet acronyms and abbreviations?
7037. Don't cache my page!
7039. How to get to your news groups and messages faster
7040. Click for a dialog
7041. Describe your links
7042. Don't want to go home yet?
7043. Unlimited numberof wallpapers foryour computer
7044. Take a look at your cookies and find out what others know about you
7045. How todeliverbrowser specificcontent using JavaScript
7046. Howto editweb pages using Internet Explorer and yourfavorite HTML editor
7047. Selecting text is nota drag!
7048. How to create ablank cell with borders in a HTMLtable
7049. Using Fingertolookup the nameof the owner of anemailaddress
7050. How "private" is your email address?
7051. Whyyou shouldn't always choose thesite closest to you
7052. I wantto go back to that site...
7053. Suspend advertisements while searching
7054. Netscape page switcher
7055. Who says you need a web server to havea home page?
7056. http://www.chami.com/tips/internet/111196I.html
7057. Search and GO!
7058. Find out moreabout your locations
7059. How to download large files faster and more reliably
7060. .com to.org and.ad to .zwexplained
7061. Findthe eMail address of your favoritecelebrate
7062. Automaticallyredirect your visitors to your new home page
7063. Find out where aparticular site is located
7064. Quick way togetto the FTP site associated with a WWW site
7065. Make a map before you leave home
7066. Three shortcuts.Three functions
7067. How to log into FTP sitesthat require a username and a password using Netscape
7068. Is your browser's displayarea too small? Run it in full screen mode!
7069. Find out who has a linkto your home page
7070. Is your computer safe and secure?
7071. Batch downloading multiple web pages and other files without using a browser
7072. Copying data fromDOS / console mode programscreens
7073. How to view bootup check disk results
7074. Howto edit or remove program sounds
7075. How to create alarger and scrollable DOSbox
7076. Howfastis your computer, comparedto other systems?
7077. Toys for Windows
7078. How to export the Outlook addressbook
7079. Find out what's going onwhile Windows is loading
7080. Too lazy to type the full directory name?
7081. Need help finding help topics? Bookmarkthem
7082. Recall them commands
7083. Windows tipsare just a double click away...
7084. Who should you send alerts to?
7085. Howto createa Null Modem Cable
7086. How isyour computer doing?
7087. Faxing from Windows NT
7088. DirectDOS print outs to network printers
7089. Change your DOS/Command prompt
7090. Short cuts tothe system menus
7091. So your SoundBlaster sound card doesn't do all the tricks?
7092. Change to a drive and expand its subdirectories
7093. Deleting directories andfiles inside them at once
7094. How to get IPinforamtion
7095. Where did thecalendar go?
7096. Windows programs heaven
7097. How to createarepair disk
7098. Betterterminal than Terminal
7099. How to specify which mail delivery system to use
7100. Howto accessrecycled files from the DOS /commandprompt
7101. Copying more than onefileto asingle destination (or merging)
7102. File compression forWindows NT
7103. Whenkeyboard lights aren't enough, hear the sound of locking
7104. Really short shortcutto the environment variables dialogbox
7105. How tonavigate the taskbar without a mouse
7106. Who's connected toyou?
7107. Forgetthe association
7108. How to shutdown your computer froma distance...
7109. True size ofadirectory
7110. Too many folders?
7111. LetWindows takecare of your scheduling
7112. So you don't like white on black?
7113. How todisableshutdown button on the Log-in screen
7114. What a difference smoother fontscan make
7115. How toconnecttwocomputers and accesstheir drives through the Internet
7116. Writing your first BATch file
7117. Why usethe sameold icons when youcan usethumbnails?
7118. Live in a bad neighborhood?
7119. Why connect ifyoudon'thave to?
7120. Whoops! I shouldn't have done that!
7121. Won't you stopstarting on startup?
7122. Dropping into drop-down lists
7123. Creating logical drives on thefly
7124. So you don't need 8.3 file names anymore?
7125. For a fasterandhealthier drive
7126. Upgrading yourfile system to NTFS
7127. How to permanently disable AutoPlay
7128. Short-cuts can also be bookmarks to OLE documents
7129. How to changefoldericons
7130. Find files...
7131. Longand short file names explained
7132. Configurethefiletypes supported byQuick View
7133. Selectively removing documentsfrom the "Start | Documents" menu
7134. How to printPRNfiles
7136. Network withoutnetwork cards
7137. Simple way to get faster access to "My Computer"
7138. Explore the Explorer
7139. Become a System Editor
7140. A is for All
7141. How to specify multiple default pages in Internet Information Server
7142. Where did I download that file to?
7143. Selecting and deselecting all files in File Manager
7144. Is there an useforthe PRINT SCREEN key any more?
7145. Start it minimized
7146. Screen saversare programs too!
7147. BACKSPACE your way through folders
7148. Quick way toprintthe directory listing
7149. Quickundo inedit boxes
7150. Are you sureyouhave the latest version of Windows95?
7151. Howto access NTFS partitions fromDOS / Windows
7152. Rightclick, right click, right click
7153. What are you doing with your personal web server?
7154. Where did allthe DLL andothersystem files go?
7155. Writeyour own help
7156. Adjust the sizeand spacing of your icons
7157. How tobypass problematic CONFIG.SYSand AUTOEXEC.BAT files
7158. I want my Windows 3.1!
7159. Shutdown the troubling program
7160. Would you rathercallit a "Trash Can?"
7161. How to open yourURLs without manually opening your browser
7162. Find out if it'stimeto upgradeyour processor
7163. Fastest way to add itemsto your StartMenu
7164. Give your 16bitprogramits own space
7165. DoesESCAPE reallylet you escape?
7166. How to make WindowsNT, Windows95, and MS-DOS co-exist in NT's boot manager
7167. Play wave files from .BAT programs
7168. Dragand view
7169. Dragging and dropping objects between full screen applications
7170. Clean your path
7171. Run Explorer from the command promptand makeit open a specified directory
7172. Quick visit to your network neighborhood
7173. Suspend auto-play
7174. Faster way to get to your desktop
7175. Quick run
7176. Add style toyourDIR command
7177. Watch what you're doing or you might teachyour Windowsabadhabit!
7178. Speedup your1X,2X, and 3X CD-ROM
7179. Wallpapers -for better or worse
7180. Drag and dropfilenamesto the Command Prompt
7181. Get statistics for all drives at once
7182. Speed-up the response ofyour StartMenu
7183. You know how to change the wallpaper; here's a way tochange the startup and exit screens
7184. Can't get to a particular site? Check where your"Internetwire" is broken without waking the phone company
7185. Document Scraps:Save bits and pieces ofyour files
7186. Make items inside Control Panel, Printers, and Dial-Up Networking Folder accessibledirectly fromthe Start
7187. Gainfaster accesstoyour drives, printers,programs, etc., by customizing your "Send To" menu

Links from "Charlie Calvert - Pascal"
7188. Charlie's Delphi and Pascal Books
7189. Source code for Charlie's Books or Projects
7191. The Basics of Parsing of XML in Delphi 5
7192. Intermediate XML Parsing in Delphi 5
7193. Problems CompilingDirectX Code in Delphi 5
7197. Turning off Floating PointExceptions
7198. Delphi 2 and the Internet
7199. Delphi2 and DCOM
7200. OLE Automation: Delphi, Word and Excel
7201. Midas:Multi-tier Technologies in Delphi
7202. MTS and Transactions
7203. MTSTransactions across Mulitple Servers
7204. Delphi: EnumerateDirectX Display Modes
7205. Distributed Computing Overview
7206. Links

Links from "City Zoo - Delphi Tips & Tricks"
7207. how to connect your Delphi application to an Access 2.0 database.
7208. howto create aprogram thatblocks the userfrom accessingother running programs.
7209. a Pascal version of the
7210. the
7211. how to determinetheplayback sizeof an AVI movie.
7212. example code for accessing and using Visual Basic string types.
7213. description of adatabase indexing techniquecalledBitmap Indexing, which can greatly enhance look-up performance.
7214. how to create a TControlCanvas for non-window controls.
7215. howto determinewhich track thecurrent CD is on.
7216. how to put a memory streamonto the clipboard.
7217. howto accessthe components a givencomponent owns.
7218. how to translate a TColor numeric value to a descriptive string (ie. "clSilver" or "clWindow").
7219. a component for serial communications.
7220. how to solve problems with the TComm component (comm.txt).
7221. a unitto detect the CPU type, modified from Intel's code.
7222. how to force the mouse cursorshape to update immediately.
7223. howto createand register your own custom cursors.
7224. how to store and manipulate datesand times in Delphi.
7225. a
7226. a component derivative of TDBGrid that exposes Col, Row, and Canvas properties as well as the CellRect() method.
7227. aDelphi equivalent fortheTurbo Pascal
7228. how to compile a DOS executable (.EXE)with theDelphi commandline compiler (DCC.EXE).
7229. howto prevent multiple instances of DLL objects.
7230. example code for accessing DOS environment variablesin Delphi.
7231. how to implementdrag and drop of controls.
7232. howto make a TComboBox drop open.
7233. how to declare the size of an array at run-time.
7234. howto build a panel that is resizeableat run-time.
7235. how to trap the wm_EndSession message and properly shut down your application when exiting Windows.
7236. howto implementglobal exception handling.
7237. how to execute another program and wait for it to complete.
7238. howto force Windows toexit and/or restart.
7239. how to expand a path to a TOutlineNode given the index.
7240. a function for copying a file, preserving its timestamp.
7241. how to copy a file andset its date & timestamp.
7242. howto implement file drag& drop fromFile Manager.
7243. how to access acomponent based on a nameformed with variables at run-time.
7244. howto use floating pointtypes in components.
7245. a unit to make a captionless window moveable -- "floating windows".
7246. amuch simpler implementationof floating windows.
7247. how to get toclass informationdynamically via
7248. howto use the GetNextChild() method of a TOutlineNode.
7249. how to use the GetText() method to retrieve the full textbuffer of a TStringsproperty or TMemo control.
7250. code for breaking strings into individual tokens forparsing.
7251. how to quickly copy a 2D arrayto an image.
7252. howto capture the Windows desktop to a form.
7253. how to use bitmaps storedin a resourcefile.
7254. howto change the color of arow or column in a grid.
7255. how to open Windows Help directlyto the Search dialog.
7256. howto hide an application from TaskManager.
7257. methods to hide and show a form's title bar onthe fly.
7258. how to activatethe horizontal scrollbarof alistbox.
7259. howto allocate a huge (>64KB)array in Delphi.
7260. how to force aform's icon to update while minimized.
7261. howto increment pointers (from GetMem andGlobalAlloc/GlobalLock).
7262. a unit to redirect
7263. how todetermine if the Delphi IDE is running.
7264. howto link in aDLLroutine at run-time via LoadLibrary.
7265. how to copy and uncompress files using the LZExpand API.
7266. howto decompress files using theLZExpand API.
7267. code to control the Maximized size of a form.
7268. how to kill thetitle bar of an MDIchild.
7269. howto determine the line& column position of the cursor in a TMemo.
7270. how to add a bitmapto a menu item.
7271. howto respond to a dynamically created menu item.
7272. an example ofhowwindow messages can beused when Delphi events are not enough.
7273. a unit for displaying and manipulating Windows metafiles.
7274. how tomake more than one icon available for a program.
7275. howto make a form appearconsistent at many resolutions.
7276. how to make formsappear consistentacross multiple resolution displays.
7277. code to add and delete pages from a TNotebook at run-time.
7278. a unit and several procedures forextracting network user information from a Novell network.
7279. how toform a DDE link with a Netscape Web browser.
7280. a unit for accessing the Win-G graphics library that fixes several Delphi/Win-G problems.
7281. how toshift focus tothe next control inthe tab order.
7282. howto keep Delphifrom beeping on ENTER in a TEdit.
7283. how to dynamically add controls to TTabbedNotebook or TNotebook.
7284. example code for creating logical color palettes.
7285. how to properly respond to the wm_QueryNewPalette andwm_PaletteChanged window messages.
7286. an excellent description of how to work with PChars in Delphi.
7287. a unit for activating the previousinstance of an application.
7288. how toswitch focus toan existing instance of an application instead ofcreating a new instance.
7289. howto accessProgram Manager via DDE.
7290. an example of how to dynamically retrieveproperty values.
7291. a unit showing how to implement Query By Form (QBF) and Search By Form (SBF) services in Delphi.
7292. code to accessrealmode memory areas.
7293. how to make a screen saver with Delphi.
7294. howto automate memo/windowscrolling.
7295. a bugfix for the
7296. aunit for accessing the memory between A000-FFFF.
7297. how to do the equivalent of VB's SendKeys.
7298. howto design a new control that catches and/or limits changes to Left,Top, Width, Height, and BoundsRect.
7299. how to set thesystem time & date in Delphi.
7300. howto access shared files(i.e. via SHARE.EXE).
7301. an example of how to cut down on the resources used by a complexTTabbedNotebook.
7302. how to make asplit window with adjustable split.
7303. samplecode for string pattern matching.
7304. how to subclass an existing window to intercept itswindow messages.
7305. howto add menu items to an application's systemmenu.
7306. how to make the ENTER key behave like the TAB key in Delphi.
7307. some thoughts on how to create aline control and responding to the cm_HitTest VCLcontrol message.
7308. how to make atoolbarthat does not cause the mainform to be deactivated when atoolbar button is clicked.
7309. a description of the TParser VCL objectand how it isused.
7310. how to draw bitmaps with transparent areas.
7311. a unitto trim spaces from strings.
7312. another unit to trimspaces from strings.
7313. a thirdunit to trim spacesfrom strings -- takeyour pick.
7314. how to read/write text data toa file using TStream.
7315. howto read/write objects toa file using TStream.
7316. how to read/write componentsto a file using TStream (includes saving aform's layout).
7317. a program to demonstrate use of type-safe variable number of parameters in Delphi..
7318. where to find functions to dealwith Visual Basic types.
7319. how to hook into the Delphi IDE's menus & version control.
7320. a
7321. a gridcomponent thatallows you touse a TStringGrid, but alsowrap the text in a cell.

Links from "COdE's e-zine about Windows and Delphi - Articles"
7322. ActiveMDIChild vs. merging the main form menu and the child window menus in a mdi application
7323. Tile, cascade,arrangeandlist mdi child windows
7324. BasicMDI ( Multiple DocumentInterface)programming with Delphi 5
7325. How to log off, shutdown, reboot andpoweroff thesystem fromDelphi in Windows 95/98andWindowsNT
7326. Getthecolor depth in bitsperpixelofthecurrentWindows display
7327. Get the user nameof the Windows currentsession
7328. ConvertDelphi TColor intoHTMLcolors
7329. How to add a new option to thecontext menu for a file type
7330. Howto survive inWindows if you have no mouse

Links from "Delphi Corner - Tips"
7331. Trapping Messages Sent to an Application
7332. How to "Time Out" an Application
7333. Building Query By Form Applications
7334. Hiding an Application from the Taskbar and Windows and Creating a System Tray Application
7335. Handling Previous Instances ofan Application
7336. Working with Files of Records
7337. Controlling a Form's Visibility at Runtime
7338. Creating a Captionless Form
7339. Creating a "Roll-up" Form
7340. Creating Weird Shaped Forms
7341. Sizing any Form to Fill the Screenw/o Maximizing
7342. Data Entry:Automagically Moving the Cursor from Field to Field
7343. Controlling a TCommonDialog Window at Runtime
7344. Getting rid of the initial flash of aWS_MAXIMIZE child
7345. Adding a Menu Itemto the System Menu at Runtime
7346. Controlling aTCommonDialog
7347. Simple Animated Bit- and SpeedButtons
7348. Give Your FormsaBackground
7349. Putting a Button on the Caption Bar
7350. Making SecondaryForms Independent of the MainForm
7351. A Simple Property Editor
7352. An Enhanced TQuery
7353. Extending Functionality Through Inheritance
7354. Creating a Component at Runtime
7355. Implementing Object Persistence with Streams
7356. Dragging andDropping Info between Components
7357. Creating an Array ofComponents
7358. Highlighting a Row in a DBGrid
7359. Putting a TDBLookupComboBoxin a Grid
7360. RunningQueries in Threads
7361. Fixing "Index Outof Date" Error
7362. Controlling the Field Display in a TDBGrid
7363. Creating a TableatRuntime
7364. Using the LocalSQL SubString() Function
7365. Copying a Paradox Table
7366. Using SQL2 Built-in Functions
7367. Sorting a Tablewith the BDE
7368. SQL Statements On the Fly
7369. Reading a Field'sValue into a TStrings Property
7370. Using ParadoxTables on Read-Only Media
7371. Adding a Master Password to a Paradox Table
7372. Dropping SQL Server Tables Using Delphi
7373. Packing a Paradox or dBase Table
7374. VariousSQL / MS SQL Server Routines
7375. Waiting for Threads
7376. Creating threads straight from the WinAPI
7377. How to interruptathread's execution
7378. ThreadSynchronization through Critical Sections
7379. Generating Random Numbers
7380. Variant Records
7381. Delphi 2.0+ Math Unit Explained
7382. The Various Sections of a Type Declaration
7383. Printing a Memo
7384. Creating Dynamic Arrays
7385. TFileStream: Saving List Box Data at Runtime
7386. Copying Files in Delphi
7387. Delphi's Unsung Hero: The Math Unit
7388. Passing String Parametersto WinAPI Functions
7389. GettingFile System Information
7390. Determining the Version of WindowsYou're Running
7391. Using CreateProcess to Execute Programs
7392. Preventing an Application fromClosing
7393. Setting the System Date and Time
7394. Limitations in the TIniFile Object
7395. ProgrammaticallyPreventing a FormFrom Resizing
7396. Getting the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) nameof a file
7397. Forcinga TCombo to Drop Its List Down
7398. Using two Data Controlsto display Data Source and Tabledata
7399. CB_SHOWDROPDOWN:Forcing a ComboBox to Drop Its List
7400. Add a Menu Item to an Application's SystemMenu
7401. Disabling the Screen Saver at Runtime
7402. Disabling System Keys fromYour App
7403. Adding Lines to a TStrings Object
7404. Working withText Files
7405. Using Delphi to Learn Programming
7406. Copying Files in Delphi
7407. Manipulating theButtons in a TRadioGroup
7408. Doing Incremental Searcheswith a TListBox
7409. Pulling Digits Out of a StringtoSum Them
7410. TEdit and right-justification of text
7411. Parsing the Words of a String
7412. Gettingthe Numberof records from a Fixed-length ASCII file
7413. Resizing the Drop-down Listof a TComboBox

Links from "delphi3000.com"
7678. Delphi 4 - Using UDL files to simplify ADO
7679. identifying files
7680. If one day you need a unique indentifier
7681. Get folder/file names(in specified folder) and folder/file modified times...
7682. Write sorting/search methods that can be re-used.
7683. Another Bug in MDI Applications and two solutions
7684. Using Enter Key Without Sound (Revised Code)
7685. OpenGL applications with MNOgl component collection
7686. AddingFileDrop capabilities toany visualcontrol
7687. VCL MS Word Spell Check andThesaurus
7689. How to write Components which handle ENTER-Key like TAB-Key?
7690. Howto start the "Control Panel"
7691. Actions that live in Delphi.
7692. Using MS Word Spell Checker and Suggestion List
7693. Adding published propertiesto forms and datamodules
7694. Implementing Replication withMicrosoft Access and JRO
7695. Jobs information (an easy way)?
7696. FromParadox (BDE) toADO
7697. Healthy Stop Of Your Computer
7698. ResolveHost address to IP numbers
7699. Adding custom registryinformation on registration
7700. AddingrequestQueuing and Thread Pooling to your ISAPI .DLL
7701. Exporting any TDataSet to a comma delimited ASCII file
7702. Making an application a TCP/IP Client...
7703. How tocheck an Internetconnection
7704. Knowing Run-Time verses Design-Time mode inan Active Form
7705. How to write thecaptionbar of your form as a different way?
7706. Using Generic Windows NetworkAPIs
7707. Copying Paradox Tables
7708. One Wayto Breakthe VCL's protectedbarrier
7709. TheProblem of Web Application deployment
7710. Using Enter Key
7711. How to Add MouseLeave Event
7712. Changing attributes of files
7713. Using the IShellFolderinterface
7714. Hiding mouse pointer
7715. Add the custom component in the Message dialog
7716. Playinga wav file without TMediaPlayer
7717. Working withobjects in the Windows' namespace.
7718. Colourful lines in ListBox
7719. Different DB Connections within ONESQL Statement
7720. Another solution for mainboard bios information
7721. Downloading a file from a URL
7722. Index Tuning of MSSQL-Server 7
7723. TitleArrays of components
7724. Using IStream
7725. Resolve IP numbers to Host address
7726. Adding a MainMenu to your CoolBar
7727. One instance w/ command line passing
7728. Yetanother takeon located the application associated with an extension
7729. Get filepath fromshortcut
7730. Antialiased line drawer usingscanline
7731. Validate email address
7732. TEdit with auto-complete feature added
7733. Delphi From The Ground Up - PartII : Basics
7734. How toread Adobe Acrobat PDF filesfrom my application?
7735. TStringGrid functions (Delete, Insert,Sort)
7736. Controling the maximun possible size of a window
7737. Drawing and mixing trasparent bitmaps
7738. Send characters toanother control (in anyapplication)
7739. Get and Set volume (soundcard)
7740. Permutations of a string
7741. Moving a windowfrom its client area
7742. Detecting C.P.U. type
7743. Setting the caret in a RichEdit.
7744. How to get the reference of an unregistered class
7745. GetLong File Name
7746. MarkTime / TimeOut
7747. File is locked?
7748. How to disable a graphiccomponent from painting
7749. Any-Shape Colored Form (( Professional))
7750. How to find out if CAPS LOCK is on?
7751. PowerControl Component
7752. The easy wayof getting links
7753. Writing MS outlook style apps
7754. Hiding caption bars
7755. How tosend keystrokes toanotherapplication (a better one)
7756. Howto freeze a Control
7757. Recieving and managing Windows' Messages
7758. Map Generator
7759. Pascal based Delay function
7760. Addinga menuitem to the windows' system menu
7761. SoundexRevisited- Searching Strings by sound.
7762. Auto completion for TCombobox
7763. Deleting Windows 95/98 Start Button'slist of documents
7764. Determining if there isa disk/diskette/CD in a removable-disk drive
7765. Rounding numbers in different ways
7766. Changing the screenresolution
7767. Making an application run automatically whenWindows starts
7768. Starting an application as an icon in the system tray
7769. Getting the dates of the first andlast day of the month of a given date
7770. IconExtractor Component
7771. logged in as administator
7772. Looking for files
7773. Determining if a file name matches a specification
7774. Automatically loadinga form "on demand"
7775. Making MessageDlg playthe corresponding sound
7776. Setting the default printer
7777. How to create a TrayIcon !
7778. Accessing theWindows Registry
7779. Accessing hidden properties
7780. Imitating DelTree
7781. Getting Windows important directories
7782. Preventing the user from closing a form
7783. Setting the invisible color of atransparent image
7784. MP3, Audio compression manager
7785. Antialiased line drawer
7786. Draw bitmaps in a TComboBox
7787. Waitfor a processto finish
7788. Writinga file from a string
7789. Adding new methodsand properties without registering new components
7790. Which column was clicked in a TListView?
7791. Sorting a TListView
7792. Determining the actual lengthof a DBCS string
7793. Looking for files recursively in a directory or the harddisk
7794. A simple Like function
7795. Using custom cursors
7796. Waiting tillan application ends
7797. Determining the associatedapplication
7798. Getting the icon of an application, library or document
7799. Playinga custom sound
7800. ibo&asp
7801. String Pattern Matching - Improved & Extended.
7802. How todisplay WYSIWYG fonts in a list box
7803. TRegistry hasa weird behaviourwithin Windows 2000
7804. Soundex - Searching Strings by the way they sound
7805. Implementing a complex number object
7806. Multidimensional dynamic arrays
7807. How to create a directory tree
7808. Howto get only file name (without extension)
7809. Morphtek.com Inc. Announces the Release of Open Source Peer to Peer Component Suite
7810. Browser CopyCat
7811. Lightweight Object Browser
7812. How to know if your applicationis running in SafeMode
7813. List (array) of pointers
7814. A Color Editor Component
7815. Dynamicarrays
7816. How to get theshort name of the path name
7817. Detecting simultaneous leftand rightmouse clicks
7818. Correct handling of Windows shutdown in complex applications
7819. How to convert values in any type tostring
7820. Console Apps -Advanced Information (Part I of ???)
7821. How to avoidflicker using double bufferingin LARGE controls?
7822. Howto open special folders?
7823. How to watch the clipboard
7824. Icon to BMP / Icono a mapa de bits
7825. An EditControl withAutoComplete Capabilities(Updated)
7826. Obtaining listof paper names and paper sizes.
7827. Building SmallerWin 9xApplications !!
7828. Getting Avtive URL From Current Browser
7829. How to load a StringGrid with aQuery Result
7830. Handling mouse messages in overlapped TGraphicControl descendants.
7831. Minimize all windows
7832. Read the favorites fromInternet Explorer
7833. Show| Hide The System Tray (professional way) !!
7834. How to save a file toa Oracle DB
7835. Searching fora directory
7836. How to know ifa date is monthlast day?
7837. Getting the data type of a registry key
7838. ShowingWindows About box
7839. Making a DLL with Delphi
7840. Creating hot-keyswith Windows Messages
7841. Easy create table viaSQL
7842. Hidemy application from CTRL+ALT+DEL list
7843. File Operations the 32-bit way
7844. Files/Directories
7845. Opening Tables/Queries in Threads
7846. Next Position of a sub-string in a string
7847. IsFloat function
7848. is there a Floppy present?
7849. CodeColoring in arichedit
7850. Inserting a .bmp file into your .exe
7851. The ADO Command component - A second look
7852. Building Components - Best Practices
7853. Custom resource filesfor games
7854. Extending TDatabase to dynamically use TQuery
7855. How to replace or remove a file inuse by Windows NT 4/2000
7856. Howto use ADO Connection'sConnectionString propertyin a flexible way using .udl files.
7857. How to createa drop handler for a file type?
7858. Using ADO-connection the flexibleway it earns
7859. ADO Command component
7860. Howto add Taskbar-Button's for SubFormsand manage them correctly.
7861. Exporting a dataset to Access using ADO
7862. A atof() replacement
7863. Speed Up Inserts Into TLisView
7864. ZLIB Compressed Bitmaps
7865. Create Form Procedure
7866. Query an Access 2000 database with parameters using ADO
7867. resolution independent applications
7868. How to send keystrokesto another application
7869. GetMemory Status
7870. Folder Copy By Recursion
7871. Property names, types and valuesfrom an object using RTTI
7872. Using The TServerSocket Component
7873. Language Combobox
7874. Parsing text after certain length ata space
7875. Printing to a specific bin
7876. Graying Bitmaps and Graphics
7877. MS-SQL Server Queries
7878. DisplayItemOnStatusPanel
7879. Rotation and Translation in 2D Space
7880. Retrieving POST data in a TWebBrowser
7881. Bring up Help Context forparticular control
7882. VCL for Generic TDataSet print of ALL or selected columns
7883. Howto call another help file fromyourapplication
7884. How to display thefull text search tab of a help file
7885. Application help file set properly
7886. How to set the position of a help window
7887. Kill an activeprogram
7888. MIDAS: Which ConnectionType Should I Use?
7889. AskProgramToClose
7890. TEDIT with Validate,Nextcontrol,Priorcontrol andChar validation
7891. Move window of winexec program
7892. Incremental search in a DBGrid
7893. Drag and Drop Selected Text in between Memo Components
7894. Switching Keyboard Layout In Runtime
7895. How to send files across theinternet using FTP
7896. Read environment variable
7897. Transform a TImage.Picture.Bitmap toGrayScale
7898. A edit control with an OnTimer event
7899. Delphi+ WAP = CGI Expert
7900. Yet Another Credit Card Validator
7901. DirectoryTree Component
7902. Using Tbits- the built in large boolean array class
7903. How to Invert a TImage.Picture.Bitmap
7904. Addproxy authorization support to the TNMHTTPcomponent
7905. Coloring Cells in a StringGrid/ DBGrid
7906. Using a ChecklistBox for bit manipulation
7907. Is myapp running in delphi ?
7908. String Pattern Matching. updt '[]'
7909. Bug inTMenuItem in a MDIApplication
7910. Getting the IP address and mask for ALL TCP/IP interfaces
7911. Using Anonymous Proxy Servers
7912. Delphi Technical Reference CardV
7913. How todrag formswith no border?
7914. Painting the Form Menu bar
7915. ADO without ADOExpress
7916. Sending e-mail from Delphi with attachment viaOutlook
7917. Returning Objects from Functions- my thoughts
7918. Convert BMP and JPEG images to a bitmap
7919. Change the Window's Start buttonbitmap
7920. TNavigatorComboBox : a smart combobox with text completion
7921. Including Componentsinto a StatusBar
7922. How to call a private method of otherclass
7923. Avoiding Repeated Allocationof Memory by using a Factory class -
7924. Converting TDateTime to a UNIXTimestamp
7925. Simplify ADO application deployment
7926. IntToHex Counterparts (HexToInt,IntToBinand BinToInt)
7927. TImage.Bitmap Fade Out
7928. Margins in a TMemo
7929. How to generate a UNIQUE Temporary Workfile(API Calls)
7930. Tracing SQL infromation with DbiRegisterCallback()
7931. Get Free Disk Space
7932. VCLfor AppWide Enable/Disable Remapping of Enter to Tab Key
7933. AddingLicencing after controlcreation
7934. How to disable and enable Ctrl + Alt + Del?
7935. Howto use helpfiles (*.hlp)?
7936. How to get File Created,Modifiedand Accessed dates.
7937. Text based logging system
7938. Having focus on a window not executing
7939. Cross-Site Scripting Protection (aka Encoding and Filtering HTML)
7940. Extracting Resource Data from an Exe
7941. Please cleanup yourspace!
7942. Turning Integers And Words
7943. How To Rename A Directory
7944. DelphiIDE on startup not visible...
7945. Getting an applications version number in runtime
7946. Quick and Dirty CSV file parsing
7947. TBlobCDS 1.02 Component
7948. Object-Oriented DLL Interface
7949. Windows DefaultAbout Box
7950. ShellExecute
7951. Intercepting TAB Keypress in TEdit
7952. Intelligently reading a fileone line at atime
7953. How to produce gray or colored Linesin a Report
7954. Make your DB components more "Aware"
7955. How to create a random password
7956. Howto transfer Parameters from one Form to another
7957. How to allow insert Records with DBNavigatorClick only
7958. Deleting items froma list
7959. Blob and ADO Part 2.
7960. Get System Error Text
7961. Interbase, Blob and ADO Part 1.
7962. Downloading a URL’sHTML
7963. Extended E-mail Address Verification and Correction
7964. A Gardener's Guide To The Tree View:PartIV
7965. High Accuracy Timings/Timer
7966. Panel dependent TStatusbar.OnDblClick
7967. TIBtable dosn'tuse descending indices : work around
7968. How to get list offont available and it's info
7969. XML- where to start
7970. Create Your Own List Of Objects
7971. The buttons of Delphi'spalette bar simulated
7972. Programming with Microsoft Agent
7973. Anatomy Of A Project 101
7974. Stop form from beingmoved (improved)
7975. A Gardener's Guide To TheTree View: Part III
7976. AGardener's Guide To The TreeView: Part II (Source Code)
7977. Useful registery functions
7978. How touse WinExec
7979. Monitoring an application (in an own thread)
7980. So You Want To Be A Developer?
7981. A Gardener's Guide To The Tree View:Part II
7982. Endian swap for numeric types
7983. Retrieve data from a URL
7984. Convert a string to a mathematical expression and get its result.Updtaed!
7985. A Gardener's Guide ToThe Tree View: Part I
7986. Calculate the execution time of code
7987. How to round Time to a quarter
7988. Drag Drop from Stringgrid to Listbox
7989. Registering a Type Library
7990. Get the Current User and Windows NT Domainname
7991. Blindingly fastgraphics
7992. Using JPG's in Paradox Databases
7993. Home made RecycleBin
7994. Tired of Delphi's checkboxes?
7995. Rounding Time, RoundToQuarter function
7996. Get the list of files presentin the recycle bin.
7997. Sort all TStrings objects
7998. Changing system date and time in Windows
7999. mixing colors
8000. CreateIn-line Help for all Properties
8001. Rounding TimeTo A Quarter
8002. High Res Timer (API - Function)
8003. Constructing inner loop for games
8004. ShortFileName, LongFileName, and Mince functions
8005. Autostart your application whenwindows starts
8006. How to combine the co-related functionsinto one single function
8007. Scrolltext in title bar of a window
8008. Proposal of Language Extensions
8009. Resolution
8010. Get Information likeNo. of active threads, CPU Usage%,etc from the registry
8011. Read the ID3-Tag from aMP3-File (without usinga component)
8012. Greying out the Controls on a groupbox
8013. Take the enabling/disablingtoa higher level
8015. Get the list of functions exported by a Dll module.
8016. ShotgunCopy
8017. Get the number of files in recyclebinand the size of recycle bin
8018. Compactand RepairMS Access2000.
8019. Simple collision detection for games
8020. Get Application information
8021. Numbers in spanish plain text
8022. Making loops more effective
8023. Add anextra button to the caption bar ofyourform Updated!
8024. Howto use the keyboard asinput for games
8025. FontListBox component
8026. A Class for Get Tokens, Parse Strings, Count Words, Search Tokens.
8027. Make your app to fill entire screen excluding taskbar
8028. Saving and loading binary data to/from an MSSQL Image (Blob) field.
8029. Creating Run-time Invisible controls
8030. Creating an Insertable ActiveX controlforMicrosoft Office
8031. Active Server Pages and COM Apartments
8032. Color Selector
8033. Make your application skinable
8034. Number in french plain text
8035. SimpleHTML PARSER.
8036. Delphi DLL`s for Excel
8037. Converting adouble into a string representation
8038. Str: a function more useful thana procedure.
8039. Removing HTML elements fromtext.
8040. Path of a running application
8041. A good encryptingroutine...
8042. Automatically sending E-mail
8043. Enable/disable CD Autorun
8044. Get the position of file pointer when reading fromor writingto files
8045. Checking if a URL is valid
8046. C# a Delphi discussion
8047. Add an icon to task bar and recieve mouse messages from the icon
8048. Using object'smethod ascallback function
8049. Drawing on the screen, outside the form
8050. Delphi From The GroundUp - Part I : The ObligatoryStuff
8051. From CGI/Win9x to ISAPI/W2K
8052. Hideapplication from task bar (another solution)
8053. How to get the size of a blobfield in a table
8054. Copinga recordfrom oneTable to Another
8055. Create a control like the `open icon` present in the speedbar of Delphi 3
8056. How tosend emailusingthe MAPI
8057. Simple functions for work with words...
8058. CreateThreads without using TThreadClass
8059. Five functions you may not know about....
8060. Enable and disablethe arrows ofhorizontal or verticalscrollbars.
8061. Retrieve informationsfrom the Informix SQLCAusing BDE
8062. Dynamic Use of Ttable andtquery
8063. How to create Tabs with Names from an Table-Field
8064. QUICK Duplicate CurrentRecordProcedure
8065. How to copy/move one Table-Record with an Autoinc-field
8066. Creating windowsaccounts using ADSI (Active Directory)
8067. A class to toggle image display in InternetExplorer 5.
8068. How to set Directory-Select in Editfields
8069. Howto create and modify Application-INI-Files
8070. Delphi Version Information Component
8071. How toexport aTable with all or selected Fields
8072. link TDateTimePicker to table
8073. !!ZEE Delphi supportlanguage update: 0=What?
8074. good thursday function
8075. !!ZEE Delphi support language update: 2=How about areal iterator
8076. !!ZEEDelphi support language update: 1=Immediate Operators
8077. Panel with GradiantFill and Image Display
8078. Converting To and From Hexadecimal Numbers
8079. IDE harddisk serial number (Part 2)
8080. A Class for print Raw textto printer
8081. How to sort DBGrid-Columns, create/delete secondary Indizes
8082. Howto code a linear system soluion
8084. Deltree- remember the old dos days....
8085. A Component Roadmap
8086. Introduction to Design Patterns in Delphi
8087. The frequency of the monitor
8088. Paradox vs MicrosoftAccess
8089. NetworkNeighborhood
8090. Block Comments
8091. Moving grid columns
8092. Enumerate COM Servers
8093. NT Native API
8094. Resolution
8095. videocard detection
8096. Getting the right color from e.g. the scrollbar
8097. SCSI-2 device serial number
8098. Bitmap-Button
8099. Speeding up your applicationby passing Strings as Const
8100. 3 Drive related Functions
8101. Progress LED
8102. How to make a form Transparent
8103. Wrapping filters around TStream classes
8104. The CD - is it there or not?
8105. IDEharddisk serial number
8106. Creating custom hints for yoru application/component
8107. How to Identifyyour computer´sIP
8108. A Little PING application.
8109. Create a Delphi Ado application from Scratch
8110. Overview about the ADO objects !
8111. Description ofInstancing and Threading Models in COM-servers
8112. Another way to build multilingual applications
8113. Using Windows 2000 transparency effects.
8114. RapidWeb Application Development with Delphi
8116. Changing the actionsperformed bya button on eachclick.
8117. Creating a "collapsable" form
8118. GetToken function
8119. What is DelphiX?
8120. Start an application exclusive
8121. Convert RGB-color toDelphi's TColor
8122. Simulate Mouse Clicks and Moves
8123. Drawing on theMDI Parent Form
8124. ControlIterator
8125. ActiveForms - a Cookbook
8126. Checking the current display mode of a computer
8127. Make a form transparent after a bitmap
8128. How tosend a raw stringto theprinter?
8129. Howto createJPEGimage thumbnails programmatically
8130. Try loading DLL in dynamic mode.IT`S EASY!
8131. Dynamically GetWord or Character from String...
8132. ActiveForms - design and deployment
8133. TBarPopupMenu: Make yourPopupMenu look like Start-menu in a few seconds!
8134. Getting video bits per pixel (4=16 colors, 8=256...)
8135. How to get total physical memory?
8136. Getting a value from a DOS environment variable
8137. How to get CPU speed?
8138. howto get BIOSdate?
8139. Getting Windows Desktop Canvas
8140. Add Graphical Bar to standard PopupMenu
8141. Drawing angled oncanvas
8142. Converting a numeric value toroman notation
8143. Showing "Addprinter"dialog
8144. Deleting a file with Windows Recycle Bin
8145. Debugging with conditional compiler directive
8146. Selecting a printer
8147. How to make reports in RTFformat
8148. Enabling and DisablingFields On Forms With a Easier Way
8149. Printing andPreviewing UsingDelphi 4 and TQRPrinter
8150. Fast conditional breakpoint
8151. Openan Applet From the Control Panel
8152. Multi-Line cells in Stringgrid
8153. Conditional debugging using Assert
8154. Binary Streaming overCOM/DCOM
8155. Cleaning up EnumWindows.
8156. How to make a form that`s shaped like a bitmap image (scanline)
8157. Howto load a JPEG to a TBitmap for easyediting
8159. Developing Webserver-Applications with Delphi - PARTII
8160. Fountains of Delphi knowledge
8161. Delphi 5 Easter Egg
8162. Synchronously launching an application
8163. Creating an equivalent to the missing TListView.OnColumnDblClick
8164. How to get volume informationabout a drive
8165. Attaching your form to another application
8166. Detecting video hardware
8167. Fast ID generation
8168. Workwith reports in MS Access
8169. How to get the windowsversion
8170. Folders recursive scanning class
8171. ID3 tags and MPEGheaders information of MP3 files
8172. SHGetFileInfo (API)
8173. How to createa zoom view
8174. Register your hotkeys
8175. How to kill something with a handle
8176. Obtaining IB generator valuewithout stored procedure
8177. Preventing multiple application instances (final answer ;) )
8178. You don`t need casestatements for strings!
8179. Time Out an application
8180. How do I close any application?
8181. Addingan url to Browser/Windows Favorite
8182. Decorate url`s (plain text to HTML conversion)
8183. E-mail addresssyntax checking
8184. Very simple connection to an Access 2000 database usingADO
8185. To get the CRC
8186. Toreadthe current codepage of system
8187. Set the Cursor Speed
8188. Howto pause anapp while waiting for a button click
8189. Extracting information from unformatted sources (HTML-pages, e-mails, etc)
8190. How to move your form by clicking anywhere.
8191. To check if BDE exists
8192. Using strings in case statement
8193. Closing my browser
8194. When was installed myWindows?
8195. A COM Object Collection (IEnumVARIANT)
8196. Developing Webserver-Applications with Delphi -PART I
8197. Sending Raw IP Packets
8198. Dragging controls and forms the easy way
8199. How to get/set menu`sfont size?
8200. ForEach for components hierarchy
8201. Sort a table with BDE calls
8202. Listing A System's Drives In A ComboBox, Listbox,...Using Images
8203. How To Create An MouseEnter / MouseLeaveEvent Using Winproc.
8204. Retrieve the volume serial number of your Hard Disk.
8205. Search and Create anew Alias withBDEcalls.
8206. How totell if a user has an Internet connection.
8207. To compact orrepair MS Access database
8208. How To Create An MouseEnter /MouseLeave - Event
8209. Searchtext inyour MEMO
8210. To generate random passwordstring
8211. Filter Table,Querywith Exception Handling
8212. Get a list of CD ROM drives
8213. Create a XML-file with data fromsome dataset
8214. Windows 98/2000 Component Categories
8215. Flexmenu component
8216. A step by step guide to TCP/IP programming - Part 3
8217. to geta table/SP list using ADO
8218. TMapTextfile Class
8219. Change your screen resolution
8220. A stepby step guide to TCP/IP programming - Part 5
8221. How do I progamatically dial the default Dial-upconnection?
8222. Adda Minimize event to your form
8223. Replace a DLLin use?
8224. To place a business logic in server side
8225. How to convert a long IP address toa short address / port number
8226. Howto get all the Dial-up connections.
8227. How much looks John like Jon? (Updated)
8228. Menus like Windows 9x start menu with RX-Library
8229. A step by step guide to TCP/IP programming - Part 4
8230. Is my CD a Audio CD?
8231. Convert Numbers to Hexadecimals
8232. A step by step guide to TCP/IP programming- Part 2
8233. Using the SHFileOperation function
8234. Finding special folders of the shell
8235. CheckEdit - a special Editfield
8236. A little Bit...
8237. Abetter Pos function
8238. Customize Toolbars atruntime
8239. BitmapToRegion (Delphi-like version - very fast)(UPDATE: Bug fix!)
8240. How can I close a form fromwithin FormCreate or FormShow?
8241. Howdetermine ifa ANY app is installed.
8242. Text to GIF
8243. Utilities for working with binary strings
8244. Where does this component derive from !
8245. Get Windows startupfolder
8246. Howto get the BIOS number ?
8247. Speed-Up AnsiUpperCase
8248. MessageDlg with Sound
8249. Is the a life beyond IntToStr?
8250. The Delphi Object Model (PART II)
8251. Is TCP/IP installed?
8252. Hide the app from the taskbar
8253. Kylix is Coming!
8254. True Type Font?
8255. The Delphi ObjectModel (PART III)
8256. Speed-Up String Functions
8257. The Delphi Object Model (PART I)
8258. A step by step guide toTCP/IPprogramming - Part1
8259. The function Keypressed
8260. Automating MS Word using Ole
8261. How to convert a WindowsMeta file to a bitmap?
8262. Howto load a string into theWebBrowserwithout navigating to a file ?
8263. To make the whole form behave like the title bar.
8264. Update your data base from a CGI
8265. Functions of client-serverhandlingin multiplayer-games PARTII
8266. Modal windowWITHOUT showmodal.
8267. Referential Integrity component for DBISAM (w/ Bug fixed)
8268. Form Flipper proc (win2k)
8269. to Register Associate a file type with your application
8270. ToEmpty The RecycleBin
8271. to converts color to HEX color for HTML
8272. How to capture messages and process them before my application.run
8273. Howto create aview in Paradox
8274. How to read a bytefrom the parallelport?
8275. To runa Dos program that closes its windows after running
8276. EmbededForms
8277. How to check to seeif a drive is ready?
8278. Howto return"N"(or top N) rows using InterBase
8279. How To Create An "Auto-Increment" Key Using InterBase And Delphi
8280. Functions of client-server handling in multiplayer-games
8281. Increasing Database Applications Performance
8282. Multiple parametersin a command line.
8283. Using BASM with Delphi
8284. Flipping an image
8285. Shell Extension Infotips and IQueryInfo
8286. Screen capture
8287. Selectionbox component
8288. Embed sound into your EXE and play it
8289. Set the focus toa particular line in Memo component
8290. Twoforms of changing a Wallpaper
8291. Gradient basics
8292. Optimized Bitmap to Region (HRGN)Conversion
8293. Double-Ended Selection Sort
8294. Optimize your code, use WITH.
8295. Bug fixed image printing under Win2000
8296. Building a Transparent Edit Control
8297. A frame component
8298. Creating a Shadow
8299. TDBIniFile Class to Handle Application Settings
8300. Creating Transparent Forms
8301. Convolution
8302. How Can I Capture the Screen to a Image?
8303. Howto send eMail using the default Mail Client
8304. AVL-tree genericclasses.
8305. Debugging ISAPI DLLs
8306. Earth to Borland: Delphi is a great WebApp. Development Environment.
8307. Do I need a form in the applicationserver? (Some enhancements)
8308. Selection Sort
8309. Form with customcaptionbar
8310. Insertion Sort
8311. Array of TPanel instead of Tab Controls
8312. Creating a temporary database alias for current execution
8313. Bubble Sort
8314. Using BDE without setting up an alias
8315. Accessing 2nd CD Drive with TMediaplayer
8316. Sort DBGrid on column click!
8317. Is SoundCard installed ?
8318. Shift, Ctrl,Alt Key Checking
8319. How tomake yourown title bar
8320. Converting a Bitmap to JPEG
8321. Bug in Delphi 3
8322. Howto draw a bounding box with the mouse ?
8323. Know your system better.
8324. Decimal to binary and vice versa
8325. Encrypta Bitmap
8326. Empty a database,leaving just its structure
8327. Keyboard wide system hook
8328. Stay On Down forms...
8329. Listof Windows installed applications
8330. Get database path with its alias
8331. More about TaskBar
8332. How to add images to alistbox
8333. Disable the windows screen saver - Professionalway
8334. Selecting an Item in a TListBox via Right-Click.
8335. Get Windows bitmaps
8336. Temporary files in Windows
8337. TStatixText with several lines
8338. Get the OEM fontof the system
8339. Transparent forms...
8340. Prevent a user from closes Windows
8341. DateTimePickerFormat
8342. Add a new menu entry in the system menu
8343. A "Smart Combo" match search
8344. Hide/Show game with TaskBar and DeskTop.
8345. Min/Max track size and positionfor form
8346. Drag a captionlesswindow
8347. one instance application - professional way
8348. Howto assigna component-event at runtime
8349. How to add a new event to a component?
8350. Thedifference between "msxml" and "microsoft.xmldom"
8351. Browse for computer
8352. How touse windows-intern icons
8353. Howto switch the mouse keys
8354. Disabling/Enabling theWindows Start Button
8355. Delphi compared toVB, C++ andPowerBuilder
8356. How todetect ifyou doubleclicked on an icon in a statusbar ?
8357. to read a file datetime
8358. Kill / Enum task in Windows NT
8359. How tobuild multilingual applications?
8360. Getting the number of visible lines on a TMemo
8361. Gettingthe DOS environment variables
8362. Getting the path of the Start Menu directory
8363. How to move window so it isntunder/over taskbar (and is onscreen)
8364. Listing all windows
8365. Findingthe windows TEMP dir
8366. detecting/preventing shutdown for my app/windows
8367. Stay on bottom forms
8368. How to save your window
8369. Preventing tab from switchingcontrols
8370. Checking for Large fonts in windows
8371. Scrolling a RichEdit
8372. Detecting Right Clicks on your forms title bar
8373. Getting file/dll version
8374. Preventing form from maximizing without disabling the maximize button
8375. Making a label into a hot-link
8376. Setting the captionofother windows
8377. Generating Unique Value inInterBase
8378. How to easily implementa 2-dimensional stringlist!
8379. HowcanI get the serial number of an Audio CD?
8380. TCheckListBox LoadFromFile/SaveToFile Method, included checkedstate?
8381. Extracting data from a program's resources
8382. Embedding filesin a program
8383. Intercepting Windows messages innon-visual components
8384. The COM Threading Models
8385. Developing a TPropertyEditor for multilineHints
8386. How to get the alias list, tables list etc
8387. bold nodes in standard TTreeview component
8388. keyboard layout switch
8389. How to create an ActiveX and link it to JavaScript in an HTML document.
8390. deletethe rowin TStringGrid component
8391. to disable a form movement
8392. todisable the on-fly tooltips in TTreeView
8393. to get a printer settings
8394. toset a printer settings
8395. to use a combobox instead inplace editor in TStringGrid
8396. tofilla listbox with filenames
8397. to change the default printer in Windows
8398. How to start and stopa service (or get status)
8399. Howto call aDLL dynamically
8400. How to turn CAPS LOCK on or off
8401. A component for the serial device (TRS232)
8402. Downloading anyURL using default network configuration
8403. Getting the CPU speed inMHz
8404. How Active Server Pages (ASP) works and where Delphi comes in!
8405. Howto calculate the easter sunday
8406. Getting the cached passwords in Win9X
8407. Postinga web-form using TClientSocket. And how to use a web proxy-server.
8408. Is Mouse present?
8409. restrict the mouse movement to form
8410. Network filesharing
8411. Remove titlebar of MDI child form
8412. Manipulating Coolbars at runtime
8413. Parsing quoted strings
8414. Giving a MDI window a background image/tile.
8415. Creating twohorizontal lines on your screen? (TDesktopCanvas)
8416. Demo of file copying (TFileStream) in a thread (TThread).
8417. Findingall computersin a workgroup.
8418. Setting the sound volumeof a TMediaPlayer.
8419. Fit path+filenameon the caption of a label.
8420. Open a webpage in awebbrowser that'sallready active.
8421. Creating viewsthat contain the UNION keyword
8422. Formating integers
8423. Creating a splash screen
8424. Using Big Integers (32, 64, 128, 256... bit)
8425. Hiding your app from the task list.
8426. Enumerating workgroups on your LAN.
8427. Opening a password protected access 97 file using ADO
8428. Converting a integer containing millisecs to a nice formated string.
8429. Using the first 10.000 primes.
8430. InterBase: Too Many Concurrent Execution of the Same Request
8431. Parsing strings
8432. Disabling a TMemo without getting gray text
8433. Getting a page from a webserver and put it in astring variable.
8434. Simple HTML parsingand painting
8435. Finding a word in a string
8436. Why TFrames
8437. An introduce of OnGetTableName event
8438. Creating class properties
8439. COM / OLE Automation FAQ
8440. Display the help contents
8441. Dialog for selecting directory
8442. Highlight a component when mouse is above it
8443. Implement your own "What'sthis" button
8444. VCL: Center a formover active form
8445. Clear a selection in StringGrid
8446. Preventlabels from being cut
8447. Create all directories needed for a new path at once
8448. Database: Not enough virtual memory
8449. BDE and SQL Links Performance Tips
8450. Execute/Terminat an application
8451. Search for a running application
8452. Dynamic COM-Based Dataset Service
8453. How canI place a bitmap in a Metafile?
8454. Howto index the result of TQuery ?
8455. Select the column block in the Delphi IDE
8456. How tofind out which type my variant currently is?
8457. Playing MPEG files in Delphiapps
8458. Automatically-expanding TEdit
8459. Three tips concering Delphi and Arabic issues
8460. Usingthumbnails of JPEG images
8461. Drawing a 3D border
8462. Force ahint window to appear
8463. Speedup string grids
8464. Gettingprinterinformation
8465. Gradient fill procedure
8466. Putting the BDE on a server
8467. Disablean entryin a TRadioGroup
8468. Shorten a string sothat it fits into acertain width
8469. Removing the highlight from a TStringGird
8470. Edit listboxitems in-place
8471. How to execute stored procedure in client when use MIDAS
8472. Bank account number validation
8473. Drawtext or graphics as disabled
8474. Important property TField.ProvideFlags when use MIDAS
8475. Optimal Cell Widthof a StringGrid
8476. How do I adda form to the taskbar?
8477. Keyrecording in Delphi IDE
8478. Using one ofWindows` common icons as the icon for your form
8479. Usingthe Tag property to centralize and simplify form creation
8480. Using a keystroke to abort a long loop
8481. One application instance
8482. Using theVBA 6.1 SDK with Delphi or BCB3 and up
8483. Adjust the Tab Orderwith the Wizard
8484. Putting acustom icon on a MessageBox
8485. Activating the StartMenu by Code
8486. An introduction to graphicsprogramming
8487. Set the monitorin to power-save mode
8488. Disablean event handler
8489. Zooming windows
8490. How come my control does not get keystroke messages for the arrow keys?
8491. Visual C++ Versus Delphi
8492. Add personality to your goodold MkDir() function...
8493. Developing ASP components in delphi
8494. Transparent/weird shaped forms
8495. Delphi Frames
8496. One-step CORBA
8497. Is mouse over a windowedcontrol?
8498. Always on top
8499. How toadd a scroll bar component and have it work at indesign mode?
8500. What are componentmessages?
8501. Be careful when you use with statement
8502. Example of how to create a foreign key pointing to acompound primary key
8503. Controlling the closure ofa form basedon a table
8504. How do I assigna methodto the event of adynamically created object?
8505. Windows 9x or NT?
8506. Easy functionto show state and number of records ofa table
8507. Adding Text to Log Files
8508. A practical way todo the (famous) 'Enteras Tab' substitution, for the whole app
8509. Example of how to use the Union operator
8510. How do I show thecontentsof a memo field in a DBGrid?
8511. Transaction in MIDAS
8512. Minimizing, maximizing and restoring anycontrol
8513. Drawing at an angle
8514. Parameter Strings
8515. Table Filtering
8516. Minimizing ApplicationWhena Form Minimizes
8517. Graying Out Enabled/Disabled Data Aware Controls
8518. Find the number of files or the oldest file matching a file spec
8519. Callbacks and objects
8520. Use yourown SQL to update tablein MIDAS
8521. Howto print thecontents of a TMemo or TListbox?
8522. How to touch a file with aspecified date/time
8523. BitmapToVariant / VariantToBitmap
8524. Delete an entire directory tree using recursion
8525. The function MatchString
8526. JPEGToVariant / VariantToJPEG
8527. Compare of FieldValues and FieldByName
8528. How to import a backupin SQL-Server 7 on a differentmachine
8529. A new Checkbox
8530. Creating CustomColours
8531. Using MS Word as report generator.
8532. How to bookmark your code
8533. HintWindows with Icons
8534. Disable all controls in a WinControl
8535. How to set all data ware control
8536. DBISavechanges
8537. A better way to disable ALT+F4 to prevent form closing
8538. How can I open a HTML-file
8539. Howto automatelogon for Paradox tables
8540. How to convert TColor to R,G & B Integers
8541. Fixingthe ListView Drag and DropBug
8542. How to display records of one field in DBComboBox ?
8543. AddingTextCompletion to aTComboBox
8544. How to logout Windows NT (or Reboot)
8545. TheDelphi 5 Integrated Developement Environment
8546. Encrypting a string
8547. How to iterate throughthe fields ofa table
8548. Bitmanipulating functions
8549. to get a name of enum value
8550. Toconvert color valueinto gray-scaled color value
8551. To get a color string in HTML format
8552. save/load a font information in INI/text-file
8553. To create a message in MS Outlook using OLE
8554. Flat/Hot track effect forcomponents
8555. Center the mouse pointer on the focusedcontrol
8556. To change the alignment forTEdit
8557. Get the amount of days of a given month
8558. Howto list allrunning processes
8559. Converting enumeratedtype values into strings.
8560. Accessing protected classproperties
8561. Designing Multitiered Component Architectures
8562. Dynamically update DBGrid row color
8563. Quickly obtain theLpt Port address
8564. Using OLE server of Word95or Word97
8565. Interfaces and the Basics ofCOM
8566. Drawing components' bitmaps appeared in Delphi palette.
8567. The Easy Way to CutCopy andPaste
8568. Iterators
8569. Determine how long Windows has been running.
8570. Creating datain Excel and copying it to Word from MS Office 97.
8571. Adding a printer
8572. Supporting events in yourown classes
8573. Create your own TreeNodes!
8574. Creating menuitems on the fly
8575. Hiding / Disablingthetaskbar
8576. Dynamic Pagecontrols
8577. Check if an ISBN is valid
8578. How to get computername and user loggedon.
8579. Howto get the Windows NT/2000 domain name
8580. Justifying edit text
8581. Implementing CallbackProcedures
8582. Using Application.ProcessMessages
8583. How to find out if the RS232 has data in thereceive buffer
8584. Monitoring the Clipboard
8585. Sending a string via windowsmessages
8586. Enumerating Network Connections
8587. Differentiating Between the Two ENTERKeys
8588. MS SQL Server 6.5 and BDE
8589. Using Consolein non-consoleapplications.
8590. Changing combo box
8591. Is disk in drive
8592. Fast StringReplace
8593. Creating custom caret
8594. Converting C++ code to ObjectPascal
8595. Using SHBrowseForFolder to locate specific file
8596. Hiding from the Task Manager
8597. Getting stronger type checking
8598. Deleting or renaming open files
8599. Auto-search in ComboBox or ListBox
8600. Implementing TCollection
8601. Dynamic array.
8602. How to aggregate two visual vcl components
8603. Changing standard Windows dialogs
8604. Communicating between your applications.
8605. How to convert a color graphic into gray scale
8606. Drawing in TMemo
8607. Lost ToolBar buttons' glyphs
8608. Adding some FORTRAN Functions
8609. Searchfor files
8610. Open registered file types
8611. MenuItem to theright
8612. Delete files with Undo
8613. Move components on a form
8614. How to write a property editor
8615. Flashing Window
8616. Capture the date and time stamp of a file
8617. Copy multiple form areas into the clipboard
8618. How to add a true type font to the system
8619. Howto check if the BDEis installed
8620. Critical sections in Delphi
8621. Hide the window caption
8622. Delete my own Application (beta)
8623. Designer instance for DataModules
8624. Binary search in a dataset
8625. Changethe font in the hint windows
8626. Undo function with TMemo
8627. Fileoperations on a whole tree
8628. Master / detail relationship with TQuery
8629. A MIDAS application - Cookbook
8630. How to rotate a font
8631. Associate your programm with fileextensions.
8632. Getting the BIOS Date
8633. Get bitmaps fromthe clipboard
8634. Invoke Windows Screen Saver in Code
8635. "Lock file hasgrown too large"Error
8636. How to use open arrays
8637. Avoiding Rounding Errors in Float Operations
8638. Minimize a Modal Window in Delphi5
8639. Creatinga file associationfor my application?
8640. Copy a table (struct & content)
8641. Reading fromlistboxes
8642. Word Count
8643. Extracting Version Information
8644. Broadcast message within your application
8645. A persistent form(TPersistentForm)
8646. Search and Replace in a string
8647. Intercepting the Ctrl-Vkey in a TMemo
8648. Convert fromDFM to Text and Text to DFM
8649. ConvertENTER toTAB
8650. Using XML asa data storage format
8651. Send an e-mail
8652. The windows registry
8653. Bitmap to HRGN
8654. Kill atask
8655. Create a round form
8656. How todetermine if currentscreen display is using more than256 colors
8657. Copy or move a file
8658. Place my mouseon a form
8659. Screenshots
8660. Non-rectangular forms and controls
8661. SQL help file
8662. Open and close the CD-ROMdrive
8663. Printscreen pressed ?
8664. Translate keyboard events for the whole application
8665. How get notifications on changes at thefilesystem
8666. Connectto a networkdrive
8667. Writing TPanelForm
8668. Findingthe window caption gradient end color
8669. How can I preventthe userfrom moving or sizing my form?
8670. Generating a WindowsConsole Application
8671. FileToVariant / VariantToFile
8672. Control Word from Delphi
8673. Selection rectangle
8674. Arrow and Function Keys
8675. UsingResident Font
8676. Retrieving the line number that a memo's cursor is on
8677. Draw on frame
8678. Subclass the windowprocedure for a TForm
8679. Prevent the TEdit component frombeeping when invalid
8680. Inserting contents of a file at currentposition in TMemo
8681. Using an animated cursor
8682. Deleting a directory and allthedirectories files
8683. Using Amperands inside Delphi
8684. Converting a color to its VCL string value
8685. Using escapecodes with the format() function
8686. Save and load metafiles ina BLOB field without using DBImage
8687. Trapscrollingmessages for the ScrollBars of a TScrollBox
8688. Adjusting the tab location ina TMemo component
8689. Get a count and list all the controls on a TNoteBook
8690. Displaying a 24bit True Color bitmap imageon a 256 color display
8691. Using the LzExpandfunctions in your applications
8692. Executing a program from myapplication
8693. Making text background transparent
8694. Creating a rotated font
8695. Getting the Win95 Desktop ListView Handle
8696. How to change thewallpaper in Windows 95/NT Wallpaper
8697. Transparent bitmap
8698. Disabling Ctrl-Alt-Del
8699. Packing a Paradox table
8700. Get cursor position from memocontrol
8701. Howto call the default browser with an url
8702. Drag and Drop with Files
8703. How to acceptdropped files from theexplorer
8704. IsTaskbarAutoHideOn
8705. Changing the displaymode settings in code
8706. Getting a list of the available drives on a system
8707. Retrieving theprogramthat is associated with a given extension
8708. Adding a document to the Windows 95 Start Button's documents
8709. Creating a delay withouta timer
8710. Allow only one instance of your application
8711. OLE automationserver - Cookbook
8712. Howto create a paradoxtable by code
8713. Creating temporary canvas
8714. Disabling ALT-F4 to preventform closing
8715. Keeping a glyph's transparent area transparent
8716. How canI tell in code if my application is runningon Windows NT
8717. Getting the actual size of a TComboBox
8718. Does Delphi have an equivalent to the Visual Basic SendKeys function
8719. Trapping non clientareas
8720. Getting property information
8721. Doing work whileapplication isIdle
8722. Passing functions/procedureto other functions/procedures
8723. Coloredtext on a TStatusBar
8724. Storing icons inyour application for use at runtime
8725. Detecting display changes
8726. Calculations withpoints
8727. How to get avolume name of a drive
8728. Howdo i identify afile ?
8729. ShortFileName / LongFileName
8730. How can I determine the current record number for a dataset
8731. EnumFontFamilies
8732. Getting the Printerdriver and port name from TPrinter's
8733. Printing in Delphi without using the TPrinter Unit
8734. Simultaneous printing to multiple printers
8735. Converting aRGB colorto a CMYK color
8736. Changing the papersize ofa print job
8737. Writing a raw string of data to the printer
8738. Determining is a canvasis a Metafile Canvas
8739. How can I drawdirectly onthe WindowsDesktop
8740. Determining if a combobox isin dropped state
8741. Removing the vertical scrollbar from aTDBGrid
8742. Scroll Memo at runtime
8743. Clipboard and Streams
8744. VariantToComponent and vice versa (ComponentToVariant)
8745. Is DCOM active andretrieve the version
8746. React on the minimize button
8747. Stop auto-appending from DBGrid
8748. How to associate a string with a component
8749. Howto set a minimum size for aMDI form
8750. Some BDE API calls
8751. How can I change the background color of Text
8752. Create and delete TFields at run-time
8753. How can I create a transparent form
8754. Howcan I detect ifa non-menu key has been pressed?
8755. How toappend a copyof the current record
8756. Query with astring does not work properly
8757. Queries against *LIBL
8758. Improved DBEditwith ColorOnFocus,EnterLikeTab,UpperCase,LowerCase etc
8759. Testing/setting theCD autorun option under Win32
8760. Control Panel Applets
8761. Creating a bitmap form a pixel array
8762. Sending an image to the printer
8763. Using mouse_event to similate mouse events
8764. Preventing multiple application instances
8765. Closing popup menu in system tray application
8766. How canI detect ifa given key waspressed during application during
8767. Howcan I use TAPI to dialthe telephone for a voice call
8768. Using WM_COPYDATA
8769. Creating a Resource only DLL
8770. Disabling close button of a window
8771. Modifying application server SQL from the client
8772. Copying contents of acontrolto the clipboard
8773. Programmaticallyclosing another application
8774. Getting the size of thedesktop
8775. Extracting Iconsfrom EXE, DLL or ICO files
8776. How can I determine the week number of a given dayin the year?
8777. Trapping for when auseris done resizing a window
8778. Creating a Lookupfield atruntime
8779. Getting values in a TDBGrid before theyare posted
8780. Copyingfiles using the Standard Windows Copy file dialogbox
8781. Using the Lookup method to return values from multiple columns
8782. How can I get the default Windowsfolders
8783. Displaying a bitmap on the client area of an MDI parent form
8784. Find a component byname
8785. Converting from Long to Short file names andpaths
8786. Getting user name and companyinfo from Windows
8787. Gettingthe serialnumber of a disk
8788. Specify an overlay image fora node in a treeview
8789. Copyinga information from onememo fieldto another usingTBlobStream
8790. Getting the Windows version in code?
8791. How canI determine the names of the installed comm ports?
8792. Howdo I create an iconfrom an bitmap?
8793. Making the drop-down list appear faster
8794. How doI set the Wallpaperon Win98/2000 when ActiveDesktop is on?
8795. Locating the servers available in the registry
8796. Getting the local internet machine name and IP address.
8797. Displaying the selected row of a DBGridin adifferent color
8798. Extracting an icon froma .exe or.dll.
8799. Notifying applications that the registry has changed
8800. Information of the printer
8801. Detecting if the system time has been changed
8802. Getting the filename and path ofa local table.
8803. Converting strings to dates
8804. Testing if you areconnected to the internet
8805. How do I restart Windows incode (Win16!)
8806. Getting the windows directory.
8807. Creating a flashingicon
8808. Creating and Using Parameterized Queries
8809. Draw outsideof theform
8810. Fastway to clear a given canvas
8811. Formatting a driveunder Win32
8812. How to open Internet-Explorer via OLE
8813. Howto realize drag and drop with the explorer
8814. How to set anapplication into windows autorun
8815. Call help with a keyword
8816. Display a longinteger in a 'beautiful' way
8817. How to use a timestamp as key for yourtable
8818. Useicons on a speedbutton
8819. Columns in a Listbox
8820. The functionDatasetToInfFile
8821. Read and write IO ports
8822. How to copy the content of TRichEdit
8823. Exposing a multi stringobject in COM
8824. StringlistToVariant / VariantToStringlist
8825. How many colors will my display mode support
8826. COM/DCOM Callbacks -Cookbook
8827. COM/DCOM Server - Cookbook
8828. Form without a caption
8829. Add a horizontal scrollbar to TListBox
8830. Dynamically delete TListView columns
8831. How to realize a dynamic array
8832. Howto access allcontrolsin a form with RTTI
8833. How to get the amount of data in a memo control
8834. Removing the VerticalScroll Bar from a TDBGrid
8835. Serial number of a drive
8836. Retrieving a long file namefromthe command line
8837. Which kind of drive
8838. SelectDirectory function
8839. Hiding your application
8840. Application stays iconized
8841. The Loaded function
8842. Howto write a callback function
8843. Actual row and column in a memo-field
8844. The function DiskInDrive
8845. Create a component at runtime
8846. Paradox access from CD
8847. Data aware RichEditcontrol
8848. Menuitems with userlevels
8849. The GetFolder function
8850. Howto implement a singleton
8851. IsMouseOver
8852. To adjust a font automatically
8853. TmwFastTime - High Resolution Counter (Delphi Component)
8854. Delphi RTTI: ClassType, ClassParent Example
8855. Enter as Tabin a DBGrid
8856. WinExecAndWait
8857. Jump to the nextcontrol on enter
8858. SaveRTFin a TBlobfield
8859. How to create a tool windows
8860. Selecta table-row bychance
8861. How to jump on enter to the next control
8862. TheSearchAndReplace functions
8863. Setting comm port configuration programmatically under Win95
8864. Printing a WEB page with the HTML control?
8865. Logging in to the remotedatamodule
8866. Displaying anapplication associated icons
8867. Using InvalidateRect to repaint theentire form
8868. Getting modem statusunder Win32
8869. Is my machineconnected tothe network.
8870. Refreshing the windowsdesktop
8871. Turning the screen saver off?
8872. Turningon Screen saver with code.
8873. How can I get serial numberof my drive
8874. Do I need a form in the application server?
8875. MenuItems plus pictures
8876. Create round windows
8877. How tocreatea Shell Link
8878. Howto get alltablesin a paradox database
8879. How to get a range oftext from a RichEdit
8880. MS Excel OLEserver
8881. Create a programgroup in the start-menu
8882. Creating Reports at runtime
8883. How to draw a transparent bitmap
8884. Formatting the tDateTimePickers date display forY2K using Delphi 4
8885. Is Delphi running
8886. Create OleVariant from a Dataset
8887. How towork with Bookmarks
8888. Working with the clipboard
8889. Find out thenumber of total components
8890. Changing the font style of a dbgrid row
8891. "Quiet" online checking
8892. Add cool iconsto your application
8893. Howto show a APIerrormessage as string
8894. Create a whole path at once
8895. A Better Way to CreateMenu Items

Links from "DelphiLand - Source Code Snippets"
8896. How to tile a background image
8897. Running an external application (and waiting)
8898. Date and time of creation/modification of a file
8899. Findfiles
8900. Only numerical input in a TEdit
8901. Global UNIT with functions and procedures
8902. Set system date and time
8903. Changing propertiesfor allcomponents of a certain type

Links from "Dr.Bob's Electronic Articles"
8904. Delphi and CORBA
8905. JBuilder 3 and CORBA
8906. C++Builder 4 and CORBA Exceptions
8907. C++Builder 4and CORBA
8908. C++Builder 3 and CORBA
8909. The Delphi Magazine

Links from "Haydenr.com - hints & tips"
8964. Compiler directives & Which delphi version am I ?
8965. Sorting aTList
8966. Using Break andContinue in loops
8967. Enumerated types to strings using RTTI.
8968. Creating DB tables at run-time.
8969. DBGrid row highlight without dgRowSelect.
8970. Delphieditor, dropping files, file types, andshortcut keys.
8971. Unit friendlyvariables.
8972. Launching applications withinDelphi apps.
8973. Assertions.
8974. Enabling CPU window / Disassembly view in Delphi v3.
8975. Referencing a component by its name.
8976. Editing code insights the easyway.
8977. Using returnkey instead of tab.
8978. Usingconst arrays for caselike evaluations.
8979. Conditional assignment of a boolean variable.

Links from "Richey's Delphi-Box"
9224. How to use True Type fonts without installing?
9225. Howto create shortcuts?
9226. What is FOO?
9227. How to retrieve UNC paths?
9228. Howto send a QuickReport using Outlook (send a mail with attachment)
9229. Interesting Delphi Keystrokes
9230. Hidden features ofthe Delphi IDE - revealed!
9231. speed up your app andsave resources
9232. Speedup Delphi
9233. fix "Data Segmenttoo large" errors
9234. fix"Stack Overflow" errors
9235. Retrieve the version numberof an application
9236. Turn the monitor off
9237. Displaying columns in a simple listbox
9238. Disabling Ctrl-Alt-Del
9239. How to store EVERYTHING(.ANI's,.AVI's,.EXE's,.JPG's,...)in your .EXE file
9240. Bringing Delphi 4 to work under Win2000(upd:27-May-2k)
9241. reduce the .EXE-sizeof your app
9242. Preventing task switching (11-Jun-99)
9243. Ensuring your program runs just one instance (11-Jun-99)
9244. Ensuring correct fontdisplay under all screen resolutions (11-Jun-99)
9245. Debugging AV's
9246. Giving your application real-time priority
9247. Decision time: using the Registryvs. INI files..
9248. Creating cool transparent splash forms
9249. Saving your complete Delphi environment
9250. Extract icon from file
9251. "Quiet"online checking
9252. Duplicating records
9253. Cool Delphi videos
9254. Simultaneous 16- and 32bit-Development
9255. Create an elliptic window
9256. Searchyour help file for a key word
9257. Optimizing filename display length
9258. INI file caching
9259. Translating Delphi 3 VCL messages
9260. CodeInsight saves time
9261. adding the compile-date automatically toa project
9262. startup Delphi without Splash Screen
9263. more good reasons why Delphi is called a RAD tool..
9264. Using DataSourcesin other forms
9265. How to load your glyphs from a resource instead of bloating your EXE file
9266. Howto add columns to a TListbox

Links from "Savage Software's Delphi Game Development Site - Articles"
9267. DelphiX Tutorial - Part 1.
9268. DelphiXTutorial - Part 2

Links from "techvanguards.com (COM tutorials) - Tips & Tricks"
9345. Prefer early binding over late binding
9346. Use Connection Pointsjudiciously
9347. Initialize threads that interact with COM
9348. Marshal interfacepointers across apartments
9349. Don't call AddRef and Release unless necessary
9350. Implement error handling correctly
9351. Know how to implement multiple interfaces
9352. Knowwhich classes do what
9353. Know the 3most important things in COM security
9354. Get ridof that nagging DCOM callback problem
9355. Understand marshaling concepts
9356. Understand COM identity concepts
9357. Design simple and efficient interfaces
9358. IDispatch, dispinterfaces, vtable interfaces, dual interfaces, etc.
9359. Know how to implementobjectsthat supportVisual Basic's For Each construct
9360. Knowhowto implement clients that iterate IEnumVARIANT-based collections (ala Visual Basic's For Each construct)
9361. Know how to use aggregation and containment
9362. Understand the class factory Instancing property (SingleInstance, MultiInstance)
9363. Know how to implementservers that supportGetActiveObject
9364. Knowhowto implement an object property that supports the automation default-property syntax

Links from "Trucomania - FAQs"
9416. Calc the NIF letter (spanish)
9417. Get the weeknumber of a given date
9418. Determine if a stringcontainsa valid number
9419. Round a float to X number of decimals
9420. Validate ISBNcodes
9421. Add decimal of one thousandths to a number (123456 -> 123.456)
9422. Calculate Julian date (Day of theyear)
9423. Calculate the Age (inyears) from birthdate
9424. Validate a CIF code (Spanish)
9425. Validate a 'Seguridad Social' number (Only for Spain)
9426. Comment about: Round
9427. Know the days that ithas the month of a given date
9428. Calculate when youwill leavethe jail...
9429. Control digit of a bank account
9430. Validate an EAN8 / EAN13 bar code
9431. Make ENTER like TABin edit controls
9432. Run another application from a Delphi program
9433. Start you applicacion iconized
9434. Determine the location of the executable of your application
9435. Global variables in your application
9436. Pass the focus to the next control
9437. Use one event handlerwith 2 or more buttons
9438. Pass the focus when it exceed the capacity of a TEdit
9439. Include bitmaps, iconsand cursorswithin your executable
9440. Know ifthe mouseis pressed button whilemoving it
9441. Display a form while your application is loading (Splash Screen)
9442. Use a font in your application without having toinstall it in Windows
9443. Capture your own 'hotkeys' in a form
9444. Disablethe visual refreshing ofa form momentarily
9445. Hide your application in thetaskbar
9446. Knowif your application is executing in NT
9447. Execute code before application willbe minimized
9448. Speed up theloadingof your application
9449. Closeone application from another
9450. OnDeActivate event for you application (not for your form)
9451. Minimize another application from yours
9452. Disable the screensaver while your application is executing
9453. Preventdouble instance of your application
9454. Making a Splash Screenpersist a few seconds afterapplication load
9455. Hide your applicacion from tasklist(CRTL-ALT-DEL dialog)
9456. Makea screensaver in your application
9457. Change the priority of your application
9458. Execute a file by its extension and wait to finish
9459. Close an application by it's executable name
9460. Permanent hints
9461. Hints with other fonts
9462. Show the hints in a TPanel
9463. Clear a date field
9464. Capturecommand linepar?eters
9465. Change a property in all components of a form
9466. Execute your applicationin Windows boot
9467. Detect if the SHIFT key ispressed
9468. Detectif the CONTROL key is pressed
9469. Detect if the ALT key ispressed
9470. Use animated cursors in your application
9471. Change focuswith cursorkeys
9472. Share data between two Delphi applications
9473. Flashing the taskbar icon
9474. Get VersionInfo strings of youe executable
9475. Modal Windows without 'ShowModal'
9476. Know in wich control is the mouse over
9477. SplashScreenwith a ProgressBar
9478. Know the database path with theirAlias
9479. 'Like' in SQL
9480. Abort a SQL querythat has already started
9481. CompactTables (Pack)
9482. Make a table in runtime
9483. Avoid the exception ' index no found'
9484. Iterate trought allthe fields of any table
9485. Data file header structure for dBASEIII PLUS table file.
9486. Create an temporaly alias in your application
9487. Add aninverse indexto a table in runtime
9488. Automatic logon in Paradox tables with password
9489. Create an table, copying the structureof an existing one
9490. Add a register, with thefield values equal to last appened register
9491. UsingJPGs in binary fields ofyour database
9492. Soft search for DBase tables
9493. Get the versionof your table
9494. Lock/UnLock registers by code
9495. Copy records from a table to another table
9496. Viewthe deleted records of atable
9497. Make a Paradox table with a Password
9498. BDE Error list
9499. Adda password in a Paradox table at runtime
9500. Regenerate all indexes of your table
9501. Save any database in atext delimiter file
9502. Capture Post errors
9503. Empty adatabase, leaving just its structure
9504. Autorefresh a Paradox table (networking)
9505. Remove the password of a a Paradox table
9506. Deleterecords in a DBGrid with multiselect
9507. Convert filenames Longs -> Shorts
9508. ConvertInteger ->Hexadecimal
9509. Convert Integer -> Binary
9510. ConvertBMP -> JPG
9511. Convert ASCII-> RTF
9512. ConvertHexadecimal -> Integer
9513. Convert Binary -> Integer
9514. ConvertDecimalNumbers -> Romans Numbers
9515. Converts FileNames Shorts -> Longs
9516. Convert ICO -> BMP
9517. ConvertJPG -> BMP
9518. Convert ICO -> JPG
9519. ConvertHexadecimal -> Binary
9520. Convertir Binary -> Hexadecimal
9521. Convert MetafileWMF-> BMP
9522. ConvertBMP -> Metafile WMF
9523. Convert Metafile WMF -> JPG
9524. Converta numericvalue in words (in spanish)
9525. Convert TColor -> HTML
9526. Find the cursor positionin a TMemo
9527. UNDOin a TMemo
9528. Put the contents of a TString into a Memo field
9529. Addthe OnMouseUpeventto a ScrollBar
9530. Load DOS text in a RichEdit without the lost of written accents
9531. Empty a TImage
9532. Make a form without border,but movable
9533. Showa PopUp menu bycode
9534. Show the last added line in a Memo (or RichEdit)
9535. Put margins in a Memo
9536. Limit the sizeand position ofa form while redimensioning
9537. Add abitmap to a MenuItem
9538. Open ComboBoxes by code
9539. Makea ComboBox open itselfwiththe Cursor Down key
9540. Prevent a formfrom moving
9541. Modify the tabs spacing in a multiedit control (for example TMemo)
9542. Scrollyour formwith thecursor keys
9543. Prevent a DBGrid from adding a register when it is positioned beyond the last
9544. Scroll a Listboxprogrammatically
9545. Display a DBGrid column in a different color
9546. Preventform close with Alt-F4
9547. Determine which buttonis pressed on the TDBNavigator?
9548. Click and move components at runtime
9549. Disabling the Close button of a form
9550. Reorder a ListBox with Drag&Drop
9551. Add columns to a ListBox
9552. Remove the system menu and other buttons from the title bar of the form
9553. Inserta file intothe default position ofa TMemo
9554. Detect the mouse position over your form in the non client area
9555. Detecting a Click on the of captionof a form
9556. A TEdit limited to numeric input
9557. Multiline hints
9558. Determine the current column number in a grid
9559. Drag&Drop images on aform (example of)
9560. TMemoField TMemo TMemoField
9561. Change Font.Styleat runtime
9562. Redimension controls at runtime
9563. Show the Hint of anycomponent by code
9564. A form without caption, but withany border style
9565. Disable the redrawing of any component
9566. Personalize the form's system menu captions
9567. Change glyphs of the TBDNavigator's buttons
9568. Capitalize the firstletter of a word (TEdit)
9569. Make components with OnENter and OnExit events
9570. Makea EditBox with right text alignment
9571. Keep a form centered in your screen
9572. Colored text in RichEdit
9573. Click aButton by code
9574. Drawing BMPs in TStringGridscells
9575. Eliminate TTreeView hints
9576. Copy your form intothe clipboard
9577. Access to components by means of a loop
9578. Put a tiled bitmap in your form's backgound
9579. Placethe cursor ina specified row/column of a TMemo
9580. Eliminate the menu PopUp of the TEdit
9581. Add Insert Replacein your TEdits/TMemos
9582. Search a string in aTMemo
9583. Prevent a change of page in a TPageControl
9584. Reset aTTimer
9585. Use aPopUpMenu for several controls (and knowwhich one invoked it)
9586. Change the text font of a RichEdit without changing the color of the lines
9587. Add text lines of anothercolor in a RichEdit
9588. Search text ina TMemo with FindDialog
9589. Searchtext in aRichEdit with FindDialog
9590. Right align numbers in a StringGrid
9591. Create a property type' Tag' in the nodes of a TreeView
9592. Bring your form close to theborders(like WinAmp)
9593. Prevent RichEdit scroll
9594. Two colors in the same line of a RichEdit
9595. Copy RichEditRTF in other RichEdit
9596. Selecting a linein a TMemo by clicking it
9597. Putting bitmaps within ComboBox items
9598. ListBoxwith Items in several colors
9599. Items with several colors ina ComboBox
9600. ListBox with bitmaps within the items
9601. Show the last lines of a TMemo
9602. Get the number of the first visible line in a Memo
9603. Text inseveralcolumnsin a TMemo
9604. Show/Hide a MainMenu
9605. PopUpMenus with bitmapswithin theiritems
9606. Use same MainMenu in two forms
9607. Use2 PopUpMenus in the same component
9608. MainMenus with bitmapsin items
9609. Hide the edit cursor (caret) in a TMemo
9610. Use columns in a RichEdit
9611. Save/Load a TreeView
9612. Save/Load the form state, size & position
9613. Avoid scrolling inyour Memo
9614. Save/Load column widths in a DBGrid
9615. Center a component within another
9616. Know how many lines thereare in a TMemo
9617. Center a component within the client area
9618. Sincronize 4 ListBox
9619. Prevent column moves in aDBGrid
9620. Determine which tab themouse is over
9621. Grid with multilinecells
9622. Remove the horizontal scrollbarin a DBGrid
9623. Make aTDBGrid withouta vertical scrollbar
9624. Passing focusto a DBGrid cell
9625. Transparent forms
9626. Disable the close buttonof yourform
9627. ShowingMemo Fields in a DbGrid
9628. Align text in StringGrid cells
9629. Put aProgressBar in a panel on your StatusBar
9630. Highlight the active TEdit
9631. Set the widthof a ComboBox when it drops
9632. View/Edit MS-DOS text in aTMemo
9633. Change row Heights ina DBGrid
9634. Forms style 'StayDown'
9635. Add ahorizontal scrollbar to a ListBox
9636. Avoid form minimization
9637. Several text lines in a TStaticText
9638. How to use aTSplitter
9639. OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave in a TImage
9640. Flash the Form'scaption bar
9641. Show a ROW of a DBGrid in a different color
9642. TreeView nodes in Bold
9643. Change the date format in a TDateTimePicker
9644. Put/Remove the form's caption
9645. TLabel with vertical text
9646. Determine if a driveis ready
9647. Obtain the serial number of a drive
9648. Know that disk type is for its unit letter (CDrom, HD, etc):
9649. Knowif a driveis ready
9650. Show thedialog to format adrive
9651. Operations with directories
9652. Select the CD drive to play with MediaPlayer
9653. Map network drive
9654. Select a directory
9655. Open/close the cd tray
9656. Know whe a CD wasinserted or removed from the CD drive
9657. Get drive information (free space, sectors, etc)
9658. Seeif a ditectory exists
9659. Get thetemporary path directory ofWindows
9660. Avoiding exceptions using a DriveComboBox
9661. Get size of a disk directory
9662. Detect a change inthe files of a directory
9663. Createa directory tree
9664. Diskette format
9665. Get the serial number of anaudioCD
9666. Getthe path of'Program Files'
9667. Get a drive available list
9668. Copy the date from a file
9669. Get a file's date and time stamp
9670. Erasea directory and theirfiles
9671. Copy files
9672. Retrieving the program that is associated with a given extension
9673. Explore a directory recursively
9674. Get theWindow's directory
9675. Getthe system directory
9676. Get the current directory
9677. Find files recursively, with Windows API
9678. Get the executable associated with agivenfile
9679. Extractthe associated icon ofa given file
9680. Delete files, sendingthem to RecycleBin
9681. Get system folders path
9682. Get'Last Accessed'attribute of a file
9683. Copy a directory and it's files to another
9684. Drag&Drop files,fromexplorer toourform
9685. Save a Memo in Unix format
9686. Copyfile with a Progress bar
9687. Copy a directory (and its subdirectories and files)
9688. Changethe extension of a filename
9689. Empty the Recycle Bin
9690. AVI in fullscreenwith a TMediaPlayer
9691. Horizontal mirror in a TBitmap
9692. Vertical mirror in aBitmap
9693. Rotate a Bitmap90 degree anticlockwise
9694. Rotatea Bitmap 90degree clockwise
9695. Resize a bitmap to be printed
9696. Loopings AVIs
9697. Vertical mirror(UsingScanLine)
9698. Encript a Bitmap
9699. TImage Fade Out
9700. Vertical mirror (24 bits bitmaps with ScanLine)
9701. Bitmap rotationx degrees(using Pixel)
9702. Bitmaprotate x degrees (Using ScanLine)
9703. Reverse Bitmap(negative)
9704. Obtain the path to the default web browser
9705. Get the IP and local hostname
9706. Executethe default web browser
9707. Call default emailprogram to send an email
9708. Disconnect the internet connection
9709. Call internet connection dialog
9710. Identify the web server of any URL
9711. RAS: Enumerate accountswith login & password
9712. Knowthe kind of inet connection in use
9713. Know ifthereis an active internet connection
9714. Check if a URLis valid
9715. Exit from Windows
9716. Determine the way in which Windows has been started
9717. Know if thereis amouse anddetermine it's number of buttons
9718. Knowthecursor size
9719. Know the Windows screen resolution
9720. Prevent a user from closes Windows
9721. Read and writeDOS environment variables
9722. Execute a file according to its extension (As the Windows Explorer)
9723. Hide the Windows95/98 task bar
9724. Showthe Windows 'FindFiles' dialog
9725. Turn off the monitor to save energy
9726. Get the number of colors of the Window's screen
9727. Disablethe Ctrl-Alt-Del:
9728. Hide the Start Button
9729. Managing iconson the desktop
9730. Get user name and company info from Windows
9731. Disable the STARTbutton on thetaskbar
9732. Add a document to the Windows 95 Start Button's documents
9733. Execute a '.LNK' file
9734. Change wallpaper(win95 desktop) bitmaps at run-time
9735. Changethe Window's Start buttonbitmap
9736. Limit the cursor movement within a window client
9737. Get/Change key states forNumLock, CapsLock and ScrollLock
9738. Get the Window's username
9739. Getthe PC name
9740. Changethe blinking time of the edit cursor(caret)
9741. Get system date and time in UTC format
9742. Getthe local date and time of the system
9743. Paste the Clipboard'simageinto a TImage
9744. Play system predefined sounds
9745. Get system info (free memory, etc)
9746. Call the window's master volume control
9747. Calla phone number with WindowsTAPI Dialer
9748. Determining wich fonts (Large or Small) are in use
9749. Deactivate the Drag Full Windows
9750. Change the alignment of all the menus of Windows
9751. Changethekeyboard repeat delay
9752. Retrieve the keyboard repeat-speed
9753. Deactivate the Windows error beep
9754. Change the Windows border width
9755. Changethe caption height in all windows
9756. Change the heightof all thescrollbars ofWindows
9757. Paste text from ClipBoard
9758. Pastetext to ClipBoard
9759. Create a ShortCut (.LNK) by code
9760. Directport accessin Windows95/98
9761. Execute control panel functions
9762. Activate the ScreenSaver by code
9763. Capture clipboard content changes
9764. Activate the helpcontext cursor
9765. Activate theStart buttonby code
9766. Get the used character like decimal separator in the system
9767. Getthe used character like thousandseparator in the system
9768. Get the time elapsed sincelast Window boot
9769. Getmouse coordinates
9770. Change the system time
9771. Open the 'NetworkNeighborhood'folder
9772. Openthe 'Printers' folder
9773. Activate/Deactivate the audio cd AutoPlay
9774. Open the Recycle bin
9775. Openthe Control Panel
9776. Open the Desktop folder
9777. Openthe 'My Computer' folder
9778. Open the 'Fonts' folder
9779. Get the default Language of the system
9780. Getthe default Language of current user
9781. Obtaina list of the EXEs in execution
9782. Executea MS-DOSprogram and wait until finish
9783. Register a OCX in Windows
9784. Minimize all windows
9785. Get the default selected ScreenSaver name
9786. Select the default printer of the system
9787. Execute a DOS application andshowits output in a TMemo
9788. Enumerate thevideo modes of your VGA
9789. Restore the default video mode
9790. Enumerate the active net connections
9791. Temporary files in Windows
9792. Know if TCP-IP is installed
9793. Determine the Windows version where your application is running on
9794. Activate/Deactivate the Windows ScreenSaver
9795. Get a list of the installed programs
9796. PutWAVs in you EXE
9797. Minimizate controls in yourform
9798. Get the OEM font ofthesystem
9799. Know the domain name in NT
9800. Hidethe desktopicons
9801. Change the system date
9802. Make an Control Panel applet (CPL)
9803. Change the screen resolution(video mode)
9804. Know the sesion login name in NT
9805. Knowthe server name in NT
9806. Get theWindow's standars bitmaps
9807. Hooks: Capture keys in all Windowsapplications
9808. Hooks:System Shell Hook
9809. Send WinPopUp messages trought the net
9810. Knowif a DLL contains a given function
9811. Hooks:Mouse hook at system level
9812. Hook: Mouse workingonly inyour application
9813. Find the Hwnd with the exe name
9814. Switch the mouse buttons
9815. RAS: Call and HangUp a inet connection
9816. Capturing HotKeys
9817. Register a extensiontoan executable
9818. Send a string from one application to another.
9819. Get the stateof desktop's 'Automatic Icons Arrange'
9820. Know ifthere isa souncardinstalled
9821. Get a list of the harware installed
9822. Redirect API calls
9823. Show API error messages
9824. Disable Alt-Tab
9825. Get a list of the networkconnecteds units
9826. GetWav out volume
9827. Get the Aux line volume
9828. Hide/Show Windows Tray Notify Icon
9829. Hide/Show the clock ofthe taskbar
9830. Disable the desktopicons
9831. Hide/Show the icons of the task bar
9832. Disable mousean keyboard in whole Windows
9833. Execute.BAT files
9834. Direct print to printer canvas (tool)
9835. Enable/Disable CDROM Autorun
9836. Program "Closer"
9837. Hide/Show fast launch icons ofthe Windows taskbar
9838. Strings longerthan 255 characters
9839. Add items to a TStringwithout duplicates
9840. Compare strings with '*' or '?' wildcards
9841. Align strings left or right
9842. Function to encrypt/decrypt strings
9843. Delete a char of a given string
9844. Make aresource file to store strings
9845. Replace all occurrences of asubstring in a string
9846. Remove all the occurrencesof a substringina string
9847. Counting wordsin a string (or a TMemo)
9848. Separate stringsbywords or tokens
9849. Create a string of 'n' characters
9850. Save astring ina file
9851. Makea delay without a timer
9852. Make arrays as longasyou wish at runtime
9853. Makecontrols at runtime
9854. How to make a autorun file for acd-rom
9855. Gettheversionof your application as definedin the Delphi's IDE
9856. An easy dialog to request user input
9857. Vertical text(orat any angle)
9858. How to use the 'Sender'parameter
9859. Suspend the PC
9860. Gradient fill like installation program
9861. Reduce your executable size
9862. Detecting that more than 2 keysare being pressed
9863. Capture the desktopimagetoa TImage
9864. Detecting a changes in focus
9865. Send control codes to the printer without page advances
9866. Timeyour code
9867. Read the bios (only for Win95/98)
9868. Knowif an .EXE is running
9869. Label to send an email
9870. Exploring thenetwork
9871. Get a unique string for Computer-User
9872. Functions for bit manipulation
9873. Change the caption of a standard dialog
9874. Tips for using in theIDE
9875. Including JPGsin the EXE of yourapplication
9876. A heap of modified tricks
9877. Abort a loop pressing a key
9878. Writevertical text (without font rotate)
9879. Know if Delphi is in execution
9880. Get BIOS information
9881. Mini vacations
9882. Refresh your form while debugging your application
9883. Use Explorer5 'Autocomplete' feature in a TEdit

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